Rorate Caeli
Rorate Caeli Purgatorial Society (seventeenth posting of souls)
Below, please find the seventeenth posting of enrolled souls of the Rorate Caeli Purgatorial Society.
It is interesting to see where the names are coming from and how far the reach of the Society has become. Word must be spreading in Indonesia, as many of our names are pouring in from that country, from multiple sources.
A reminder on how to enroll souls: please email me at and submit as follows: "name, state, country." If you want to enroll entire families, simply write in the email: "The Jones family, Ohio, USA". Individual names are preferred. Be greedy -- send in as many as you wish and forward this posting to friends as well. PLEASE follow this format strictly, as any deviation creates a lot of extra work -- and there's been a great deal of deviation lately.
Please pray for the enrolled souls and the 14 holy priests saying Traditional Masses for the Society:
"For all the souls enrolled in the Rorate Caeli Purgatorial Society: Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them. May their souls and the souls of all the Faithful departed rest in peace. Amen."
Then ...
Eternal God,
please bless our priests,
who are selflessly saying Masses for this Society.
Make them more greatly aware of the grace
that You pour out through them
when they minister the sacraments,
and help them to fall more deeply in love with You
after each and every Mass that they celebrate.
Please strengthen our priests,
who shepherd Your flock,
when they are in doubt of their faith,
that they may be examples of Your Truth
and guide us always on the path to You.
We ask these things of You, our Eternal Priest.

Enrolled Souls of the Rorate Caeli Purgatorial Society:

John and Janice Benapfl, ID, USA
William Pohl, MN, USA
Anna Breslin Pierce, Donegal, Ireland & Chicago
Thomas Joseph Pierce of Bolingbrook, Illinois
Patricia Ann Dale, Hertfordshire, UK
Katherine Sharpe, Leicester, UK
Keith Judge, Hertfordshire, UK
Mr. & Mrs. Ives, Hertfordshire, UK
Tom McGuinness, Quebec, Canada
Lita Amato, Wellington, New Zealand
Telehia Kelemete, Wellington, New Zealand
Matalena Papalii, Taupo, New Zealand
Maima Velonika, Taupo, New Zealand
Aloihiokave Ineleo, Wellington, New Zealand
Ineleo Kelekolio, Nukunonu, Tokelau
Elihapeta Kelekolio, Nukunonu, Tokelau
Towhitea Ineleo, Nukunonu, Tokelau
Peato Teao, Nukunonu, Tokelau
Faaumu Siaifoi, Upolu, Samoa
Matalena Ausage, Upolu, Samoa
Kelekolio, Nukunonu, Tokelau
Tepua Nanau, Nukunonu, Tokelau
Mango Whalekia, Nukunonu, Tokelau
Jacinta Ioane, Wellington, New Zealand
Selafina Siaifoi, Auckland, New Zealand
Cardinal Pio Taufinuu, Apia, Samoa
Hehilia Sakaria, Taupo, New Zealand
Katalina Tefono, Taupo, New Zealand
Claire Williams, Wellington, New Zealand
Malo Papalii, Taupo, New Zealand
Pakome Teao, Taupo, New Zealand
Telehia Teao, Taupo, New Zealand
Whaitahia Levao, Taupo, New Zealand
Timoteo, Wellington, New Zealand
Pele, Wellington, New Zealand
Tavita Timoteo, Wellington, New Zealand
Lucia Hananingsih Widjaja
Balok Widjaja
Eduardus Yohanes Kusumabakti Tedja
Monica Tjiptaningsih Widjaja
Tedja & Widjaja Family, Jakarta, Indonesia
Stephanus Gunady
Gunady Family, Jakarta, Indonesia
Larry Filliault, Massachusetts, USA
Ines N. Mijares, Mindoro, Philippines
Peregrino B. Narzo, Manila, Philippines
Fermina A. Hornilla, Batangas, Philippines
Tyndall Family
Kearney Family
Appell Family
Anderson Family
Earley Family
Knox Family
Lynch Family
Lundy Family
O’Conor Family
Jack Monks
Michael Walsh, Oregon, USA
Aloysius Staud, West Virginia, USA
Margaret Smith, Ohio, USA
Mary Blazek, West Virginia, USA
Joseph Blazek, West Virginia, USA
Joseph Blazek, Ohio, USA
Andrew Sopko III, Ohio, USA
Andrew Sopko, Jr., Ohio, USA
Andrew Sopko, Sr., Ohio, USA
James Conway, Ohio, USA
Anne O'Donnell, Ohio, USA
William N. Uram, Pennsylvania, United States
