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Video of the priestly ordination of Joseph Ratzinger,

Georg Ratzinger, and 38 other deacons (Freising, 1951).

Source: Gloria TV


  1. Great video, thanks a lot!

  2. Michelle10:18 PM

    Wonerful! May I ask a question: Why do all the priests wear a little cape over their surplices? Is that a German thing? Perhaps Mr Kollmorgen will know.

  3. Anonymous1:10 AM

    looked like the holy father at about 5:25

  4. I think he is the young lad in the back row of priests @4:53.

  5. Anonymous7:04 AM

    No, Joseph Ratzinger is among the newly ordained priest, appearing at 4:54.

  6. Anonymous10:40 AM

    39 new priests! Awesome. But of course that was when we still had all of our Catholic tradition and the Tridentine Latin Mass.

    Twenty years later, with this beautiful tradition gone, they were luck to have 3 ordinations a year...not 39!

    And since 1971, they are probably lucky if there were 30 new priests between then and now!!

    Congratulations to the Pope, but look at what's been lost!

  7. Yes, the collar (not really a cape), usually velvet, and often with elaborate silk frogging and tassels along the edges for more senior clerics, is a German custom, now sadly lost. I have a lovely one given by an old priest friend. Who knows, one day...

    I think it still survives for altar boys in some places, simple and unadorned, and sometimes in colour.

  8. God bless our Holy Father!

  9. Further points: in fact looking at the film again, these to which @Michelle refers are indeed mozzettas, the black ones for diocesan prelates, not the collars which I described earlier. For information these latter are called 'Pfarrkragen'.

  10. It's actually a very moving video to watch when you look at him and think about all that would happen and what he would become.

  11. Louis E.7:11 AM

    Cardinal Faulhaber,who presided,would die the following year as the last surviving Cardinal elevated by Pope Benedict XV...the future Benedict XVI would be his third successor in that archdiocese.

  12. That time, in 1951, 44 deacons were ordained. Now, in 2010, 4 deacons were ordained in diocese Munich...
    Pray a lot for new vocations…


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