Rorate Caeli
Rorate Caeli Purgatorial Society (twenty-eighth posting of souls)

Please see below for the twenty-eighth posting of souls in the Rorate Caeli Purgatory Society.

Please remember, especially during Lent, to keep the souls in your prayers and to send in as many as you can. We should all try to pray the entire enrolled Society into Heaven by Easter Sunday.

A reminder on how to enroll souls: please email me at and submit as follows: "name, state, country." If you want to enroll entire families, simply write in the email: "The Jones family, Ohio, USA". Individual names are preferred. Be greedy -- send in as many as you wish and forward this posting to friends as well. PLEASE follow this format strictly, as any deviation creates a lot of extra work.

Please also consider forwarding this Society to your family and friends, announcing from the pulpit during Holy Mass or listing in your church bulletin. We need to spread the word and relieve more suffering souls.

Please pray for the enrolled souls and the 14 holy priests saying Traditional Masses for the Society:

"For all the souls enrolled in the Rorate Caeli Purgatorial Society: Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them. May their souls and the souls of all the Faithful departed rest in peace. Amen."

Then ...

Eternal God, please bless our priests, who are selflessly saying Masses for this Society. Make them more greatly aware of the grace that Thou pour out through them when they minister the sacraments, and help them to fall more deeply in love with Thee after each and every Mass that they celebrate. Please strengthen our priests, who shepherd Thy flock, when they are in doubt of their faith, that they may be examples of Thy Truth and guide us always on the path to Thee. We ask these things of Thee, our Eternal Priest. Amen.

