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In pictures: Palm Sunday according to the older Roman Missals

1. As previously announced on Rorate, the Melbourne community for the 1962 Missal, the Catholic Community of Bl. John Henry Newman, had a Solemn Pontifical Mass for Palm Sunday this week. Pictures are now available of the Blessing of Palms and Procession, Solemn Pontifical Mass, and Simple Benediction with a Relic of the True Cross.

2. Our Lady of the Rosary Parish, Blackfen. The Palm Sunday ceremonies were offered by Fr. Tim Finigan according to the pre-1955 form. More pictures here. (H/t Mulier Fortis)

3. Eglise Saint-Eugène, Paris (which is one of the three churches / chapels in Paris where Mass according to the 1962 Missal is offered daily under diocesan auspices).

This year's Palm Sunday ceremonies in Saint Eugene seem to have been a hybrid of the pre-1955 and post-1955 Missals, as indicated by a comment in the NLM combox from Henri Adam de Villiers, who states that:

At Saint-Eugène this Palm Sunday, here are some elements that have been done which refer to the traditional rite and not to the 1955 one :

1. The palms have been blessed on the major altar of the Church

2. The 2 Pueri Hebræorum have been repeated several times (without any psalm nor Gloria Patri) during the distribution of palms

3. The antiphons sung for the procession were those of the books before 1955.

4. The Gloria laus was sung by cantors inside the church, the procession was responding outside.

5. The opening of the doors was made by the cross, in fact according the old Parisian use (still observed in Notre-Dame de Paris by our Archbishop in the modern rite). In this Parisian use, it is the celebrant and not the sub-deacon who hit by three time the door with the cross, singing special verses of psalms with responses by the choir inside the church.

6. The last part of the passion (suppressed in 1955) was sung, with its special tune.

Note also that the new final prayer of the procession was sung facing East and not facing people. Last year, the processional cross was veiled in violet but wasn't this year (?!?).

4. Bialystok, Poland (where Mass according to the 1962 Missal is offered every 3rd Sunday).
More photos can be found on Picasa (H/t to Una Voce Malaga)

5. Toledo, Spain, at the Iglesia del Salvador (where, thanks to Cardinal Canizares-Llovera, Mass and Office according to the liturgical books of John XXIII are said or sung everyday by the biritual congregation Fraternidad de Cristo Sacerdote y Santa Maria Reina).