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Bp. X: "Sex ed in school is bad"; Bp. Y: "No, sex ed is swell!"

A bishop rightly condemns one of the most outrageous "sex education" curricula in the world. One would think that a fellow bishop would support him - or, at the very least, remain quiet. Not so: in the post-Conciliar world episcopate, episcopal solidarity means criticizing a fellow bishop not when he is wrong, but when he is right.

The Local reports (tip: reader):

Two Swiss Catholic bishops have traded verbal blows after the bishop of Chur, Vitus Huonder, argued that parents should have the right to exempt their children from sex education classes at school.

In a letter written to mark Human Rights Day on December 10th, the bishop from the Alpine town launched a stinging attack on the country's educational establishment.

According to Huonder, “state institutions promote a kind of education that destroys the natural protection of a person's sexuality, namely the sense of shame.”

"When children and adolescents have their sense of shame brought into contact with these teachings, it endangers the healthy development of their personalities and risks exposing them to all manner of abuses."

But this view was rejected by the bishop of Basel, Felix Gmür, who said it was imperative for public schools to keep sex education on the curriculum.

"These courses can support and supplement the educational mission of parents," he said in an interview published on Sunday by weekly newspaper SonntagsZeitung.

For Gmür, who belongs to the liberal wing of the Swiss Catholic Church, “teaching about human sexuality is the job of the school."

“It shouldn’t be relinquished,” he added.

The bishop of Basel said he had no problem with sex education as long as conflicting views were given a fair hearing in the classroom.

"When schools outline the various aspects [concerning sexuality], I see no reason to remove children [from class]," Gmür said.

His words ran counter to Huonder’s vision. While noting that the Catholic Church respected the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Chur prelate also stressed that “human rights are always preceded by divine law.”

By the way, how bad is the kind of sex education program criticized by the Bishop of Chur? So bad, even though it is destined to 4-year-olds (!!!), that we link to a news item about an example of a sex ed program instituted in Switzerland in 2011 with the following warning: [WARNING: STRONG IMAGES - ABSOLUTELY INAPPROPRIATE FOR ALL MINORS AND SENSITIVE ADULTS.]


  1. Oh, man, don't click that link.
    //pours bleach in eyes//

  2. Oops, I rather wish I hadn't clicked on the link. Outrageous (though sadly unsurprising) that a bishop could promote a 'right' to sex-ed. If bishops and clergy are so insensitive to violations of the sixth commandment is it really any wonder that the Church is having such problems with child abuse?

    On the bright side, the vestments in the photo could be much worse.

  3. Such immodesty.. Such impurity.. Such immodesty.. That bishops like this are ever appointed..

    These things should not even be named..

  4. Restless in Ronkonkama9:32 PM

    1) So when is Bishop Gmur going to be given his Doctrinal Preamble that he has to assent to in order to remain in full, good standing?

    2) A picture is worth a thousand words, isn't it?

    3) If this isn't an emergency, then what is?

  5. Anonymous9:32 PM

    I had the honour and pleasure of meeting Bishop Huonder in October and must confess to being not in the slightest surprised by the strong, unequivocal stance His Lordship has taken over this issue. Would that we had many more like him!

  6. Lee Lovelock-Jemmott9:51 PM

    I would personally drag him from celebrating and have him tied up until the Vatican deals with him or just do what St Nicholas done when he had had enough of Arius !

  7. Ecclesia Militans9:55 PM

    Notice the last paragraph.

    So to allow Catholic parents to protect their children from "sex education" classes is an "attempt to deny Catholics their human rights".

    The perversity of the modern world can only be stopped by the imminent Great Chastisement.

    The reaction of the Protestants was to claim that the rights of man supersede the rights of God (last paragraph,

    Unfortunately, many so-called Catholics would agree with them, believing as they do in a Church of Man rather than the Church of God.

  8. Gratias10:32 PM

    The symbol and flag of Basle (Basileia) is a Bishop's hat. Shame. His advice to parents comes close to a sin crying to Heaven for vengeance because it promotes the sin of Sodom.

    I did not like the Bishop's Chalice either.

  9. The buck stops with the Holy Father.

  10. Delphina10:53 PM

    Restless in Ronkonkama (Long Island?):

    I hope you are not holding your breath! He's already in "good standing" just so long as he continues along the path he is on.

    I didn't click on the link. Will I see anything new?

