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"My Immaculate Heart will triumph"

Tomás Luis de Victoria

Mary, Health of the Sick, Refuge of Sinners, Mother of the Redeemer: we join the many generations who have called you “Blessed”. Listen to your children as we call upon your name. You promised the three children of Fatima that “in the end, my Immaculate Heart will triumph”. May it be so! May love triumph over hatred, solidarity over division, and peace over every form of violence! May the love you bore your Son teach us to love God with all our heart, strength and soul. May the Almighty show us his mercy, strengthen us with his power, and fill us with every good thing (cf. Lk 1:46-56). We ask your Son Jesus to bless these children and all children who suffer throughout the world. May they receive health of body, strength of mind, and peace of soul. But most of all, may they know that they are loved with a love which knows no bounds or limits: the love of Christ which surpasses all understanding (cf. Eph 3:19). Amen.
Benedict XVI
May 13, 2009


[Interesting images: Pontifical Mass celebrated on Saturday by Cardinal Burke at the end of the August pilgrimage of traditional Catholics to the historic shrine of Our Lady of Rocamadour (full gallery). / Recess for several days.]


  1. The Immaculate Heart will triumph once this pope gets his act together and consecrates Russia in union with the Bishops of the world.

    Prior to that Consecration, however, a release of the full secret of Fatima is in order. Unfortunately, this pope, as Cardinal Ratzinger, took part in its suppression. He now has the opportunity to make amends.

    The clock is ticking......

  2. M. A.3:30 PM

    Canon Barthas relates: “In 1946, I still knew absolutely nothing of the vision of June 1929. Sister Lucy told me that Russia would be converted when the Holy Father, in union with all the world’s bishops, consecrated this country to the Immaculate Heart. I told her that such a reunion did not seem feasible to me. She answered me: “Oh yes, I see it.”

    - Frère Francois de Marie desAnges, Fatima joie intime, événement mondial, p.432

  3. Anonymous3:03 AM

    This looks like a beautiful mass that Cardinal Burke celebrated.

    I went to Roc Amadour in May and unfortunately it was the WORST place on our entire pilgrimage around the Catholic sites of France (18 days,600 miles by car). The place had sign up saying mass would be held at this time, no mass was held and no priest was to be found anywhere. We spoke to the lady at the tourist booth who called up a nun from the lower chapel. She looked like she'd been crying (seeing the sad state of affairs at this great pilgrimage site I can understand her tears) she sheepishly told us that there was no mass and no priest around. We walked by a cave where monks had lived and as we went to look in, a young couple apparently doing something indecent, scrambled out of the cave like two lizards. Women very immodestly dressed roamed about the place.

    What a shame what has become of this holy place. We resolved not to return to this place. Speaking of which, Marie Julie Jahenny prophesied a terrible chastisement for the children of this area of Roc Amadour. A sad state of affairs indeed.

  4. Anonymous5:08 AM

    Just a slight correction to my previous post, my pilgrimage was 18 days 6,000 miles around France, N Spain, and Germany/Switz, not 600 miles. And that is no typo, 6,000 miles. Deo Gratias for this pilgrimage. My point is I saw so many of the great Catholic places of France and Roc Amadour was the worst.

  5. Anonymous8:54 PM

    "May it be so!" indeed! Holy Father, MAKE it be so! Command that the Queen of Heaven and Earth be obeyed. Her Plan is better than the plans of men. The time grows shorter as the devil becomes bolder. Events will soon force the Pope's hand. Remember the King of France. A Loyal Reader.

  6. Anonymous3:34 AM

    Remember the Roi de France indeed! His time shall soon be here and his mission is to bring the Holy Kingdom of France and the world back to the Sacred Heart.

  7. Anonymous1:48 PM

    Anon 3:34. Yes, I look forward to him, too. I was speaking of King Louis XVI who lost his head for his disobedience and that of his predecessors. A Loyal Reader.


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