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You report: Canons Regular of the New Jerusalem finally find a home ...

According to sources close to the Canons Regular of the New Jerusalem (CRNJ), "Bishop Bransfield has given permission to the Canons to reside in Charles Town, WV, for a probationary period of two years. More details will follow.

"In thanksgiving for this great gift from God, and in appreciation for all the support from the faithful, Dom Daniel will celebrate a Mass tomorrow, Saturday, January 29, 2011, at 9:00 am, at the Old St. James. (311 S. George St., Charles Town, WV). All are encouraged to attend."

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  1. Anonymous6:16 PM

    Deo Gratias!

  2. Anonymous6:29 PM

    Great news especially for all of the Christendom people who have tried to stay in the area.

    That said, I know some will likely have a problem with CRNJ liturgical tastes. If memory serves, Dom Daniel is an avid proponent of the dialogue Mass.

  3. Anonymous6:54 PM

    Dom Daniel is an avid proponent of the dialogue Mass.
    What does it mean? Missa lecta?

  4. Anonymous7:04 PM

    Dom Daniel was formed in Econe, not the Novus Ordo, so that there gives you an understanding of his nature.

    And, while a dialogue Mass is not my preference, it surely has deep roots in tradition.

  5. Michael Kramer7:11 PM

    can u guys explain why st louis didnt work out??? was that always temporary???

  6. I have heard of the dialogue Mass, but I have trouble understanding how it would work for a Missa Cantata. For example, would the coingregation give the responses to the prayers at the foot of the altar while the Introit is being sung? Or is the dialogue Mass something that only works for low Masses?

  7. Dom Daniel Oppenheimer was formerly with the FSSP in Scranton, PA.

  8. Anonymous7:59 PM

    In a Missa Cantata the dialogue is (in my experience) restricted to parts that are sung by the choir. There the problem is really just that the aesthetic quality of the Mass plummets.

    The dialogue Low Mass is particularly distracting, though, as a Church full of people attempts to make all of the server's responses in a language few know. Cacophony ensues, and the contemplative quality of the traditional low Mass is gone.

  9. George8:37 PM

    "Some" might have a problem with their liturgical tastes, but the rest of us love them. It is the only good Medieval-style liturgy I have ever had the privileged to attend. The rest of Traddiedom is, sadly, stuck in hopeless Baroque decadence. While the rest of the traditional groups seem to be hellbent on repeating all the mistakes that led to the new liturgy in the first place, the CRNJ have had the only liturgy I've ever really liked.

  10. Fine.

    But, PLEASE, no more comments on the "dialogue" Mass, OK? We will just repeat the same comments, which are purely based on local customs and the "I like it" or "I don't like it" kinds of arguments. For those who like it, you are in good company: Low Masses in Continental Europe, Latin America, and Africa are almost always responded by the faithful. For those who do not like it, you are also in good company: Low Masses in English-speaking nations are almost always responded by the server exclusively.

    All other comments on this matter will be either blocked or deleted.


  11. Fr Mark Lawler10:26 PM

    Our parish was greatly blessed a few years ago when the Canons spent Christmas with us - the liturgy was wonderful and the canons were much loved by parishioners. The people of Charles Town are indeed lucky to have these men.

    Our Lady of Walsingham pray for them.

    "Jerusalem my happy home" Amen!

  12. The dialogue Low Mass is particularly distracting, though, as a Church full of people attempts to make all of the server's responses in a language few know. Cacophony ensues, and the contemplative quality of the traditional low Mass is gone.

    Nay, sir!

    I grew up with the dialogue Mass at St. Peregrine Chapel (originally independent and now SSPX since 1991) in Cleveland. There was no cacophony. All was dignified and intelligible AND the congregation was fulfilling its proper role by praying the liturgy with the priest.

  13. Richard Friend12:41 AM

    "Bishop Bransfield has given permission to the Canons to reside in Charles Town, WV, for a probationary period of two years."

    The wording indicates that this is not an incardination in the diocese, but only the temporary granting of faculties for a period of two years. I understand Dom Daniel is still incardinated in Wigratzbad, Germany, and was never incardinated elsewhere. I hope that this probationary period will end in the transfer of his incardination to his new home.

