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Vaticanist Andrea Tornielli reports for La Stampa's Vatican Insider that the newly-revamped Congregation for Divine Worship (following the motu proprio Quaerit semper) will institute an ambitious new " 'Liturgical art and sacred music commission' ... over the coming weeks", that "will not be just any office, but a true and proper team, whose task will be to collaborate with the commissions in charge of evaluating construction projects for churches of [the] various dioceses."

Well, it can be a good thing - but it could also be irrelevant. This past weekend, for instance, the Cathedral of Reggio Emilia (Emilia Romagna, Italy) had its new liturgical adaptations "dedicated" - with the full approval of Vatican authorities, as reported by Il Resto del Carlino (picked up by Messa in latino). The images of this post come from Fides et Forma's post on this ceremony - one of dozens of ongoing "adaptations" of traditional Italian cathedrals and churches to the "demands of the liturgical reform" (that is, the Novus Ordo), fifty years after Vatican II. There is simply no economic or financial crisis for diocesan liturgists and their destructive projects - and we fail to see how a new bureaucratic commission, that is far, far away even for Italian dioceses, could make this any better.



    Just more Roman bureaucracy that will be a bunch of verbiage and move as slowly as molasses.

  2. "...move as slowly as molasses."



  3. Anonymous10:01 PM

    I foresee another ambiguous Instruction on the way that each person can look to and find exactly what they want to maintain the status quo.

  4. Could Palestrina or Mozart compose a Novus Ordo Mass? Never!

    Just as Shakespeare wouldn't dare write a sitcom!

    If you want to get back to the Church's beautiful artistic heritage, get back to her greatest, most beautiful work of art: the Traditional Latin Mass. There are those who would say the Latin isn't as good as Seneca, just as there are detractors who would say some Hebrew in the New Testament is defective. But God "writes straight with crooked lines."

    The TLM is "the most beautiful thing this side of heaven." In praxis, form, language and content it expresses perfectly what we, as Catholics, believe.

    It was absolute idiocy (and possibly, Masonry) to try to abolish it!

  5. Tom the Milkman3:24 AM

    Whatever is that deadly blue totem being hoisted into the floor??

    Everything about the Pauline liturgy is abrasive to the Catholic sensibility - the vestments, the gestures, the false assertion of liberty implied by the vulgarization of sacral language, the wretched music that has birthed from the liturgical fabrication entrenched in Catholic churches today.

    Respectfully, the Holy Father might, if he wishes to highlight and restore sacred art and music, regularly and publicly celebrate the ancient Roman Mass rather than name a new Commission. Virtually every Commission calling its master the Second Vatican Council has done nothing, repeat, NOTHING in 45 years to nourish the Roman Church, and everything to diminish Her. Let it end, Holy Father.

    I beg you, Holy Father, celebrate the ancient Roman Mass that will save the Church! Praise that same liturgy in word and example, deeply teach it once again to the world! and the dross of half a century of lies and despair will fall away.

  6. "I beg you, Holy Father, celebrate the ancient Roman Mass that will save the Church! Praise that same liturgy in word and example, deeply teach it once again to the world! and the dross of half a century of lies and despair will fall away."

    It is puzzling as to why His Holiness has refused to offer the Traditonal Roman Mass, particularly in light of the following:


    Pope would like Tridentine Mass in each parish, Vatican official says

    By Simon Caldwell
    Catholic News Service

    LONDON (CNS) -- Pope Benedict XVI would like every Catholic parish in the world to celebrate a regular Tridentine-rite Mass, a Vatican cardinal has said.

    Cardinal Dario Castrillon Hoyos also told a June 14 press conference in London that the Vatican was writing to all seminaries to ask that candidates to the priesthood are trained to celebrate Mass according to the extraordinary form of the Latin rite, also known as the Tridentine Mass, restricted from the 1970s until July 2007 when Pope Benedict lifted some of those limits.

    How can we expect the above to be fulfilled when the Pope won't offer the Traditional Roman Mass?


  7. Steve5:57 AM

    "Just as Shakespeare wouldn't dare write a sitcom!"

    Barney Miller is the exception!

    Seriously, Barney Miller is, as far as I know, the only sitcom that referenced the parousia.

  8. P.K.T.P.7:12 AM

    Dear Greg:

    You left the h out of sitcom.


  9. P.K.T.P.7:17 AM

    This pole has its uses. Where else can a dog find a place to pee in a church?


  10. P.K.T.P.7:25 AM

    There isn't a poof in the curia who doesn't think that that pole is art--which it isn't.


