Rorate Caeli

From East and West, ardent voices proclaim:
Holy Queen, Sacred Empress,
Sovereign of Earth and Heaven, pray for us!

Pedro de Escobar (Pedro do Porto)
1. Virgen Bendita sin par
de quien toda virtud mana,/ vos sois digna de loar.
2. Vos, Sagrada Emperadora,/ desesisteis el engaño/ y remediasteis el daño/ de la gente pecadora.
3.De los ángeles Señora,/ vos querais tan gracia dar/ que no podamos pecar/ contra aquel que carne humana/ de vos le plugo tomar.
Cancionero de Palacio)
(1.Blessed Virgin without equal,/ from Whom all virtue comes,/ You are worthy of praise.)
(2.You, oh Sacred Empress,/ undid the error/ and remedied the harm/ of the sinful people.)
(3.Of the Angels You are the Lady,/ You so much grace wish to bestow/ that we may not sin/ against the One who human flesh/ deigned to take from You.)

Ardent voices from the East sing out: "O Mother of God, today thou art carried into heaven on the chariots of the cherubim, the seraphim wait upon thee and the ranks of the heavenly army bow before thee."

Further: "O just, O most blessed (Joseph), since thou art sprung from a royal line, thou hast been chosen from among all mankind to be spouse of the pure Queen who, in a way which defies description, will give birth to Jesus the king." In addition: "I shall sing a hymn to the mother, the Queen, whom I joyously approach in praise, gladly celebrating her wonders in song...
Our tongue cannot worthily praise thee, O Lady; for thou who hast borne Christ the king art exalted above the seraphim. . . Hail, O Queen of the world; hail, O Mary, Queen of us all."

We read, moreover, in the Ethiopic Missal: "O Mary, center of the whole world, . . . thou art greater than the many-eyed cherubim and the six-winged seraphim . . . Heaven and earth are filled with the sanctity of thy glory."

Furthermore, the Latin Church sings that sweet and ancient prayer called the "Hail, Holy Queen" and the lovely antiphons "Hail, Queen of the Heavens," "O Queen of Heaven, Rejoice," and those others which we are accustomed to recite on feasts of the Blessed Virgin Mary: "The Queen stood at Thy right hand in golden vesture surrounded with beauty"; "Heaven and earth praise thee as a powerful Queen"; "Today the Virgin Mary ascends into heaven: rejoice because she reigns with Christ forever."

To these and others should be added the Litany of Loreto which daily invites Christian folk to call upon Mary as Queen. Likewise, for many centuries past Christians have been accustomed to meditate upon the ruling power of Mary which embraces heaven and earth, when they consider the fifth Glorious Mystery of the Rosary which can be called the mystical crown of the heavenly Queen.

Finally, art which is based upon Christian principles and is animated by their spirit as something faithfully interpreting the sincere and freely expressed devotion of the faithful, has since the Council of Ephesus portrayed Mary as Queen and Empress seated upon a royal throne adorned with royal insignia, crowned with the royal diadem and surrounded by the host of angels and saints in heaven, and ruling not only over nature and its powers but also over the machinations of Satan. 
Pius XII
Ad Caeli Reginam


  1. Dear brethren,

    I hope you have enjoyed our choices of texts, images, and music for this Marian month - hopefully, we will have a special text for the Feast of the Queenship of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

    This has been a special year, in which the entire month of Our Lady was contained within this first period of Eastertide, before Ascensiontide: it is always joyful to celebrate the Mother of Our Risen Lord and Empress of our souls.

    De Maria nunquam satis.


  2. Dear New Catholic. I had just clicked into comments to tell you how much I have loved your posts re Mary and then I saw your comment.

    Count me as one who absolutely loves them. They are smashing and they resonate wonderfully with Dom Gueranger's writings.

    Thank you. May God Bless and keep you

  3. Anonymous3:45 PM

    Dear New Catholic,

    Thank you for sharing these truly special texts, images and music for Our Blessed Mother. They can only help us make reparation.