    Dom Daniel has also opened my eyes on the correct liturgical postures of the faithful during Mass, which he has taught his "congregation" at Yorba Linda very well.

  14. Anonymous12:58 AM

    Welcome to the Canons -- you are much needed in this part of the country. I hope you are able to make Charles Town a permanent home.

  15. "Low Masses in Continental Europe, Latin America, and Africa are almost always responded by the faithful."

    And in Asia as well.

  16. Very sad news for us in southern California. You lucked out West Virginia.


  17. Are there still only three of them?

  18. Anonymous11:16 AM

    When and where in Charles Town will the the Canons regularly celebrate Sunday Mass?

  19. Anonymous2:14 PM

    We in St. Louis owe the CRNJ a debt of gratitude. For our part, Dom Daniel introduced us to the Traditional Rite at a time when our family had enough of our Parish Priest offering Mass with what amounted to a dark 'friendship loaf'. Father's sermons are amazing and he is genuine of heart.

    Michael Kramer, yes, there is a story, urban legend, truth and perhaps a measure of intrigue around their departure but as in everything, all to the glory of God. May Father Oppenheimer and Fraters John and Alban be blessed abundantly and to His greater glory, may their stay in WV be permanent.

  20. Let's see if I can summarize the issue of mass "postures" from memory, as the subject can get out of hand pretty quickly in this age of infuriating deviations from traditional rubrics. Please correct me if I'm wrong. This, according to my readings, is an area that begs for patience and charity.

    There is a difference between the rubrics of a priest and the "postures" of the attending faithful. The rubrics of a mass DO NOT APPLY to the parishoners. Postures can and do vary from mass to mass, and that is not a bad thing. Differences in local customs cannot be standardized because there are differences in talents and resources, among other things. Anybody who thinks we can train the faithful to participate in a mass the 'best' way hasn't tried to form a schola in a mass with only a dozen faithful. As a result, the dictates of the priest offering the mass, local customs, the examples of properly trained servers, the intentions of the properly trained choir, and even just the majority of postures of those in attendance all influence "correct" postures. The only one of those that I would recommend be absolute is the dictates of the priest, as otherwise he might leave us in disgust. But for good reason, nobody made me THE ONE, so feel free to educate me.

  21. Anonymous11:42 PM

    @Michae Kramer: As another anonymous said already, there are stories etc.

    The bottom line is that due to some archdiocesan mismanagement of resources (underhand or not? But NOT Cardinal Burke's doing for sure) they wound up homeless and lost a lot of money they had invested in the improvement of the property in the process. These are facts.

    Why something else never became available in the same archdiocese I do not know. Suffice to say they acted honourably and were received with great generosity and respect by the Silverado community.

  22. Jack E. Boucher11:56 PM

    caniliouYou are indeed fortunate to have these religious in Charles Town. Assuming this Charles Town is near Harpers Ferry in W Va, please take these men for a day trip to Harpers Ferry and be sucre to show them St. Peter's RC Church, a mid= 19th Ce building in the Gothic Revival style and used to have Tridentine masses regularly in this beautiful and picturesque Church. Is the Church stillused, and by whom? signed Jack E. Boucher, Old St. Mary's in Wash DC

  23. The only problem with St Peters would be the Canons would be more like museum curators there than priests. I highly doubt they would be interested in that. They want to form a living community- not a tourist attraction where maybe they get curious visitors every now and then. The architecture is wonderful but there are other things that outweigh that selection. Besides it seems the diocese has it own plans which no doubt are very good for its peculiar situation.

    There is no parking and it is a bit off from the rest of Harper's Ferry. However, the diocese keeps it in good condion and it is still used though it seems to mostly serve tourists. Thankfully the bishop there at least feels that Catholic churches shouldn't be sold off willy nilly. So at least from what I understand it isn't for sale and the diocese is holding on to it. Deo Gratias. I wish our bishop followed the same policies. Diocese seems to be doing decently from what I understand.

  24. The Canons are being allowed by the Diocese to use the old St James the Greater Church in Charles Town. St Peters in Harpers Ferry is a mission Church of St James the Greater. St Peter is still used and Mass is said there on Sundays. The Canons actually said Mass there some couple of years ago (they have been visiting for a couple of years now). We are very blessed to have them.


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