Enrolled Souls of the Rorate Caeli Purgatorial Society:
John E. Kelly, Ontario, Canada & County Clare, Ireland Sean Creamer, NY, USA Stefan Brozyna, Poland Zofia Brozyna, Poland Waclawa Rakalska, Poland Piotr Rakalski, Poland Ryszard Rakalski, Poland Jan Chodasewicz, Poland Janina Wilaszek, Poland Marian Wilaszek, Poland Barbara Zarembska, Poland Krysryna Zarembska, Poland Maria Tabisz, Australia Janina Niewiada, Australia Gerhard Warzecha, Poland Jacek Jarosz, Australia Jim Pead, Australia Ida Pead, Australia Margaret Clifford, Australia Edwin Matuszek, Australia Marion Scarrabelloti, Australia Evelyn Russel, Australia Bishop Morgan, Australia Rev. Theodore Guminga, Minnesota, USA Robert Bloomquist, New York, USA Aurelia Bloomquist, New York, USA William Bohnhoff, New Mexico, USA Rev. Robert J Wojciehowski, Michigan USA Sr. Mary Hildegarde Peiffer, CHM, IA, USA William Bullock, Bishop Emeritus of Madison, WI, USA Alberto Nobre Votta, SP, Brazil Maria de Lurdes Lopes da Silva, SP, Brazil José de Alcantara Lopes, SP, Brazil Miriam Sauer de Almeida Ramos, SP, Brazil Philomeno Alfredo Votta, SP, Brazil Dulçulina Nobre Votta, SP, Brazil Jacob Sauer, SP, Brazil Eliza Cremer Sauer, SP, Brazil Pedro de Alcantara Lopes, SP, Brazil Maria de Souza Lima (Lopes), SP, Brazil José Ignacio da Silva, SP, Brazil Balbina de Souza Lima (e Silva), SP, Brazil Camillo Votta, SP, Brazil Maria Michelina Lapolla, SP, Brazil João de Almeida Nobre Filho, SP, Brazil Amélia Gregória de Mello e Albuquerque, SP, Brazil João Sauer, SP, Brazil Veronica Bruder, SP, Brazil Miguel Kremer, Brazil Teresa Kremer, Brazil Pedro d’Alcantara Lopes, Brazil Francisca Euphrasia de Oliveira, Brazil José Caetano de Souza Lima, Brazil Adélia Augusta de Souza, Brazil Joaquim Flávio da Silva, MG, Brazil Inácia, MG, Brazil Joaquim Pedro de Souza Lima, Brazil Arminda Amália Maia, Brazil Walderico A Valdes, Ontario, Canada Gerardo E Valdes, Ontario, Canada Timothy Louis Nau, Arizona, USA Ulpiano Valdes, Sr, Ilocos Norte, Philippines Patrociño Soledad A Valdes, Metro Manila, Philippines Lydia V Cabanos, Metro Manila, Philippines Milagros C Malabanan, Metro Manila, Philippines Esteban B Cabanos, Metro Manila, Philippines Ulpiano A Valdes, Jr, California, USA Mena Aquino, Metro Manila, Philippines Veronica R Estavillo, Metro Manila, Philippines Isidro Estavillo, Metro Manila, Philippines Zenaida E Violago, Chicago, USA Victorino Estavillo, Metro Manila, Philippines Salome Estavillo, Metro Manila, Philippines Maurito Estavillo, Metro Manila, Philippines Aster Estavillo, Metro Manila, Philippines Francisco Estavillo, Metro Manila, Philippines Antonio Estavillo, Metro Manila, Philippines Floy Barangan, Metro Manila, Philippines Generoso Vivas, Metro Manila, Philippines Gregorio Almonte, Jr, Metro Manila, Philippines Gregorio Almonte, Sr, Metro Manila, Philippines Linda Almonte, Metro Manila, Philippines Rosalina DePano, Metro Manila, Philippines Nathanael DePano, Sr, Metro Manila, Philippines Daisy D Parungao, California, USA Vicente Raralio, Metro Manila, Philippines Christine DePano, California, USA Marie P Carriaga, California, USA Evelyn DePano, Metro Manila, Philippines Noel DePano, California, USA Aniceta Albano, Metro Manila, Philippines Luisa Garcia, Metro Manila, Philippines Jose Garcia, Metro Manila, Philippines Leticia Valdes, Metro Manila, Philippines Jesus Valdes, Ilocos Norte, Philippines Claudio Garcia, Metro Manila, Philippines Scholastica V Garcia, Metro Manila, Philippines Paulino Albano, Metro Manila, Philippines Pilar V Albano, Metro Manila, Philippines Ramon V Albano, Metro Manila, Philippines Steve B Ablan, Metro Manila, Philippines Irish Zarcal, Metro Manila, Philippines Elizabeth V Encinas, Metro Manila, Philippines Victor Maria Dalupan, Metro Manila, Philippines Maria Victoria Caluag-Reyes, Metro Manila, Philippines Efren L DeLeon, Metro Manila, Philippines Veronica V Vina, Metro Manila, Philippines Glenn A Macatulad, Metro Manila, Philippines Monchette Villegas, Metro Manila, Philippines Raul N Elizalde, Metro Manila, Philippines Robbie Kare, Metro