    I am sorrowful today that my land of Malta has voted in favor of divorce in the month of Mary. For so many decades Malta was a lonely shining star in an ever-increasing nightly fog in Europe and the World.

    The facts are staggering:
    - The Bishop of Gozo clearly stated that one cannot be Catholic and vote for divorce. But his Maltese counterpart, did not. Maltese theologians and priests stated that it is not necessarily a sin to vote in favor of divorce citing those theoretical margins within theology that cover the odd souls here and there who do not have an informed conscience. When all they had to do to eliminate the occurence of laity without an informed conscience to state simply that by virtue of Christ's condemnation of divorce and remarriage and by virtue of the anathemas declared at Trent, voting in favor of divorce was a vote to be non-Catholic, period.
    [see the link "Divorce for dummies [FAQ]" published in the Times of Malta, read section 11 'Is it a sin to vote in favor of divorce?', the article begins with "Not necessarily".

    - 3 days before the referendum on divorce, 40% of Maltese Catholic voters were registered as being confused as to whether voting in favor of divorce was a sin or not.

    - ONly 72% of Maltese bothered to go to this vote which is very low by Maltese standards. The vote registered the lowest turnout in Malta's vibrant political history, with less interest than the voting for Members of European Parliament.

    - of the 72% voters who showed up, 52.67% voted for divorce, and 47.33% voted against. In total, therefore, 38% voted for divorce, 34% voted against, 28% didn't care.

    - Of the 13 electoral districts, 10 voted for divorce, only 3 against.

    - Since the results were announced yesterday, a group called "Catholics for Divorce" in Malta are clamoring for the head of the Archbishop's Vicar, demanding that he be fired by the Bishop and that a Vicar friendly to Catholics for divorce hired in his place.

    - Cars honking in wild joy were heard through many parts of Malta yesterday and the media was full of anti-Church comments so filled with hatred that they would easily fall under many ICC hate crimes designations.

    - When the results came out, the Bishops apologized if the clergy's campaign against divorce "hurt" some. What logic there was in apologizing for the theoretical offense that CHurch-haters "suffered" for hearing the word of God on the morality of indissolubity of marriage one can only try to guess.

    - Catholic MPs who stood against divorce are now being pressured, and in large part appear to be capitulating to the idea that they must "respect the will of the people" and are stating that they will vote in favor of divorce legislation against their own consciences now that the mob "has spoken".

    - Finally, not 24 hours after this news in Malta, the Phillipines has just announced that it will be debating the introduction of divorce. This is being seen by the Maltese now as a "race" to see who will be the last nation on earth to legalize divorce. [See the article "The race is on" published today in the Times of Malta]

    This is how the last Catholic nations on earth will spit in Our Lady's face in the month of May.
    While the Maltese Bishops apologized to those who their clergy may have "hurt" during the no campaign, no sorrow was expressed towards God and Our Lady for such an outrage towards them in the month of May.

    May God and Our Lady help us!

    Maltese Falcon.

  4. A.M. Gerasah5:18 PM

    Thank you New Catholic,

    May the Holy Mother protect and unite us all Catholics under Her Holy Mantle.

  5. Anonymous5:21 PM

    Dear New Catholic,

    Thank you once again for all these wonderful Marian meditations.


  6. May I add my thank you also for the music I have loved since childhood in the Marian month.

  7. Anonymous7:26 PM

    Today, on the eve of our Lady's Feast, comes the news that the Canons Regular of the New Jerusalem, one of the smaller approved traditionalist institutes, has begun offering the T.L.M. and Solemn Vespers, with Confessions, on the every-Sunday basis and this week on Ascension Thursda, at its new Priory in the Diocese of Wheeling -Charleston, embracing all of West Virginia. West Virginia is in the U.S.A.

    This ends a very long and difficult struggle to have our Mass restored in West Virginia. This was achieved but then reversed some years ago.



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