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Just in time for Kerstmis: The Church that led the Vatican II "Rhine reforms" was rotten

Now we know in great detail just what much of the hierarchy of the Dutch Church - one of the national Churches that led the Universal Church in the run-up to Vatican II and in the implementation of the Conciliar reforms  - was up to in the decades following World War II, before the Council, and after it: systematic abuse, cover-up in an almost unbelievable scale, spiritual death.

This was the Church of "The Dutch Catechism", the "Church of the future", the Church that introduced Communion in the hand, wild liturgies, the newly-invented "Eucharistic prayers" that were not the Canon that the Roman Rite had always known: it was the avant-garde Church that led the Council Fathers to the glorious springtime that would follow.

1. Dutch RC Church knew about abuse [Radio Netherlands] December 16:
Roman Catholic orders, congregations and dioceses knew about the abuse of minors in Catholic institutions, but failed to help the victims or take action against the abusers.

This is the conclusion of the Deetman Inquiry which on Friday published its final report on abuse in the Roman Catholic Church in the Netherlands.

The report points to the inadequate organisation, and the closed culture of the Dutch church province as the main reason for its inadequate response to the widespread abuse. The church also sought to avoid a scandal.

Inquiry Chair Wim Deetman, a former education minister, estimates that between 10,000 and 20,000 minors were abused in Catholic boarding schools, children’s homes and orphanages. In several thousand cases the abuse could be characterised as very serious.

The Deetman Inquiry was able to identify 800 of the abusers. It received more than 2,000 reports, 1,800 of which involved sexual abuse. The abusers were, or are, active in dioceses, congregations and orders. At least 105 of them are still alive. Mr Deetman could not say how many of these 105 are still active in the Roman Catholic Church.

2. Covering the Catholic sex abuse cover-up [Radio Netherlands] December 16.
Roman Catholic bishops in the Netherlands protected sexual abusers and covered up their crimes, according to a major new report released today. The church-installed Deetman Commission says there were up to 20,000 victims of abuse between the end of World War II and 1981.

Radio Netherlands Worldwide journalist Robert Chesal brought to light the abuse that led to a national scandal. He looks back at how the story unfolded.



On the internet I quickly found a testimony by a man named Janne Geraets, now in his late 50s, who claimed to have been abused at a boarding school in the early 1960s. I arranged to meet him the following day and heard his story of the painful and deeply damaging abuse he suffered at the hands of a Salesian father.

As I walked to the bus stop after that interview, my head still filled with the disturbing images Geraets had described, I started thinking about where to look next.

Disturbing signs

I discovered that there were some worrying trends in the Netherlands which were as yet unreported in the mainstream media. For instance, a prominent Dutch jurist told me why he had stepped down as chairman of the assessment board of the Roman Catholic abuse hotline.

In fact, he said, the entire board had resigned because their recommendations on how to deal with known abusers in the church were repeatedly being ignored by the Dutch bishops.

Spurred on by Janne Geraets' insistence that he was just one of many children abused at his school, I enlisted the help of experienced investigative journalist Joep Dohmen at the NRC Handelsblad newspaper. Together, Dohmen and I pieced together a story that revealed the abuse of three minors by Salesians from the same boarding school.

We also brought to light the fact that one of the most respected bishops in the Netherlands, monsignor Ad van Luyn, had taught at that same school, in close proximity to what later appeared to be a hotbed of sexual abuse.

Our first publication on 26 February 2010, sparked an avalanche of abuse reports from former boarding school pupils throughout the Netherlands. The Catholic hotline was completely unable to handle the workload and within weeks the first steps were taken to create a commission of inquiry led by former government minister Wim Deetman.
The church in the Netherlands hardly made a better impression. The top Catholic figure here, Cardinal Simonis, left mouths agape when he denied that Dutch church leaders were aware of the wide-scale abuse by priests in their midst.

He chose a historically loaded phrase the Dutch normally use to mock feigned German ignorance of the Nazi concentration camps, saying “Wir haben es nicht gewusst”.

But Simonis' words sounded decidedly hollow when we reported, months later, that he had helped move a pedophile priest from one parish to another, allowing abuse of minors to continue.

3. English summary of the Deetman Report [Deetman Commission].


  1. I'm shocked, shocked to find heresy concommitant with moral degradation and sex abuse!

    Or gambling in this place, for that matter!

  2. Considering what was going on in Germany with the "Sexual revolution of Children" [,1518,702679,00.html ]

    This makes it all more evident to me...I can not call it a mere coincidence... You Change the Liturgy... you change the world.....

    It works both degenerate the liturgy you degenerate Society.

    Socialism, communism - the Evil that exists - the Hell that there is... The windows of the church were flung open and the stench of what was going on in Europe came right in...

    I guess I don't know what my point is - all I know is I'm sick to my stomach

  3. I have believed for a long time that Churchmen who worked to destroy the TLM and Tradition were, in many ways, unsavory men.

    I believe that holds true today among Churchmen who despise Tradition.

    Something is terribly wrong with a person who despises his ancient and glorious Catholic culture.

