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Corpus Christi in Campos

Images of the Corpus Christi procession led by Bishop Fernando Rifan in the Principal Church (Cathedral) of the Personal Apostolic Administration of Saint John Mary Vianney, in Campos, Brazil. (Source: Igreja Principal - Immaculate Heart of Our Lady of the Rosary of Fatima). 

If you have links to Traditional Corpus Christi Masses and Processions, please post them in the comments.


  1. Belgium, Brussels: ICRSP Mass and Procession in the Conventual Church of St Anne and the park belonging to the Sisters of the Eucharist (Benediction station at the tomb of the founder, Anna de Meeûs):

  2. Corpus Christi procession at Holy Family Church (FSSP), Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada:

  3. There is no link yet for this but SSPX had one of the most wonderful processions I have attended for a long time at Fabregues, Herault in South France at The Prieure de St Francois de Sales which included Benediction at the Calvaire in the town. It was very well-attended.

  4. Corpus Christi em Nova Iguaçu-RJ e São Paulo-Sp.Ambas Igrejas atendidas por Padres da Administração Apostólica São João Maria Vianney.

    Essas são fotos da Missa na Capela da Universidade Estadual do Rio de Janeiro-RJ.Celebrada pelo Rev.Pe.José Edilson da Adm.Apostólica São João Maria Vianney.

  5. Gratias8:42 AM

    Dear Francisco, please keep sending photos of the St. John Maria Vianney Campos diocese. There is great interest in North America on your deeds, for you are a model for the future of the Catholic Church.

  6. Caros,
    No dia 30 de Outubro de 2011,vai ter uma Peregrinação da Juventude Católica do RJ ao Cristo Redentor.Ela será nos Moldes de Luján e Chartres.

    Desde já estão todos convidados e para maiores informações:

    Salve Maria!


    Rio de Janeiro RJ Brasil

  7. James9:11 AM

    Corpus Christi procession at North American Martyrs Catholic Church in Seattle, WA

  8. Entrevista de Dom Fernando Arêas Rifan, Bispo da Administração Apostólica São João Maria Vianney, falando sobre a crise na Igreja e o acordo entre Administração e Vaticano.



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