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SSPX Superiors to discuss "Doctrinal Preamble" on October 7-8 in Albano

From DICI:

Italy: Meeting of Superiors of the Society of St. Pius X

As announced in the interview given to DICI on September 14, 2011, following the meeting with Cardinal William Levada, Bishop Bernard Fellay will consult the Superiors of the SSPX about the doctrinal preamble, given to him by the prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. The Society’s Superiors will meet together behind closed doors at the Italian District Headquarters, in Albano, on October 7 and 8, 2011.


  1. Saying 3 rosarys a day that Gods Will be done for this intention.

  2. Ligusticus5:26 PM

    And that about three weeks before Assisi 2011...

  3. Anonymous5:57 PM

    I think the date is significant: October 7, Feast of the Most Holy Rosary.

  4. Anonymous7:56 PM

    Anon17:57 --I pray it is and that they hand over the millions of rosaries and the whole of the society itself to Rome.

    Our Lady of the Rosary: pray for us!

  5. Anonymous8:55 PM

    I am surprised they are waiting 3 weeks to discuss such an important document.

  6. Anonymous9:28 PM

    It will be difficult to keep the text a secret after that week-end. Frenchmen are not able to keep secrets.


  7. Anonymous10:33 PM

    Yes, please, by all means let us pray together for the unity! It is closer now than it has ever been, or - I fear - it will ever be.

  8. Anonymous11:00 PM

    I am afraid that if this offer is turned away by the Society, it may well be a very long Papal winter after this Pope. Pray, very hard that cool heads prevail.

  9. Anonymous11:21 PM



    Fasting and the prayer of the Holy Rosary are extremately important.

    This situation needs to be clarify for the good of HOLY MOTHER CHURCH.

  10. I don't know the contents of this "Preamble" other than what was already revealed, but I just don't get a warm and fuzzy feeling about it. I don't see how the SSPX can place itself under the control of a Vatican that continues to adhere to the destructive doctrines of Vatican II. Let us pray that the decision is left in the hands of Our Lady.

  11. Whatever happens is Gods Will.

  12. Surely they realize that by accepting this document which welcomes reexamination and discussion of the meaning of statements of Vatican II they would be doing us all a huge favor.

  13. Anonymous1:51 AM

    Pardon my ignorance but who are considered the SSPX Superiors? The four bishops?

  14. Anonymous2:51 AM

    Who are the SSPX Superiors? I understand that only Fellay has a formal position from the General Congregation.

    Am I wrong?

  15. In this case, they mean the Superiors of each District. The meeting may include others in position of higher responsibility, one would suppose.

  16. Anonymous5:34 AM

    I will pray for temporary faculties and acceptance of the Preable so that things continue to move forward. Any stall at this point could lead to hardening again. None of us want to see that. Even if small, increments towards full communion needs to continue. If it pleaseth the Lord.

  17. Gratias8:11 AM

    Take the offer, it is once in a lifetime. SSPX is much needed inside the Church.

  18. Remember that it's not "take it or leave it" at this point. The earliest reports indicated they had the option of requesting clarification of the preamble.

  19. "....SSPX is much needed inside the Church."

    The SSPX is already within the Church.

  20. Anonymous8:35 PM

    I'm not sure about the "very long papal winter" after this Pope. We've got troubled times immediately ahead which will bring forth the Great Catholic Monarch, The Holy Pontiff, and the so called "Great Council" which will restore everything.

    Things are moving (degrading) too rapidly, France is nearly Moslem. I doubt these events are more than five years out.

  21. Anonymous 20:35,

    I agree with your comment.

  22. Long-Skirts1:51 AM

    Br. TOSF said:

    "The SSPX is already within the Church."

    That is sooooooooooooooo true! May Our Lord and Lady make her ever strong!!

  23. Anonymous2:45 AM

    Thank you for continually reminding people here Brother Anothony that the SSPX is NOT outside the Church. That's just more hogwash brainwashing from the JPII days that people are going to have to get over pretty quickly it seems.

    Personally I haven't attended a SSPX mass because it's a bit far for me and there is a FSSP chapel closer. I did however make a pilgrimage to Econe in May. Without this brave French Bishop it would be "I am the bread of life" masses from now until who knows when. It is my hope they come right into this liberal west central diocese with a strong presence soon.

  24. Anonymous9:51 AM

    The Catholic Church needs to be restored; not the SSPX sucked-into a false agreement that will absorb them into the VII mess. many prayers for The Restoration of Holy Mother Church.

  25. Anonymous5:35 PM

    Our Lady of Victory.

  26. Let us hope and pray that the current leaders of the SSPX accept this offer from Pope BXVI to the benefit of both their Order and the liberal Church. We need each other!Should they "submit to the Pope"? Yes! As all Catholics "submit" to our Holy Father!The Pope is the Pope, is the Pope, is the Pope... I think that they will never get a better offer than this one.

  27. I am sure that SSPX has already talked about the "Preamble" among themselves.

    I don't think the fact that they are out of "canonical status" as far as Rome is concerned means that that they are "outside" the Church as Rome thinks of the schismatics.

    I don't know what Rome expected Archbishop Le Febvre to do after the Council when all the words of the sacraments were changed. Even some priests were questioning the validity of the new ordination rite given that it was settled by Pope Pius XII.

  28. I am sure that SSPX has already discussed the "Preamble" among themselves. The fact that they are out of canonical status does not mean that they are out of the Church as Rome thinks of the "schismatics". I don't know what Rome expected Archbishop LeFebvre to do after the Council when the words of the ordination rite were changed after Pope Pius XII affirmed them. This is also what happened with the words of Consecration set down for all time by Pope St. Pius V. They were also changed after the Council. No wonder people were and are confused!


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