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Do you have what it takes to rule over one million Catholics?

Vatican Information Service, on Nov. 25, 2011:

VATICAN CITY, 25 NOV 2011 (VIS) - The Holy Father: 

 - Appointed Bishop Juan Vicente Cordoba Villota S.J., auxiliary of Bucaramanga, Colombia, as bishop of Fontibon (area 80, population 1,536,000, Catholics 1,228,000, priests 84, permanent deacons 20, religious 178), Colombia. He succeeds Bishop Enrique Sarmiento Angulo, whose resignation from the pastoral care of the same diocese the Holy Father accepted, upon having reached the age limit.

Secretum meum mihi: "That is, Bishop Córdoba goes from being an auxiliary bishop to becoming a diocesan ordinary. Regarding this nomination, we cannot but be uneasy, since we had dedicated one entry to the opinion of Bishop Córdoba (his own private opinion, for that of the Church is different) regarding the possibility of acceding to the sacrament of confession 'via the Internet' (see here - in Spanish). And a month ago we dedicated another post to the position of Bishop Córdoba (once again, his own position, that of the Church is very different) on the sacrament of priestly Orders: for him, 'it is possible for the Church... to accept that a woman be a priestess' (see here - in Spanish). We believe that the local Catholic faithful will know the 'orthodoxy' of Bishop Córdoba up-close and will have further examples of which we have not spoken here - it would cause us great unease to have as the bishop of our diocese someone with such 'peculiar' opinions." (Secretum meum mihi - in Spanish, translated and adapted. Picture source.)


  1. giorge5:22 PM

    See also the nomination of bishop Brambilla as bishop of Novara (Italy). He's a pupil of cardinal Martini, a strong progressist man.
    Thanks to cardinal Ouellet...

  2. Anonymous5:26 PM

    One can only pray the Hoy Father was ignorant of these positions before he promoted him. Although that would be disappointing as well, it would be better than him knowing and not caring.

  3. Brian5:54 PM

    I agree with you completely Adfero. The thought that our Holy Father would knowingly appoint this man would be deeply troubling.

  4. Alsaticus6:04 PM

    As I've written several times, there is no change in the appointments from the Congregation for Bishops.

    Cardinal Ouellet is going on with disastrous appointments just like cardinal Re. Besides it's logical, there is no big difference between them.

    The real change would have been cardinal Pell but the pope backed up, afraid to have a real Ratzingerian in charge in a key function.

    Moreover it is also a question of following blindly a process : Rome is binding herself with local episcopates' favorites and generally the nuncios are just doing what these local episcopates suggest.
    We can already say that in 6 years, Benedict XVI failed completely to even launch a renewal of the episcopal college and this will be decisive to evaluate his pontificate. Without a renewed episcopal college, the pope is building on ... sand.
    The one who told this in 1998 was called ... Joseph Ratzinger.

  5. Adfero said...

    "One can only pray the Hoy Father was ignorant of these positions before he promoted him..."

    If WE know the Holy Father knows...God have mercy!

  6. The buck stops with the Pope. Period.

  7. Paradoxical Pontificator6:54 PM

    Do I have what it takes? I would like to think not. But in these times, I must reluctantly conclude that I probably do.

  8. Well, I'm sure this part of Columbia will see further protestant conversions under his tutelage. I suspect he knows Unitatis Redintegratio by heart, and will even welcome such conversions!

  9. This pope has been taking it on the chin from many traditionalists and it seems useless to continue the process. He is what he is. Prayers are our only hope.

  10. GQ Rep11:06 PM

    Isn't it about time we all STOP making excuses and justifications for Pope Benedict XVI?

    He is a failure as Pope, and so will the next one be.

  11. Doctor D.12:23 AM

    Well we can tell he's conservative from his clerical dress!

  12. I'm having trouble believing that these sorts of developments are not part of a deliberate effort to turn souls away from the faith. It's an established, undeniable fact that liberal Catholicism always results in people leaving the Church, for protestantism, agnosticism, atheism. Yet the promotion of liberals in the Church continues. These are intelligent people. They know what they are doing.

  13. Whether a bishop is "liberal" doesn't matter as conservatives have wrecked the Latin Church to the same degree as "liberals."

    How many "conservative" bishops offer the TLM regularly?

    How many "conservative" bishops have swept Communion in the hand and the use of altar girls, to name two destructive novelties, aside?

    Given that they all offer the Novus Ordo Mass throughout their dioceses, how many "conservative" bishops at least insist that the Ordinary of the Mass be prayed in Latin and Gregorian Chant function as primary liturgical music?

    How many such "conservative" bishops exist within the Latin Church.

    Even when a "conservative" such as Archbishop (I won't use his name)has promoted within the Church, he made it known that the Traditional Roman Mass had not interested him personally.

    That is why — that virtually the entire episcopate is not attached to the Traditional Roman Mass — it doesn't matter much as to whether a bishop is "liberal."

    Appoint a "conservative" and what do you get?

    At best, a slow-motion Church collapse as opposed to a fast-motion liberal-led collapse.

    Big deal.

    Either way, the collapse continues.

    Now, to anybody who labels me "negative," please recall that it was Pope Paul VI who declared that the Church (at least Her people on earth) had initiated "self-destruction."

    I also wish to note that Pope Benedict XVI declared that " vast areas of the world the faith is in danger of dying out like a flame..."


  14. OutsideObserver2:29 AM

    This bishop is 60 years old and, barring extraordinary scandals, can look forward to at least 15 years at the helm of his diocese.

    So much for "liberalism is gonna die in the next few years!"

  15. Cardinal Ouellet's appointments in Quebec (which he, of course, knows best) have been very strong.

    There's institutional inertia that takes time to change, and we'd be making similar complaints even if Cardinal Pell had become the prefect of the congregation.

  16. Gabriel, you DO know the Cardinal knows Colombia and the Colombian Church as well and as deeply as he knows the Church in Canada, right?

    And even if he didn't, he knows Spanish quite well, and we are pretty sure he can "google" a name...

  17. Tom,

    By a 'conservative Catholic' I mean someone who values and affirms the TLM. There are plenty of protestants who are conservative on the moral issues, but they're still protestants. To be fully Catholic is to be conservative with respect to all aspects of Catholic traditio.


    How many parishes celebrate the Extraordinary Form in Quebec? If very few, then the Cardinal's appointment's can't have been particularly strong. I can't bring myself to cheer a bishop just because he's not pro-abortion.

  18. " was Pope Paul VI who declared that the Church (at least Her people on earth) had initiated 'self-destruction.'"

    The same pope who initiated the Novus Ordo (probably the second most destructive-to-the-faith initiation in the history of the Church) and perpetuated and further liberalize the Second Vatican Council upon his predecessor's death (the most destructive-to-the-faith initiation in the history of the Church)? I think Paul was the pot calling the kettle black!


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