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Fried chicken is not good for you...

...if consumed regularly, ...
...even though it's been translated quite accurately.


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    I think that picture is from Montreal ... it's on the local Sherbrooke Street.

    Here is the link to the place :

  4. Anonymous3:32 PM


    Fried chicken; juicy, crispy, delectable, and altogether satisfying?

    Wrong analogy for me!

  5. Anonymous3:49 PM

    Modern Missal = pseudo-liturgy

    McDonalds = pseudo-food


  6. \\Modern Missal = pseudo-liturgy\\

    The Pope disagrees with you, as he publicly celebrates the Pauline rite.

    \\McDonalds = pseudo-food\\

    KFC is NOT McD.

    Most holy Theotokos, save us.

  7. Anonymous4:56 PM

    Is that a picture of a Novus Ordo parish church?


  8. Anonymous9:43 PM

    Terrible analogy. Fried chicken is delightful and proof of God's love for man.

  9. It took some time, but I've got it.

    Even though I love fried chicken, it's a very clever analogy and I totally agree with it.

  10. Anonymous1:03 AM

    Si vous vous trouvez dans la belle ville de Montréal, il faut aller visiter la communauté traditionnelle St-Paul sur l'avenue Atwater, fondée par l'abbé Yves Normandin (d'un grand renommé) et l'abbé Réal Bleau.

    If you find yourself in the beautiful city of Montreal, you must go visit the traditional community of St. Paul on av. Atwater, founded by the renowned Fr. Yves Normandin and Fr. Real Bleau.

  11. Anonymous2:03 AM

    But anything in French or related to the language or culture that comes originally from The Holy Kingdom of France (Saint Joan only ever referred to France as The Holy Kingdom) is awesome.

    France is the land of the Blessed Virgin, and her mother and of course Eldest Daughter of the Church. So when I see anything related to France I say Merci Jesu!

  12. You gotta ask yourself though, is it worth the indigestion? After all, many gallbladders have been removed from this type of consumption! Beware! Food for thought . . .

    Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

  13. OK, who took this picture? I drove by this restaurant today in the Smart ForTwo convertible that I rented... and I'll be at the St Paul Latin Community tomorrow! I much prefer St-Hubert's BBQ Chicken to KFC/PFK though... Cheers!


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