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RORATE CÆLI 5th anniversary Virtual Kermesse
Help us with our new look
and win a special selection of wonderful Catholic books

The Fourth Sunday in Advent marks the fifth anniversary of our blog. A partnership with one of the most serious Catholic publishers in the English language, Angelus Press, has allowed us to offer you a special selection of some of their best works: 8 of the best titles in the Angelus Press catalogue made available to the winner of the website contest of our virtual kermesse.

What is the object of the contest? An update of our blog template, to make it beautiful and slim, a website that remains fully committed to the liturgical tradition of the Church while attractive to all kinds of readers and visitors.

What should the new blog design look like? Using our current general outline as a basis for your work, our only three demands are the following: that it should remain possible for us to have seasonal 800px-wide headers, colors, and words which are easily modifiable according to special events and the different parts of the liturgical year; that, naturally, all information currently available in our right bar should remain easily accessible; and that the winner relinquishes all property rights to his work, including the right to eventually modify the template, to our team of contributors.

The deadline is March 31, 2011, and the blog contributors will decide which one is the best template. The winner will receive directly from Angelus Press the following titles:

Considered by many the best Latin-English Daily Missal ever edited; 1,980pp. Sewn binding, gold-embossed skivertex cover.

This beautiful 2011 edition of the liturgical calendar includes wonderful pictures of moments of Traditional ceremonies of priestly ordinations.

Words really cannot describe how useful this book, written by Fr. Joseph Tylenda, S.I., is, for pilgrims and for all Catholics. This edition has majestic pictures of the Churches which are at the center of our faith.

The opus magnum of Romano Amerio on the crisis of the Church, this deep and yet very readable masterpiece by the philosopher "rehabilitated" by Pope Benedict XVI is a must-have for all serious Catholics.

My Catholic Faith is regarded by many as the most beautiful catechism ever published in English. This is the same version as the classic 1954 edition, in burgundy and gold-embossed hardcover, in 415 pages of pure and solid Catholic doctrine.

6.7.8.) The Michael Davies's monumental Mass Trilogy:

Cranmer's Godly Order: 372pp. Color hardcover, illustrated. The Anglican Revolution as a prophecy of the dangers of liturgical revolution.

Pope John's Council: Michael Davies spent the last year of his life updating one of his most relevant works. In the 512 pages of Pope John's Council, Davies presents the vertiginous events which set the stage for the greatest transformations in the history of Church doctrine and practice.

Pope Paul's New Mass: 752 pages of dramatic portrayal of the liturgical revolution which landed the Church in her current critical position. If one can save the Church by saving her liturgy, what does one accomplish when her liturgy is destroyed?...

Our winner will therefore receive a prize of almost $ 300.00 in value (including shipping and handling) - and an infinite value in the treasures of Church Tradition, wisdom, and history.

Thank you all for your readership, and, please, take part in our virtual kermesse. Remember: the deadline for submissions is February 28, 2011, more than two months during which to exercise your web-creativity. All submissions must be sent to newcatholic AT gmail DOT com with the subject "RORATE CÆLI 5th Anniversary Virtual Kermesse".