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Whoever finds the Immaculata, finds Jesus

Mikołaj Zieleński
Magnificat (1611)
We cannot take rest as long as there is in the world one soul in danger, who does not yet know the Immaculata. Our human frailty, limited resources or any other worldly difficulty must not restrain us; let us confide in the Immaculata, let us place ourselves truly in Her hands and She will continue to win the battles of God, as at Lepanto, as at Vienna. We must place our Lady in every soul so that from every soul sin be expelled and Jesus introduced. Whoever finds the Immaculata, finds Jesus.

The Immaculata is the conqueress of the devil, she is the Mother of God, always united to God, the full of grace, the masterpiece of grace with every holiness and perfection attainable by a human creature. The Immaculata is the one who in Her unbounded and respectful love wills the glory of God, fights the battles of God for overcoming evil, for the triumph of good, crushes the head of hell’s monster and destroys all heresies in the whole world. ...
May all nourish themselves on this truth so as to enter into the thought of God who willed the Incarnation to give us much more than what we had lost in Adam, and who in the Incarnation willed the Immaculata to remind us of the innocent man created by God and of the vision of an innocent world, according to the plan of God.

To God all glory, to God our respectful love and our praise, who willed thus to exalt and glorify the Immaculata, Mother of this dismembered and sinful humanity, our Hope, always.
Saint Maximilian Kolbe
Conference (Rome, 1937)


  1. Today in this seemingly hopeless situation which worsens by the week, we are lost without Our Blessed Mother. She admonishes us with Her motherly voice to do as He tells us and He presents Her to us at The Foot of His Cross at The Holy Mass - this is thy Mother. Padre Pio has exhorted us at Holy Mass to accompany The Blessed Virgin and the beloved disciple during Our Blessed Lord's Calvary. He also advised us to recite The Holy Rosary as it has special graces in his tiime. Even more so now when there are fewer and fewer valid Masses.
    What would we do without The Immaculata?

  2. Beautiful Magnificat of Zielenski - thank you so much.

  3. A.M. Gerasah4:57 PM


    What would we do without the Immaculata?

    That is we must cling to Rosary, Little Office, jaculatory prayers, indulgenced prayers generally and pilgrimages to ancient and modern shrines(recognised and orthodox ones, of course).

    I read somewhere that even the Akathist Hymn was indulgenced.

    And, of course, as Catholics, we must spread the most excellent devotion to Our Holy Mother-medals, tracts, leaflets. Specially in these days, where all the Marian dogmata are attacked in media and in public places. And perform acts of reparation and visits to Our Lady and Mother.

  4. Anonymous5:48 PM

    O Yes, LeonG. What would we do without The Immaculata?

    And this from St Maximilian is awesome in its challenge:

    "We cannot take rest as long as there is in the world one soul in danger, who does not yet know the Immaculata."

    Mamma mia, I don't do nearly enough
    for the souls that do not know Her. More Rosaries.

    Instead of unkind remarks in blog comments perhaps a Hail Mary for the people in the Church who upset us would please the Great Queen of Heaven more....just a suggestion...I don't want to preach to anyone....

    What would we do without The Immaculata? "Our tainted nature's solitary boast."

    Thank you for this beautiful post, New Catholic.


  5. Anonymous6:39 PM

    Thank you for posting this!! :))

    Thank you for the Magnificat! It's so beautiful!

    Thank you for the post on today's Epistle.

    Thank you for your nice comments and Barbara for the excellent suggestion.

    Let's get our acts together and praise the Lord!


  6. Dear Moderator,

    I am very sorry indeed that my comments on another thread provoked such nastiness. It was the one on the Ordinariate. Mine was strong,certianly, but i hope it was not low-level.

    Before I had realised the thread was closed, I prepared this response :

    Me - I’m with Belloc “"Of courtesy, it is much less than courage of heart or holiness; but … it seems to me that the grace of God is in courtesy." Catholics were always renowned for courtesy. And this is an Orthodox, Catholic site where courtesy is valued, AFAIAA. An apology would be nice. Please. No-one takes seriously someone with a nasty way of speech. And while we’re at it, look, as Catholics, we may not presume anyone to be in Hell, certainly not a person living, shame on you. Did I hit a raw nerve ?
    Your bishop has caused scandal, like it or not my friend. Do you defend it ?

    ‘But Daphne McLeod, the organiser of the group that prays outside Our Lady of the Assumption, has said that the archbishop, now head of Britain’s “second” diocese, has unjustly attacked them. In a letter to The Tablet, McLeod wrote that the group are not “protesting” in the style of political demonstrations, but praying in reparation to any possible sacrileges that may be taking place. “If he had asked us we would have assured him that we have met many of them [and] most of them are very friendly and perfectly honest about their homosexual lifestyles, introducing us to their partners and emphasizing that they are in sexual relationships. So we are not ‘making any assumptions’ about them,” McLeod wrote.
    “Some of us have been down to the Social Hour which follows every Mass where we have received kind hospitality enabling us to spend some time eating and drinking and talking to them and examining the books they have on sale. “No-one, apart from the Archbishop,
    tries to pretend they are living or striving to live chaste lives.”