  11. Anonymous11:09 PM

    I agree: the buck stops with the Holy Father, at least as indirectly responsible of all these people do and say.

    Alas, Pope Benedict is better at talking than at acting.


  12. Dear Reader,
    These examples have not reached this level in the America's. However it speaks to an institution that cannot protect itself from itself. The Holy Spirit corrects without devastation when the hierarchy cooperates.

    The world-wide lavender mafia has corrupted the hierarchy, and it can defy heaven with its recruitment of successive generations. It actively practices nepotism and deceit.

    The beloved discipline of celibacy blocks the married priests needed to correct Roman Catholic hierarchy.

    From sex-ed to gay marriage to altar boy abuse, too many bishops are fixated in another direction that makes them unable to protect their sheep from their own modus operandi.

    Michael F Brennan
    St Petersburg FL

  13. Delphina11:48 PM


    You and that Richard Sipe are stuck in a rut and sound like a couple of broken records...not to mention utterly boring in your non-stop campaign for a married priesthood.

    If marriage solved sexual problems, there would be no such thing as incest, adultery, and porn addiction.

  14. GQ Rep12:03 AM

    What does this//pours bleach in eyes// have to do with this story?

  15. The "bishop" who argues against an exemption needs a swift kick between the legs!

    The paths of hell are paved with the skulls of bishops!

    As I write, I am searching for my steel-toed boots...

  16. OREOMAN12:54 AM

    That photo is worth 1000 words > do they know how out of place they look. THEY JUST WANT TO BE LOVE BY THE WORLD WHO THINKS THEM FOOLS.

  17. I suspect that in a few years we will find out the real reason that Bishop Gmür is for this curriculum. It's not a matter of if, but how many and for how long.

    However, I'm more surprised that there's a bishop in Europe who speak out against it.

  18. "The beloved discipline of celibacy blocks the married priests needed to correct Roman Catholic hierarchy."

    How would a married priesthood correct the Roman Catholic hierarchy?

  19. Knight of Malta said...

    "The "bishop" who argues against an exemption needs a swift kick between the legs!"


    I fight the flesh
    The world's no test
    When I fight the devil
    I'm at my best -

    But combat boots
    Size 8 for me
    To kick the Basel Bishop's


  20. Bishop Gmür was appointed one year ago by Pope Benedict. His views as well as the fact that he did not wear clerical garb were well known.

    But that doesn't matter, because he "accepts Vatican II".

  21. OutsideObserver9:17 AM

    'His views as well as the fact that he did not wear clerical garb were well known.

    But that doesn't matter, because he "accepts Vatican II".'

    Just like the fellow who was installed as Archbishop of Manila a few days ago.

  22. J.G. Ratkaj9:35 PM

    "Bishop Gmür was appointed one year ago by Pope Benedict."

    As well as the incumbent of the see of St. Gallen the Bishop of Basel is solely elected by the local cathedral chapter. Rome has not even the right to propose a closer nomination. The Roman Pontiff can only approve and sanction the elected bishop.

  23. Byzcat4:34 AM

    At Akita, Our Lady predicted that "Bishop would oppose Bishop". It seems that this is happening with a vengeance.

  24. Ecclesia Militans10:46 AM

    Oh not at all, ByzCat, this is not even the beginning of the troubles in store.

  25. But, but, but... he has canonical status and jurisdiction. From the sublime to the ridiculous, folks, but move along, there is no state of necessity here. How long, O lord, how long?

  26. While the way Blessed John Paul II led his life as a priest has inspired millions, the way he governed the Church has broken the heart of countless other millions. Many, if not the majority, of his choices for Bishops bordered on the incomprehensible. And the way he handled (meaning didn't) the abuse and rape of children and the cover-up of the scandal by bishops he appointed, will scar the Church for generations. The phrase that comes most to mind is dereliction of duty.

    The reason I think Pope Benedict cannot really do anything is he really has no sound answer to these questions. If those who suffer from homosexual orientation disorder, i.e. those who harbor romantic and sexual desire for other men and boys, do in fact have a priestly vocation, how can the Church not ordain those whom God has chosen? If on the other hand intrinsically harboring romantic and sexual desire for other men and boys means clearly the person should not be ordained, why has the Church leadership ordained tens and tens of thousands of people who do not have priestly vocations?

  27. A swift kick in the balls might help, but that is not canonically, sound, I know! (Chaucer might think otherwise!)


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