Rorate Caeli

The last day
of the merry month of May

Josquin Lebloitte (Josquin des Prés)
Benedicta es Caelorum Regina

Rogamus te, Domina nostra, Mater Dei inclita,
super choros angelorum exaltata, ut cordis nostri vas caelestis gratiae impleas, auro sapientiae effulgere facias, tuae virtutis potentia consolides, lapide virtutum pretioso adornes, oleum misericordiae tuae, tu oliva benedicta, super nos effundas, quo peccatorum nostrorum multitudinem operias, qua ad caelestis gloriae altitudinem sublevari et cum beatis beatificari mereamur, praestante Iesu Christo, Filio tuo, qui te hodierna die super choros angelorum exaltavit, diademate regni coronavit et in solio aeterni luminis collocavit, cui est honor et gloria per aeterna saecula. 
Dicat omnis Ecclesia: Amen. Alleluia.

S. Antonius Patav.
Sermo in Assumptione B.M.V.


  1. Gratias10:01 PM

    Sacred music needs a lot more Tradition and a lot less Vatican II progress here in the USA. The NO songbooks in our Churches are just Protestant hymns arranged for guitar. In my parish in California sometimes we even get tambourines!

  2. Liturgical music is a total embarrassment. There is so much talk, even from our Holy Father, but no concrete action is being taken to rectify the dismal situation of church music.

    Just recently I was told that the parish where I am registered,had played an Elvis Presley rock song at a funeral Mass, by request of the family. I was told that the congregation just LOVED it, and that everybody was in tears!


  3. Darius Jedburgh6:11 AM

    Lovely recording of Benedicta Es, but who is it by? I only know it's not the Tallis Scholars (the only recording I have!)

  4. It is by Italian ensemble "De Labyrintho".

  5. Jack O'Malley11:47 AM

    These selections of Musica Sacra are a beautiful addition to Rorate. Thank you for them.

    BTW, would it be possible to add the artist's name and title of the paintings when you post them? Sometimes a higher res image can be found that makes a nice desktop background.


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