    Sounds like a real “vile place” to me, even if it’s OK for Cliffie. For me, a vile place is somewhere that sodomy and lesbianism, in the context of the Mass, are subtly promoted or “tolerated”. No guile about that. I am against it.
    Sorry for you, but I will “knock your bishop” as long as he actively supports those who flaunt their vicious homosexual lifestyles, if you please. I cannot imagine why anyone would attack Daphne McLeod, even if it is an Archbishop of the Roman Catholic diocese of Birmingham, whence I remember the saintly Archbish Grimshaw, who confirmed me, in the days when saintly Catholic bishops were far from rare.

    Of course I to am against knocking someone for their appearance, also highly discourteous, yes. But I am deeply disturbed by this “Ordinariate”.

    Not asking you to publish it, it's FYI, expressing my sorrow.

  7. Why doesn't the Blessed Mother help me?

    I've spent hours kneeling before her statues begging for her help, asking to show me that she is my mother, yet all I get is silence.

    Oh and before you ask I'm not asking for a fleet of mercedes, villas on the french rivera and penthouses in New York, Paris and London; I try and keep my nose out of trouble and I go to confession once a week (on average).

  8. Dear friend,

    It seems to me that you need more than a confessor: you need a spiritual director, and you should look for a traditional-minded priest in Southern England.

    Let me add this: She listens to you, as does her Divine Son. They will provide what is best for you when the time is appropriate (but never forget to strive to do your best, remember this Sunday's Epistle).

    An Ave from a friend for your intentions.


  9. May I dare to offer a little suggestion for approaching our Blessed Mother?

    Say very little. Light a candle before her image and tell her you cannot imagine the sorrows of her heart. Tell her you would like to comfort her, but you don't know how. Forget self for a little bit.

    And then just rest in silence. She will make herself known to you. But do not press her. She knows best how to handle our little problems. Before you leave her side, thank Jesus for giving us His dear Mother. He will be very pleased with you.

    God bless you; may our Lady smile upon you.

  10. Anonymous1:03 AM

  11. Anonymous3:41 AM!/photo.php?fbid=10150197447955292&set=o.181351388575074&type=1&theater

    photo of the Statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary through the broken windows of the cathedral

  12. What happened to di Lasso?

  13. Gratias5:14 AM

    It does not cease to amaze how the Church left behind the Virgin Mary after Vatican II. Just to appease the Protestants in the name of ecumenism. Today we managed to escape our awful Novus Ordo Mass and drove 75miles to our EF Low Mass. There we all said the "Payers after Low Mass" from the Una Voce red missalette. Three Hail Marys just to start. We all left happy.

    Why would the Church Bishops decide to destroy the Faith entrusted to their care is the great mystery four times.
    We must restore our Church and Marian devotion is a great place to start. Another is to attend the Latin Mass as often as possible. We manage our 75 one-way drive to the closest TLM from where we live in Los Angeles once or twice a month. When travelling, as is now more common, we have also attended Latin Masses in Rome, Paris, Seattle and Northern California, courtesy of Wikkimissa. We Traditional Catholics are few in numbers. Every single time we attend Latin Mass we make a difference for the better.

  14. Anonymous6:11 AM

    Dear Just Another Mad Catholic.

    St. Alphonsus "The Glories of Mary"
    and St. Louis Monfort's "True Devotion to Mary" both helped me to understand Our Lady's role in my life - in all our Catholic lives..

    Maybe they will help you get to know her better..if you don't mind me saying...She will help you, She is actually helping you now.....She anticipates our prayers...My Family, myself, all of us are always safe with Our Lady. I couldn't imagine life without Her. She is mainly unknown to many Catholics and otherwise....

    Prayers for you, friend!


  15. LeonG, that was an old post, inadvertently re-published. You can check all our previous posts by clicking on the "Queen of May-2011" tag.

  16. Jeremiah M

    Insulting individuals never pays off as you admit willingly.

    Ultimately, the people who merit criticism are the hierarchy for making decisions that encourage susceptible lay people- men and women - to believe they can do as they please. If those responsible and entrusted with the task of church leadership had the appropriate precise theological intelligence and fortitiude enough to draw the line where Our Blessed Lord has clearly drawn it, then we would all know without ambiguity that women cannot under any circumstances become priests 9let aone bishops) and that no church leader should be seen in public or private in church services with women posing as pastors. Furthermore, the permission of girls to be altar servers is equally reprehensible because this is a strong standpoint feminist symbol equated with its adult parallel - women can become priests if they persevere with their protests. It is in this semiological manner that the post-conciliar hierarchy behave in an irresponsible fashion. We ought to reserve our evaluatory & critical remarks for these as they are deserving.

  17. Just another mad catholic

    My sympathies entirely.

    Thankfully, Her Graces keep us persevering and if there were no silence the continuous noise would make life unbearable.

    Somewhere in all that silence is repose of soul.


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