  11. Gratias8:07 AM

    What Tom the Milkman said.

    Please dearest Pope Benedict, offer the Forma extraordinaria Mass in your Cathechesis.


  12. Ferraiuolo9:29 AM

    Veritas said it all

  13. GQ Rep12:16 PM

    "Just more Roman bureaucracy that will be a bunch of verbiage and move as slowly as molasses'

    Move not at all is more likely.

    Get real and consider the facts and evidence.
    If the Vatican (including the Pope) was actually against this kind of garbage, it would be clamped down on hard like they have done to Catholic tradiionalists and the SSPX for the last 50 years.

    But the fact is, either they don't care, don't consider it a problem, or worst of all, actually approve of it.

    The Orthodox Church, and even Muslims, Buddhists and Jewish people must think the Catholic Church is nuts, to defile a magnificent Cathedral with this trash.

  14. @ Rorate Caeli ... Regarding Tom the Milkman...

    I am not sure if this has been tried before ... but maybe Tom is on to something...

    Would it be possible to organize and launch a world wide online petition letter directly to the Holy Father with the one simple request that he celebrate Mass in the Extraordinary Form? Not very difficult to organize and we have nothing to lose.

  15. Bernonensis2:47 PM

    Away with the cross! All hail the emblem of our technological, nature-worshipping age: the Robot Lingam!

  16. misericordia3:09 PM

    Is there time for this Commission to veto the Diocese of Orange's plan to purchase the Crystal Cathedral, which is not a very Catholic structure?

  17. It symbolises the rupture - The Latin Mass of All Times and the NO are poles apart.

  18. Veritas said...

    "I foresee another ambiguous Instruction...and find exactly what they want to maintain the status quo."


    Who dem ladies
    Dressed in yellow
    Standin 'neath
    That pulpit's fellow -

    Dancin' round
    From east to west
    They one up-man-ship

    Did I say man?
    I be a mess -
    They says they each
    A green-godess

    And all approved
    'Cause they know how
    To rock Her dome.

    Them cassocked boys
    They frown and glare
    At them there ladies
    Feets all bare.

    Then bishop smacks
    Upside they heads,
    "You cassocked boys
    Yo' time is deads.

    Them yellow gals -
    They sure can sell
    Approved hand-baskets
    Made for...

    ...just DO like they
    Is much behooved
    To shake yo booty
    And be approved!"

  19. Tradfly5:53 PM

    The 'pole' methinks, is (its surrounding ditch evidently to facilitate purposes previously identified by Mr. Perkins) is supposed to be a Paschal Candle.
    The Trikirion was replaced with this (liturgical) monster, brought to you by the same characters who later bequeathed upon us the NOM.

  20. Tradfly6:22 PM

    Hey up! They nicked that "altar" from Stonehenge. I shall tell English Heritage who's swiping the bluestone.

  21. Anonymous9:20 PM

    We give the Vatican crap for not doing anything about (insert x, y, or z issue). We bemoan collegiality and wish the Pope would step in to prevent bishops from constructing crappy churches. The Holy See takes a step in that direction, and all we do is continue to whine that it's not going to accomplish anything, as if we have a crystal ball to see the future.

    It's clear that the Holy Father and Cardinal Cañizares Llovera see this as a problem--something that was NOT seen as a problem under the previous Pope--and they are doing SOMETHING to try to solve it. Yes, these Roman congregations move at a glacial pace. Yes, they're big, lumbering bureaucracies. And yes, this new commission might not do a fantastic job. However, there's no way it's going to make the situation worse, and I think it will at least be helpful. We have a story just above this one about the Congregation for Clergy stepping in to help Fr. Michel of Thiberville, with statements of hope that priests being wrongly treated can get justice for Rome. Why the hope there and the total pessimism here?

    Let's give the Pope some credit--this is a pretty non-collegial thing he's doing. In fact, it's pretty darn ultramontane--imagine if a diocese would need to receive the Holy See's approval before building a new church/cathedral (which is what Tornielli seems to imply)! Bugnini must be rolling in his grave at the very idea.

    In short, stop whining, and stop making every post an occasion to blast the Pope for not yet having publicly offered Mass in the Extraordinary Form.

  22. Saith John:
    "stop making every post an occasion to blast the Pope for not yet having publicly offered Mass in the Extraordinary Form."

    It's a recurring theme because words without actions, tend to be understood as "lip service". It's very important that people's actions match their words, especially in this day and age.

