Rorate Caeli

Ave, Rex noster

Tomás Luis de Victoria


  1. Tom Piatak1:00 AM

    Magnificent music and a magnificent picture.

  2. Wow, Mega Monstrance!

  3. Anonymous10:50 AM

    2M youths kneeling before the Blessed Sacrament in total silence as the Pope sings the Tantum Ergo and imparts the Eucharistic Blessing!

    It was awesome! Thank you Lord. Thank you Holy Father.

  4. Anonymous4:35 PM

    I hope that the moderators will allow this regarding the last post.

    Nobody seems to have noticed that the meeting between Bishop Fellay and Cardinal Levada was not just 'for September'. No, Bishop Fellay mentioned a specific date they had agreed on: 22nd September. We now hear that a meeting will occur on 14th September. Therefore, the date has changed. Why would it change?

    A careful reading of Fellay's earlier remarks suggests that Rome gave the Society an offer to consider over the summer. Why think this? Because Fellay was careful to specify that he had receieved no "standing" offer. Why the adjective? If he had received no offer at all, he would have said so. The specifiction of the adjective suggests that he was given an unofficial offer.

    Now the date's been moved up. Has there been an unofficial agreement that needs to be made official?


  5. Monster-ance! That is really a piece of architecture. I understand this monstrance is a precious historic artwork, and this picture surely captures the peak historic moment it was meant for. What dignity there is in art that helps millions to worship Our Lord.

    Someone said under another post that Sept 14th is not only the Feast of the Exaltation of the Cross but also the anniversary of Summorum Pontificum. Doesn't that make Sept 14th a good date? We need to fast and pray for Christian unity.

  6. It is the very famous "Custodia de Arfe", of Toledo - it is used once a year in the Corpus procession.

  7. Anonymous9:42 PM

    Dear P.K.T.P
    Don't try & pre-empt the news with speculation. Wait and pray that the 14th will be a day we see God's Mercy.

  8. Anonymous9:55 PM

    Dear P.M.:

    There's nothing wrong with a bit of speculation. What we know suggests that the meeting has been moved forward for some reason and that an unofficial offer has been extended.


  9. I like your speculation very much, Mr. Perkins, and I earnestly pray your speculation will be borne out by events.

  10. Anonymous11:07 PM


    At first, Bishop Fellay merely said that he would meet Cardinal Levada "in September". However, I kept my eyes peeled. Finally, he was more specific. He said that they would meet "on 22nd September". That day, the Feast of St. Thos. of Villanova, has no especial significance.

    Now we hear that the meeting has been moved to 14th September--moved forward--and that Bishop Fellay's two assistants will accompnay him. Fr. Schmidberger also reveals that the subject of discussion will be a canonical form for the S.S.P.X.

    In the spring, Bishop Fellay, to quell speculation, said that he had received "no standing offer" from Rome; that is, no official offer had been tabled. But why the adjective? No one would think to add it had there been no offer at all. So, obviously, Rome had extended an unofficial offer, a 'suggestion' for a canonical form.

    This Pope loves symbolic dates. U.E. was signed on the Feast of St. Pius V (although, unfortunately, on the new calendar); S.P. was signed on the seventh day of the seventh month in the year 2007; it came into force on Holy Cross Day;. and the excommunications were lifted during the Octave of Unity.

    So it seems likely that some sort of an agreement has been reached regarding canonical form and that it will be signed. If the meeting was just to discuss the next step, it would not have been moved forward to the fourth anniversary of S.P.

    Yes, I do hope that my hopes are not ahead of my brain here. But it is not wrong to hope for that which is just and good. So I agree with Jordanes on this. Let's pray for a solution. This Pope is 84 years old and we do not know who his successor will be. It's now or never.


  11. PKTP said:

    "Let's pray for a solution. This Pope is 84 years old..."

    "...may the Holy Ghost make of him a great restorer of the devastated vineyard of the Church."


    Please restrict
    Enemies and foes.

    I pray constrict
    Heretics who pose.

    I do predict
    Tradition if you shield...

    Of Rome's district
    The Vineyard will be healed!

    Habemus Papam!!
    Blessed Mother help him!!!

  12. Peterman2:28 AM

    One word: Awesome.

  13. Anonymous5:49 AM

    Did Bishop Fellay say that he would meet on September 22, 2011, with Cardinal Levada?

    On June 17, 2011, Bishop Fellay said: "The truth is that Cardinal Levada has called me to Rome and it appears that it will be around the middle of September.

    "That’s the only thing I know. It’s about the discussions we had with Rome. After these discussions, it had been said that “the documents will be given to the higher authorities.”

    "These are the exact words. That’s the only thing I know about the future. All the rest is made up. Please don’t run after these rumors."

    On June 23, 2011, it was reported at the following Web site that Bishop Fellay would meet on September, 14, 2011 at Rome with Cardinal Levada.

    We have know for nearly two months that the meeting would be held on September 14, 2011.

  14. On June 23, 2011, it was reported at the following Web site that Bishop Fellay would meet on September, 14, 2011 at Rome with Cardinal Levada.

    More accurately, it was reported on that website that there was a rumor that Bishop Fellay's meeting in Rome would be on 14 Sept.

    We have know for nearly two months that the meeting would be held on September 14, 2011.

    No, we have known for nearly two months that it was rumored the meeting would be on 14 Sept. Only this month was the rumor confirmed.

  15. Yes, what makes this particularly different is the fact that the information is given by an official source - we have absolutely nothing against rumors (how could we?), but if there is a line that separate them from actual news, this is it, as Jordanes notes.

    Dear friends, I closed the other comment thread because debate on this issue is really unnecessary and immaterial in the coming months. I will reopen it, but, please, tone things down. Let us not discuss it here anymore.

    Thank you,