  4. Delphina12:07 AM

    This is news?

  5. Gregorian Mass1:00 AM

    God have Mercy on the human race. That is all I can say.

  6. When the child abuse scandals broke out first in America and then Ireland, many people (including a prominent tradition-friendly Cardinal) argued that the whole thing was down to Irish influence and priestly paedophilia was in some way peculiar to the Churches of the English speaking world. Then when the Ryan Report was released in Ireland, the revelations were widely blamed on a non-existent 'Irish Jansenism' and all the supposedly 'unique' attributes of pre-conciliar Irish Catholicism. About 2 years ago, abuse revelations suddenly started pouring out of continental Europe, quite undermining that 'analysis' and we haven't heard much of it since. With this report we can have no doubt that clerical sex abuse is a problem for the Roman Church universally and not at all confined to any particular ethnic or cultural category.

  7. This tragedy that defies Heaven was not possible without the 'chicken hawk' population inside the Lavender Mafia. The homosexual personality does not comprehend the devastation that 'chicken hawks' among them inflict on teen age boys. The tendency to protect them is very evident.
    The Church infrastructure is unable to clean house inside a celibate priesthood, which has become a hiding place for too many perverts. Lavender Mafia members have no problem replacing themselves. Their recruiting and control of seminarys is well known.
    We need an 'option to marry' priesthood. We have lost too many good men who wanted to be priests but could not handle the hypocrisy in seminaries.

    Michael F Brennan
    St Petersburg Florida

  8. Thanks for including my painful input. However painful, the reality requires exposure and discussion among concerned Catholics.
    We can't just blame Vatican II or the KGB and expect change. The problem is endemic with deceit and nepotism tactics.

    Michael F Brennan
    St Petersburg Florida

  9. Tradfly5:47 AM

    @ Mike B,
    How do you suppose an "option to marry" would solve the problem of pandemic homosexuality (and it's ancilliary pervervions) in the Conciliar Church priesthood, unless it were to include same-sex marriage? Keep in mind, after some point it always engenders perversion of the intellect too.

  10. Shane, do you actually think that there is anything new under the sun? Do you think that Roman Catholics are the only ones who abuse children? It's not a Catholic problem, it's a human problem. Are you not aware that in Islam sex by adult men with male children is a daily occurance? That it is rationalized and tolerated as a cultural institution on the basis that men and women must remain separated, so men have to have some way to satisfy themselves? Yet the world says NOT ONE THING by way of condemning the Mohammedans for this. Why? Because it is something that every culture does, and always has. Don't act surprised, don't think it's "an English speaking thing" or "a Catholic thing", it's a human problem. Its name is lust.

  11. J. G. Ratkaj10:04 AM

    The particular church (Switzerland, Flanders, Austria, Netherlands, Germany) in the various germanic countries has been rotten since at least the mid 18th century. It is an atrocious pain that on the Council they have been given the opportunity to infect the sanior pars with their delirium and craze.

  12. Leonard Crane10:56 AM

    Michael Brennan is perfectly right about the need for an "option to marry" priesthood. The Eastern Rite churches have had, and still have, married clergy since at least the early 17th century. Has there been a single genuine (i.e. not Communist-invented) sex-abusing priest scandal in their ranks, let alone anything like the primacy of perverts which has now in the West, de facto, supplanted the primary of Peter? I have not heard of one such scandal.

    BTW, don't imagine for one moment that the TLM in and of itself can stop perversion from flourishing. Surely we haven't all forgotten the catastrophic "Society of St. John"?

  13. The experience of the Anglicans shows that married ministers indeed prevent the influence and infiltration of perverts... What about the ongoing scandal in the all-married ministry of the Orthodox and Hasidic Jewish communities in Broooklyn?... On the "Orthodox", Leonard Crane, just take a look at

    Prayer, strict discipline, and properly-exercised episcopal authority are the answer, as they have always been.

    By the way, Mr. Brennan, this is the absolute last time you are allowed to defend this anti-Traditional straw man here - you try to push it every time this matter comes up. It is appropriate content for NCR, not for this venue.


  14. Dear Mr Crane. Google Eastern Rite Catholics + sex abuse and you will get your answer.

    One has to do their own searching when it comes to these matters because the Media ignores those who are not their enemies.

    The Eastern Rite Catholics are no threat to their agenda.

    That is, there are no major media stories of the massive number of sex crimes committed against minors in the public school system; and many of those crimes are committed by married men; but there are endless stories about clerical queers and their sex crimes along with claims that killing celibacy will correct homosexual crimes.


    The Catholic Church will continue to experience these sex crimes because it refuses to refuse homosexuals admittance to Seminaries.

  15. GQ Rep12:20 PM

    And yet the Popes knew all this, approved it, and continue to use it and go on as if nothing is wrong. That we are in the "Springtime of Vatican II" and the era of the "New Evangelization".

    Something is very rotten in the Catholic Church, has been since 1962, and sad to say, is allowed to continue by everyone in the Vatican from the top on down.

    The recent appointments of more radicals by the Pope proves it.