    The "glacial pace" argument needs to be used with extreme caution also, because there's often a very fine line between patience and abject sloth. Consider the lone soul in need of Salvation. If it's lucky, maybe 80 years for potential spiritual growth. Which growth will be stunted in the relevant examples. Consider the parent raising their child - they have maybe 20 years to ensure his proper spiritual formation. Proper isn't possible in the scenario presented here (and in others like it), and decent parents are afraid to eventually face their Judge saying "aw, shucks, I was just waiting for the Pope to fix everything".

  23. The Pope knows how to pope and will offer the EF when his cardinals give the ok sign. He must have them with him. Just depressing it takes so long. Lip service charge is hard to defend after 4 years?

  24. I can't tell: is this a Camel or a Marlboro?

  25. @ Knight of Malta

    It's a 'Craven A'

  26. "The Pope knows how to pope..."

    The fact that a man is the Pope doesn't mean that he "knows how to pope."

    Perhaps he "knows how to pope."

    Perhaps not.

    Popes make good and bad decisions.

    It was a Pope who, for example, made the decision to cast aside the Traditional Roman Mass in favor of the Novus Ordo.


  27. Marlin7:47 AM

    Me thinks the Pope knows how to pope a lot. He gave us Summorum Pontificum (and it is making a great difference), ended excommunications to SSPX bishops, brought some Anglicans back from the Reformation, is now trying to do the same for SSPX with the preamble, and gives Communion only when kneeling and on the tongue. What is unsettling to us is hat it all takes so much time. Probably the Pope knows much better than we do. As we say in Spanish, "las cosas de palacio van despacio". Things of the palace go slowly. Every day I pray for a long life for this extraordinary Pope God mercifully gave us in the age of Obama.

  28. Edward3:53 PM

    Methinks that the belief that a "Pope knowns how to pope" is in the eye of the beholder.

    A Trad believes that a Pope "knows how to pope a lot" when the Pope says or does something to please a Trad.

    A few weeks ago, Trads were outraged when the Pope conducted the anti-traditional Assisi gathering, which, at the Basilica of Holy Mary of the Angels, featured the "voodoo warlock Wande Abimbola from Nigeria, who sang a hymn to the deity Olokun.

    "Abimbola represented the Yoruba voodoo sect."

    Methinks that the Pope failed that day to pope in accordance to Traditional teachings.

    But if we are to keep our mouths shut and accept the claim that "a Pope knows how to pope a lot," then we must fall in line with the many anti-traditional decisions that Pope Paul VI and Blessed Pope John Paul II heaped upon the Church.

    "A Pope knows how to pope"...Communion in the hand, altar girls, Assisi, Novus Ordo...

    But they know how to pope.

  29. Chris - I'll sign it!

  30. P.K.T.P.8:52 PM

    Dear John:

    Since May, when U.E. was issued, five U.S. dioceses have LOST their only every-Sunday Traditional Latin Masses, while there have been zero gains. Simple math calls that a 'net loss' of five. There has been a glacial pace to RESTORE what was lost, not to gain more. El Paso's Masses have been restored; those of Biloxi are restored at least for Advent; those of Victoria-in-Texas are partially restored. Those in Sioux City and Burlington (Vt.) are gone into air, into thin air.

    This is not a glacial move forwards; it is a glacial mood backwards.

    In France, the Mass in Evreux is restored and a Mass every Sunday for Tulle is instituted; but the one in Angoulême is gone. Meanwhile, the Gang of Six Archliberals in the north-east continue to hold out against this Pope and his laws.

    The rate is glacial indeed. The question is direction: is it an agonisingly slow improvement or an agonisingly slow worsening? Hard to tell. My instruments are not fine enough to 'discern' an answer.


    P.S. We have finally had our Mass restored on ALL Sundays in the D. of Graz-Seckau, Austria. But then one in Chile is suspended. On and on it goes. When it will stop, nobody knows.

  31. Anonymous1:30 PM

    Ken, I can show you over here in the United States on a daily basis in most Novus Ordo parishes the abuses and atrocities that go on at mass. It would be fair and justifiable to show what is happening here instead of showing mostly what happens in Italy, Spain etc. The majority of the liberal ways of the Novus Order mass that our church has taken came from North America. One example was the taking of Jesus in the hand which was pushed for first in Canada. I would appreciate it if you could be more balnced in your commentary.

  32. It is quite amazing to me that the Holy Father can recognize a building stripped of its Catholicism, and not recognize a doctrine similarly stripped. It suggests a sad willingness on his part to use sacred art and architecture to obscure a more real ugliness. To uncrown Christ is far more disturbing than the most distorted of their crystal palaces, and yet to this we are insensitive and blind.


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