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Father Pfleger to (officially) leave the Church?

The infamous Father Michael Pfleger, whose public scandals are too many to list, may actually make his apostasy official and leave the Church. (h/t Curt Jester)

"The embattled pastor of St. Sabina Roman Catholic Church told radio show hosts Tavis Smiley and Cornel West this weekend that he would look outside the Catholic Church if offered no other choice but to work at a Catholic high school.

"The Rev. Michael Pfleger also said on the 'Smiley & West' public radio program that he had been banned from speaking at events in the archdiocese and blamed pressure from conservative Catholics and the National Rifle Association for his most recent clash with Chicago’s Cardinal Francis George.

“'I want to try to stay in the Catholic Church,'” Pfleger said. “'If they say ‘You either take this principalship of [Leo High School] or pastorship there or leave,’ then I’ll have to look outside the church. I believe my calling is to be a pastor. I believe my calling is to be a voice for justice. I believe my calling is to preach the Gospel. In or out of the church, I’m going to continue to do that.'”

"In an interview with the Tribune, Pfleger clarified that he feels called to preach and push for social justice in a Catholic context. He said he loves the Catholic Church and prefers to stay there. But going to Leo full-time would not happen, Pfleger said.

“'I’ve always said I could not do something that I don’t feel called or equipped to do,'” he told the Tribune. “'A full-time position at Leo is not something I’m equipped to do. I think Leo has made it clear they don’t see any need for me to come there. For both sides this would be a lose-lose.'"

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  1. Hieronymus1:36 AM

    I am horrified that this man is being placed over a Catholic high school! This is ludicrous.

    When will this madness end?!?!?!?

  2. Let us all resist saying something uncharitable and snarky.

    He really needs our prayers.

  3. Anonymous2:08 AM

    "Father Pfleger to (officially) leave the Church?"



  4. Anonymous2:19 AM

    So being a pastor doesn't apply in any sense when it comes to being a high school principal?

    Seems like Father Pflegler is more interested in himself than anything. Pity.

  5. Johannes3:18 AM

    "Let us all resist saying something uncharitable and snarky."

    It is uncharitable to be kind to the wicked. Some men need to be knocked from their pedestal before you can help them to their feet. This man has not the faintest understanding of the Gospel of Christ. He does need our prayers. A milling-stone is heavy.

  6. The man is being willfully ignorant in an effort to advance his martyr image. He is a secular priest with no vows. If he doesn’t like the assignment the Cardinal gives him, the worst that can happen is that he could be excardinated from the Archdiocese (God willing). If he uses the occasion to apostatize, that will be his own decision. No one is excommunicated from the Catholic Church for throwing a hissy fit over a job transfer.

  7. Anonymous6:50 AM

    Yes, let's pray for poor Fr Pfleger.
    The real criminals are the people who would consider putting anyone like this over a Catholic high school. Is it just assumed that the students in this school will have lost the Faith by now anyway, so it doesn't matter? Quite chilling.

  8. Ogard8:22 AM

    Cudos Vox Cantoris. It is contrary to the Catholic moral principles ever to do even slighthest evil to achieve ever great good. Let's in this Holy Season remember Our Lord's last words to Judas.

  9. Don't let the door hit you on the way out.

  10. Anonymous1:42 PM

    I laugh when I read about the canonical process for removing a pastor that no bishop want's to use because they're afraid of bad press and losing money. Shame on you Cardinal George!

  11. Lucius491:43 PM

    Father Pfleger unfortunately left the Church long ago. It's all about him. He should have been challenged in charity long ago. He needs prayers.

  12. Anonymous3:18 PM

    Perhaps if Pfleger publicly celebrates a TLM he will be excommunicated.

  13. Anonymous4:24 PM

    excommunication is executed by the actions of the individual. Phleger accomplished this goal a long time ago. now lets make it official.

  14. He must think very little of his vocation to do such a thing; I long to be a Priest but because I have very little money and student loans I probebly never will be.

    If by some miracle I am ordained I will always remember the oath of obedience to my Bishop and to the Catholic faith (even if I were to be a non FSSP priest I would dearly like to swear the oath against modernism at ordiation and every time I was assigned to a different parish),something Fr. Pfleger has obviously forgotten about.

    From appearences it would seem that Fr. Pfleger has forgotton about his Divine Bride our Holy Mother Church.

  15. Anonymous7:27 PM


    Pride. The worst sin. Just look a the photo. Full of himself.

    Many of us are, of course...

    But look at the photo. In love with himself. It's all about him and his agenda. He says this, in his own words.

    So they offer him leadership of a a school?


  16. Why should he be so concerned at working at a High School tha probabaly stopped being Catholic long ago? This would suit his form of revolutionary postmodernism.

  17. Anonymous8:43 PM

    Johannes, I'm with you.

    Had he been teaching from the Catechism of the Council of Trent and saying the TLM, he would have been gone so long ago no one would ever remember him any more.


  18. Anonymous11:28 PM

    Best news I heard today!

  19. "...Johannes, I'm with you.

    Had he been teaching from the Catechism of the Council of Trent and saying the TLM, he would have been gone so long ago no one would ever remember him any more.


    I'm with the both of you.

    Being offered a position in the Church with so many problems speaks ill of what is truly up with this Cardinal, and many, many other Cardinals and Bishops?

    It is getting close to the time to ask the question "Are they Catholic?"


  20. I wonder how many humble traditional priests have been moved to out-of-the-way areas? It's sad that they get treatment on par with the Fr. Pfleger's of this world.

  21. Just Tired2:11 PM

    As Fr. Neuhaus use to say, "Oh dear".


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