Manila, Philippines Jeneviev Lee, Metro Manila, Philippines Jocelyn Lee-Hellqvist, Paris, France Mariano N Lopez, Jr, Metro Manila, Philippines Rodolfo C Lopez, Jr, Metro Manila, Philippines Pacifico V Marana, Jr, Metro Manila, Philippines Jose Marie Mendiola, Metro Manila, Philippines Antonio G Natividad, Metro Manila, Philippines Manuel C Perez, Metro Manila, Philippines Exequiel B Sumcio, Jr, Metro Manila, Philippines Rev Aurelio T Tagura, Metro Manila, Philippines Rev Jose Cruz, Metro Manila, Philippines Rev Horacio DeLaCosta, Metro Manila, Philippines Rev Richard Leonard, Metro Manila, Philippines Rev Bartholomew Lahiff, Metro Manila, Philippines Rev Francis Reilly, Metro Manila, Philippines Rev Rudolf Visker, Metro Manila, Philippines Rev Thomas O'Shaughnessy, Metro Manila, Philippines Rev George Gorospe, Metro Manila, Philippines Rev Raul Bonoan, Metro Manila, Philippines Rev Michael McPhelin, Metro Manila, Philippines Rev William Schmidt, Metro Manila, Philippines Rev Frank Lynch, Metro Manila, Philippines Vicky Valdez, Metro Manila, Philippines Anna Maria Javellana, Metro Manila, Philippines Amando Kapauan, Metro Manila, Philippines Doreen Fernandez, Metro Manila, Philippines Shirley Advincula, Metro Manila, Philippines Joey Ocampo, Metro Manila, Philippines Emy Pascasio, Metro Manila, Philippines Irene Goto, Metro Manila, Philippines Concepcion Echave, Metro Manila, Philippines Roxanne Munch, Louisiana, USA Susan Collins, Louisiana, USA Margarita A Jocson, Louisiana, USA Justina Jocson, California, USA Helga Lutyhe, Louisiana, USA Editha Valen-Pimentel, Louisiana, USA Angie Evangelista, Louisiana, USA Nelda Garcia, Louisiana, USA Timothy Villanueva, Louisiana, USA Ricardo Villanueva, Louisiana, USA Celso Isip, Louisiana, USA Faustino Eclevia, Louisiana, USA Israel Espiritu, Louisiana, USA Estelito Mendez, Louisiana, USA Eduardo Montelibano, Louisiana, USA Manuel M Tejido, Metro Manila, Philippines Rev Eduardo P Hontiveros, Metro Manila, Philippines Rev Jose Moises T Fermin, Metro Manila, Philippines Rev Santiago Leon, Metro Manila, Philippines Rev Joseph A Galdon, Metro Manila, Philippines Rev Miguel Bernad, Metro Manila, Philippines Rev Thomas Green, Metro Manila, Philippines Brian Andal, Ontario, Canada Renato Dantes, Metro Manila, Philippines Cecilia B Lambino, Metro Manila, Philippines Gary Bilog, Metro Manila, Philippines Virgil Santiago, Metro Manila, Philippines Manoling Roxas, Metro Manila, Philippines Benjie Montecillo, Metro Manila, Philippines Adrian O Sison, Metro Manila, Philippines Philip Andrew A Pestaño, Metro Manila, Philippines Rev Bruno Arcenas, Louisiana, USA Calvin Hingle, Louisiana, USA Margaret DeLeon, Louisiana, USA Loida Virinia, Louisiana, USA Cristina Roxas Dising, Louisiana, USA Lydia Fairclough, Louisiana, USA Magdalena Libron, Louisiana, USA Carmen Aranda, Louisiana, USA Rosita J Valen, Louisiana, USA Expectacion Miranda, Louisiana, USA Fidel Miranda, Iloilo, Philippines Dominador P Amor, Louisiana, USA Andrea Miguel Amor, Louisiana, USA Felecito Garcia, Louisiana, USA Joseph Espiritu, Louisiana, USA Nimfa Denuna-Seludo, Louisiana, USA Nick Juanico, Louisiana, USA Norma Benson, Texas, USA Eusebio T Madriaga, Louisiana, USA Antonio Padua, Louisiana, USA Raymonde Reed, Mississippi, USA Jim Ellis, Louisiana, USA Tom Holen, Louisiana, USA Ann Eyer, Louisiana, USA Viola Eskew, Louisiana, USA Tommy Eng, Louisiana, USA Lena Moten, Louisiana, USA Crispin Estavillo, Metro Manila, Philippines Diosdado Galang, Guam, USA Antonio Ravelo, Metro Manila, Philippines Mamerto T Evangelista, Jr, Laguna, Philippines Amadito Evangelista, California, USA Adolf Boudreaux, Sr, Louisiana, USA Antonio Ortega, Batanes, Philippines Agnieszka Gajewska, Poland Stanisław Gajewski, Poland Eugeniusz Niedbała, Poland Antoni Sienkiewicz, Poland Witold Sienkiewicz, Poland Albin Sienkiewicz, Poland Julia Sienkiewicz, Poland Antoni Bogdan, Warsow, Poland Janina Bogdan, Warsow, Poland Roman Gruszecki, Poland Lulu Sarabia, Metro Manila, Philippines Mary Jo "Dodee" Linnen, Massachusetts, USA Carolyn Polsky, Florida, USA