John R. Kundick, III, Pennsylvania, United States
Kurt J. Cerny, Pennsylvania, United States
Gerardus Rusli, Jakarta, Indonesia
Lugtu Family, Pampanga, Philippines
Fiedacan Family, Pampanga, Philippines
Rudy Dabu, Pampanga, Philippines
Sumiran Family, Laguna, Philippines
Consignado Family, Laguna, Philippines
Sotomango Family, Laguna, Philippines
Enriquez Family, Quezon City, Philippines
Serafica Family, Pangasinan, Philippines
Arturo Panes, Quezon City, Philippines
Fe Barrios, Quezon City, Philippines
Jaime Dumawal, Quezon City, Philippines
Librada Orillaza, Quezon City, Philippines
Fr. Joey Fermin, Quezon City, Philippines
Leopoldo Gonzales, Manila, Philippines
Teodoro Laforteza, Rizal, Philippines
Resurrection Montemayor, Rizal, Philippines
Maria Teresa Maledeo, Rizal, Philippines
Danilo Mendoza, Bataan, Philippines
Veronica Katipunan, Bicol, Philippines
Raymond Henry LaVoie, Montana, USA
Aloysius Eddy Tjahyo Handoyo, Jakarta, Indonesia
Elizabeth Ryanti Savitri, Jakarta, Indonesia
Natalie Gillham, Bexhill, England
Rolf Schmidt, Capetown, South Africa
Mary Ellen Schmidt, Capetown, South Africa
Wilhelm Schmidt, Capetown, South Africa
May Gillham, Bexhill, England
Albert Gillham, Bexhill, England
Ake Styven, Lund, Sweden
Marian Kotarba, Lund, Sweden
Bill Theobold, Bexhill, England
Fr Kit Cunningham, London, England
Fr Eugene Monaghan, Neath, Wales
Fr Dennis Hare, Leicester, England
Patrick Hassett, London, England,
Jennifer Floyd, London, England
Vera Frost, London, England
Joyce Frost, Bexhill, England
Freda Crowhurst, Bexhill, England
Fred Herring, Bexhill, England
Renee Herring, Bexhill, England
John Griffiths, Hastings, England
Eric King, Bexhill, England
Wendy Dougall, Bexhill, England
Basil Mitackis, Bexhill, England
George and Betty McCarthy, Bexhill, England
Teresa May, London, England
Kevin Barry, Hastings, England
James McDonagh, Eastbourne, England
Katie McDonagh, Eastbourne, England
Karen Chamberlain, Eastbourne, England
Graham Quilty, Bexhill, England
Noreen Corness, Bexhill, England
John Stingemore, Bexhill, England
Len Wade, Bexhill, England
Babs Wade, Bexhill, England
Pat Crossingham, Bexhill, England
Cathy Griffin, Bexhill, England
Pat Perry, Bexhill, England
Laurie Restall, Bexhill, England
June Restall, Bexhill, England
Terry Young, Bexhill, England
Sr Irene Stannard, Bexhill, England
Richard Hoban, London, England
Fr Raymond Wilcox, Bexhill, England
Fr Benedict Westbrook, Bexhill, England
Fr Patrick Downey, Dublin, Ireland
Fr Maurice Stokes, Bexhill, England
Fr Michael Wall, O Carm, Maidstone, England
Fr Stephen Marsh, O Carm, Maidstone, England
Robert McBrien, Bexhill, England
Claire Cole, London, England
David Helm, London, England
Pasquale Ziroli
Dana Keith McCatherine
Dana McCatherine
Terese Fout
Helen Dugas
Robert A Priest
Father Barry Bentz
The Jaindl family, Florence, KY
Yakobus Hendra Bunawan, Jakarta, Indonesia
Henk Widjaja Husada, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Fr. Joseph Hardjono, Bogor, Indonesia
Kamilus Kamil Taufik Mulia, Jakarta, Indonesia
Joseph Borromeus Soemarmo SK, Jakarta, Indonesia
Maria Magdalena Soenarti, Jakarta, Indonesia
Ratna, Garut, Indonesia
Pekarnasih, Garut, Indonesia
Agustinus Gunawan Gomulia, Garut, Indonesia
Setyadarma, Garut, Indonesia
Lina Gomulia, Garut, Indonesia
Louisa Cruz, California, USA
Yohanes Djohansjah Rusli, Jakarta, Indonesia
Gerardus Rusli, Jakarta, Indonesia
Lucia Hananingsih Widjaja
Balok Widjaja
Eduardus Kusumabakti Tedja
Monica Tjiptaningsih Widjaja
Keluarga Tedja & Widjaja, Jakarta, Indonesia
Stephanus Gunady
Keluarga Gunady, Jakarta, Indonesia
Teresa Tardiff, New York, USA
Dom Manoel Pestana Filho, Goiás, Brasil
Jackie Neubauer, Illinois, USA
John O'Connor, Illinois, USA
Paul Nourie, Illinois, USA
Ardele Ommen, Illinois, USA
Wilhelm Von Der Kall, Ontario, Canada
Rev. Dr. Gregorius D. Hesse, Austria
Peggy King, West Des Moines, Iowa, USA