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Collapse of Catholic weddings in Spain

The statistical agency of the Spanish region of Catalonia, Idescat (in Catalan), published today a report on weddings in that autonomous community. The most startling number? The proportion of Catholic marriages, 66.6% of all weddings celebrated in 2000, collapsed to only 21.6% of all weddings just 10 years later - in absolute numbers, from 21079 Catholic weddings in 2000 to merely 5879 celebrations in 2010. (Tip: La voz de Barcelona - in Spanish)

Catalonia, the land of Saint Peter Claver and Saint Raymond Nonnatus, and of so many other holy men and women, was, as is well known, one of the most intensely Catholic regions in all of Europe just a few decades ago - the very literary rebirth of its language, the movement known as the Renaixença catalana, was Catholic in its origins. Following the Council, and together with the other furnace of Catholic identity in the peninsula, the Basque Country, it led that nation on the road to Secularism and perdition. Its bishops and most of its priests became mere promoters of "progressive politics" and regional separatism. Catholic Catalonia is dead.

Note: since some have tried to downplay what are simply numbers (we thought the clear collapse in absolute numbers would have been enough), here is a clarification provided by the statistical institute itself: of all marriages by a single man and a single woman (27269 in 2000, 18737 in 2010, a decline of about one third), and without considering other occasions in which a Catholic marriage would have been possible, but cannot be separated from other situations, this means that approx. 77.9% of all first marriages were Catholic in 2000, but only 31.3% of first marriages were in 2010. This in only one decade; let us repeat ourselves: in one decade.


  1. During the Reformation, when the Protestant virus was spreading throughout northern Europe, at least some lands remained Catholic (including this one). What Catholic country exists now? So yes, it can be said with full justice that the Vatican II crisis of faith is actually worse than the Reformation. The intellectuals and theologians who inaugurated the Church we have today have done more damage than Luther and Calvin ever did.

  2. Eae terrae, quae devotissimae quondam erant, ita funditus corruptae sint ut omnium pessimae factae sint: Hibernia, Quebec, necnon Catalonia. Haec ita evenerunt quod cives non tam fideles quam religioses erant, ideoque vinculis pravae religionis ademptis, veram indolem suam praebuerunt. Si veram atque meram religionem habuissent, profecto boni fidelesque mansissent. Haec ut mihi quidem videntur.

  3. No Crisis in the Church here...guess we need to go to another country/diocese to prove the Church is nothing but a remnant.

  4. Daniel, ubi denique sunt terrae illae fideles? Numquid Italia fidelis? Numquid Gallia? Illic etiam fides corruitur. Mihi autem videtur fidei traditionem defecisse. Ecclesia enim filios quidem habet, nepotes autem non habet. Si ergo generatio prima non tradit fidem ad generationem secundam, fides tandem in tertia generatione omnino abest.

  5. The real bad to that two regions of Spain (Catalonia and Vascongadas) is not in the present time, but from XIX century with the rise of nationalism wich will finish in our times with the separatism pretension. That snake ate the faith of many people who was loyal to Christ for centuries. They were al least essential part of the ruin of Spain in preesent times because the nationalist parties have been getting the needed support each time to the anticatholic and social degenerative lines of the two great parties for a bit of bread in his separatism view.

    For years the catholics weddings has been destroyed in divorce. Spain is not more catholic from 30 years. Only seems catholic, but his fate was decreted after Concil with the worst bishops and priest you have ever seen. Corruptio Optimi Pessimi.

  6. Gratias8:14 AM

    Tragic. Spain is the land in which each town has a week-long Fiesta for its local Saint. This includes Processions with the Saints, Masses, communal paellas (in Catalonia), and Bullfights (now prohibited in Catalonia). By not cultivating their Catholic heritage Spaniards are losing it all. It is so sad.

    Anti-clericalism during the civil war was deadly. The image of a church with graffiti saying "ardereis como en el treintaiseis" meaning you shall burn as as in 1936, shown in Rorate earlier this year, tells the story.