Jack Polsky, Florida, USA Art Clifton, Illinois, USA Donna Albergo, Illinois USA Fr Wm O'Neill, Ohio, USA Fr Cornelius Liss, Wisconsin USA Richard "Dick" Miller, Minnesota, USA Larry Miller, Minnesota, USA Marsh Fink, Missouri, USA Rosemary Linnen, Washington DC, USA Fr Mark Tasler, Nebraska, USA Fr Anthony Wojtus, W Virginia, USA Fr Richard Rego, Arizona, USA Fr Todd Reitmeyer, South Dakota, USA Walter E Barry, Pennsylvania, USA Alice Barry, Pennsylvania, USA John Linnen, Pennsylvania USA Marie Linnen, Pennsylvania, USA Gerald Scott, Texas, USA Miles Jervis, Isle of Wight, UK Myriam Oliva A M, Florida, USA Adan Medina C Jr, Jinotega,Nicaragua M Ester C I Medina, Jinotega, Nicaragua Adan Medina C Sr, Jinotega, Nicaragua Clement Linder, Maryland, USA Ester Medina Linder, Maryland, USA Salvador Oliva, Valencia, Spain Ana Isabel Moro C, Florida, USA Humberto Castillo, Florida, USA Rene Sanchez, Florida, USA Eustaquia Altamirano, Jinotega, Nicaragua Ricardo Altamirano, Jinotega, Nicaragua Diego Altamirano, Jinotega, Nicaragua Mercedes Oliva Altamirano, Jinotega, Nicaragua Filomena Medina C, Jinotega, Nicaragua Manuel Medina C, Jinotega, Nicaragua Santos Medina, Jinotega, Nicaragua Trinidad Castellon, Jinotega, Nicaragua Ester Irias, Jinotega, Nicaragua Filomena Castellon, Jinotega, Nicaragua Mons Simeon Pereira Castellon, Leon, Nicaragua Mons Ruben Baltodano, Jinotega, Nicaragua Maria Jesus Baltodano, Jinotega, Nicaragua Fr Anastasio Garcia, Jinotega, Nicaragua Roger Campos G, Jinotega, Nicaragua Ariel Palacios, Jinotega, Nicaragua Roberto Castellon B, Jinotega, Nicaragua Daniel Pineda, Jinotega, Nicaragua Dolores Meneses Castellon, Jinotega, Nicaragua Carlos Meneses, Florida, USA Roberto Castillo, Florida, USA Maria Luisa Lezama, Florida, USA Ariel Rosa, Florida, USA Edward Collins, Florida, USA Alberto Warwar, Florida, USA Florence Crewjones, Florida, USA The Medina Family, Jinotega, Nicaragua The Castellon Family, Jinotega, Nicaragua The Altamirano Family, Jinotega, Nicaragua The Oliva Family, Jinotega, Nicaragua The Irias Family, Nueva Segovia, Nicaragua John Castellon, Jinotega, Nicaragua John T. Madden, Illinois, USA John T. Madden, Missouri, USA Mabel Madden, Missouri, USA Laura Madden, Missouri, USA Donald Madden, Missouri, USA William Madden, Missouri, USA Robert Williams, Missouri, USA Edith Nauber, Illinois, USA Julius 'Pat' Nauber, Illinois, USA Jack Nauber, Illinois, USA Ardus Nauber, Illinois, USA Victoria Delcev, Sofia, Bulgaria Vasili Delcev, Sofia, Bulgaria Hermina Medanic, Costrena, Croatia Vladimir Medanic, Costrena, Croatia Maja Balda, Florida, USA Manuel DelFino, New Mexico, USA James Michael, Illinois, USA Lee H. Sentman III, Illinois, USA Fr. William King, Washington, D.C, USA Fr. Thomas King, Washington, D.C., USA James Trainor, New York, USA Leonard Osborn, Kansas, USA John Brier, Kansas, USA Michael Griffith, Kansas, USA Kenneth Pierce, Kansas, USA Barbara Buller, Kansas, USA Rev. Msgr. Loydell J. Marth, CA, USA Daniel Biggs, Kansas, USA José Luiz Figueiredo, Ceará, Brazil. Jospeh Varuolo New York USA Mary Varuolo New York, USA Jeannine Varuolo Maine, USA Elvira Tucci, Pennsylvania, USA Andrew Futchko Pennsylvania USA Fr. Mark Garrett OSA, Pennsylvania USA Fr. Thomas Martin OSA Pennsylvania, USA Those who died during Hurricane Katrina and while evacuating, Louisiana, USA Those who died during Hurricane Rita while evacuating, Texas, USA Those who died during the 911 terrorist attacks, New York, Washington DC, Pennsylvania, USA Those who died during the tsunami of 2004, Indonesia, Thailand, Sri Lanka Those who died during the earthquake, tsunami and radiation in Japan 2011 Those who committed suicide after serving in the US Army, Navy and Air Force, USA, Iraq and Afghanistan Those who died from suicide bombings around the world Those who died or committed suicide because they were bullied in school Those who died from crimes and violence Those who died from drug overdose Those who committed suicide because of their terminal illness Those who have been forgotten or have no one to pray for them