    My great uncle retuned from America to fight on the wrong side of history, in the defense of Barcelona, and died in battle. Sad.. Now there is not a single statue of Francisco Franco, the man who saved Catholic Spain from Communism, in all of Spain.

    I agree that Vatican II was worse than the Reformation for Southern Europe. The Freemason Novus Ordo Mass succeeded in destroying a proud civilization. The only hope is to start rebuilding from the ruins by restoring the Latin Mass. Benedict XVI gave us the law to achieve this. When strong enough, Holy Father, please follow through with a Pontifical Mass at the Baldocchino Altar above the tomb of St. Peter. To give us continuity.

    The Catalan nation in their intemperate quest to separate themselves from the Spanish people, to whom they owed their liberation from the Muslims, have hurt many citizens among their midst, but hurt themselves even more by not believing in our common Catholic civilization. Oh, why men have to be so cruel to their brothers. The Church was the glue that kept Spain together. No more. We will have to rebuild the Church among the English speaking peoples, where liberty is still possible.

  7. For years the catholics weddings has been destroyed in divorce. Spain is not more catholic from 30 years. Only seems catholic, but his fate was decreted after Concil with the worst bishops and priest you have ever seen. Corruptio Optimi Pessimi.

    Miles Dei, you should give a look to the portuguese situation, first... Worse than Spain, certainly...

  8. One ought have a love of their place of birth, it's Kith and Kin, Blood and Soil, its customs, manners, cooking, music and all that constitutes Patriotism whereas it would be monstrous to become a Nationalist and insist that your local Patriotic ways ought be made normative for everyone else living within that same geographical area or, far worse, throw-in with the Jacobinites in Washington and "spread democracy" which, to this Native American of Vermont is no different than spreading manure.

    And it is Patriotic to defend Kith, and Kin, Blood and Soil, Language, Customs, Manners, Folkways, Borders, etc against any and all aliens/invaders but especially to be hated and opposed are the politicians in the west who, for the past one-half century , have been electing a new people.

    Give Thanks to The Lord for He is good; He caused you to be born in a Nation within a Nation - Holy Mother Church; and that goes for whoever it is, no matter where they live ,who was born into a Catholic Nation for you are a Chosen People in a Holy Nation (1st Peter 2).

    Aught but the Nationalism of Catholicism is to be rejected.

  9. I apologise for that poorly written last sentence at 15:48

    I meant that all Nationalism but the Rational Nationalism of Catholicism is to be rejected.

  10. What exactly constitutes 'nationalism' surely depends on the context. There has historically been a progressive nationalism that is internationalist (indeed one cannot be an internationalist - between nationalisms - without being a nationalist) quite distinct from the reactionary, backward-looking nationalism one finds in (for example) the BNP. But both patriotism and nationalism seem to have little place in the globalizing and rapidly changing world of today. Perhaps the whole world will end up as one nation.

  11. To whom it may concern,

    I wrote something about this subjet yesterday, but I cannot see my comment. Is there any problem? Thank you.

  12. Jusztinián G. Ratkaj11:14 PM

    It is doubtful that there is today another country on the continent where the "benedictions" of "posivitive laïcité" weak more havoc than in Spain. The prime stronghold of the catholic religion has corroded to an awkward nihilistic delusion, standing on the edge of the abyss culturally and economically. Apathy and insensitivity is the new cult of the Spaniard, who rejects the great catholic heritage of his forefathers, that faithfully under the cross of the saviour establshed a world power.

  13. Hispanismo.org1:26 AM

    The funny fact is that in Spain some of the best priests you have ever seen became the worst priests you have ever seen because they were told to be so by the authority. And they obeyed.

    Same thing can be said of the most Catholic regions in Spain, they stopped to be Catholic because they were ordered to stop being so. And they obeyed.

    Spain was ready to be again the Catholic stronghold of the world, all we needed was a new king Fernando to command us and a new St. Pius V to bless us, but all we got was a bigheaded liberal-conservative general and a series of politically incompetent popes, of which Pius XII is probably the worst.

    It seems that God had some other plans. All the Glory to Him.


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