  16. By their fruit you will know them.

  17. Ma Tucker12:45 PM

    I'm sure the Dutch Church is a mess but let's not imagine we can believe this crock either. I've had enough of so called "reports" written by people who like to replace evidence with imagination and convict without proof. Estimates between 10,000 - 20, 000 abused yeah right. DUMBO. They can be estimates with that level of variation. This is the usual sensational rubbish that passes for proof in pervy land. I can't see how it is right for you to be putting up here. I'm no fan of the "new church" but lets have a little justice and fair play here. This is exactly the type of nonsense that we have been exposed to in Ireland. Idiots seem to believe every word as if the state and it's inquisitors are to be trusted in such matters. In Holland the state exterminates babies and old old people. Let's not for one moment think that pornland cares about the abuse of children in this area.

  18. Even one instance of abuse and cover-up would be too many, Ma Tucker. There are many details in the summaries, see PDF reports, and the hierarchs themselves do not deny the main conclusions.

    By the way, even when the State is corrupt, not all its agents and actions are corrupt and untrustworthy.


  19. Ma Tucker1:42 PM

    Sorry NC.

    Here in Ireland
    They asked people to come forward with testimony only a few did

    They extended the period back to 1930's or 20's I can't quite remember they got a few more.

    Not happy with the few numbers they then offered compensation if the claimant's would disclose their experience in closed sessions on the promise that their testimony would be kept confidential. So they got their numbers and no proper investigation was completed

    In the case of the Murphy report, the most disturbing evidence was included in reports. The small print of which admitted that a large portion of the people doing the disclosing were suffering from mental illness.

    We then had our own justice minister come out and ask the churchmen to own up. We know your guilty don't let us have to drag you through the courts! How's that for justice.

    I have been told of one person who was given compensation money for sex abuse that they never experieneced, you see they were included in the ESTIMATES because they attented a particular institution. The estimates go to the claim for compensation. The bigger the lie the bigger the robbery. The compensation goes to fees for the lawyers and officials and a few quid is thrown to the "victims". Some genuine NO DOUBT.

    I'm all for rooting out this filth but this is not justice. This is a very serious matter for both the accused and the accuser. Both deserve the full efforts of the law. Reports are not a court of law. They issue reports because they can't prove the case. They become pervy story books for an anti-Christian state bent on robbery. Any statistician would never call a figure between 10,000 and 20,000 an estimate. That's how you know it's a crock. What that actually means is, "We don't have a clue how big but it's big, very very big." Prove the case in a court of law not in a pdf.

  20. Art Thou Elias?2:14 PM

    "I have believed for a long time that Churchmen who worked to destroy the TLM and Tradition were, in many ways, unsavory men."

    Perhaps Dave would agree that it would be an interesting project to find out where Stalin's 1100 infiltrators were placed, and compare those placements to the geographic focal points of the rot of perversion, heresy and liberalism (i.e., modernism) that broke over the Church like a tidal wave at VII and afterwards.

    (In the midst of reading Belloc, The Great Heresies, it becomes apparent that the "spirit of Vatican II" was precisely the same as the spirit which generated previous major heresies, esp. the Protestant and Mohammedan: a lack of comprehension of the Sacred Mysteries, followed by a demand to simplify everything in order to be "accessible").

  21. As a recently ordained Catholic priest I will say this, the Church has stated that it wants an unmarried, heterosexual priesthood. However as everyone knows, it only really tried to enforce one of those. IF it was only going to enforce one, it chose the wrong one. The percentage of homosexual priests in the U.S. is no less than 30%, and may be 50%. In Europe 50% is the low number.

  22. Father,

    First, congratulations on your ordination!

    Second, you are probably not much off the mark. That is depressing...


  23. Ecclesia Militans3:18 PM

    Right before and during the Revolution in France the revolutionary government enforced a widespread propaganda that all priests were financially and morally corrupt, greedy and involved in all kinds of perversions.

    This utterly false propaganda caused a large part of the population to lose sympathy for their priests, so that when the planned large persecutions occurred, the revolutionaries did not have many problems with protests of the masses.

    Doesn't anyone think it is a bit strange that the "priest scandal" stories have greatly intensified in the last two years, with several occassions of booms of these stories in short periods of time, all over the Catholic world?

    Some of the cases are probably true, (first of all the sodomite infiltrators) and given the fact that the Conciliar Church does not present the priests with proper means of sanctification and support, the priests often feel abandoned and reduced to administrative duties. This can create imbalance of the mind and of the soul, and the general filth in the streets and in the media can then cause great tragedies.

    Even more problematic is the fact that many Novus Ordo priests have really no idea what they are, what it means to be a priest, looking at it more like an administrative position, like being a 'presider' of the people.

    This situation draws many to the priesthood that do not really belong there, and this can also cause great tragedies and scandals to the (Novus Ordo) faithful, who gradually lose trust and respect towards not only the person but the institution of the priest.

    But the general idea of this huge publicity given to "priest scandals", which are in reality certainly not nearly as widespreed as the media 'estimates', is to prepare the general population, especially Novus Ordo Catholics, of whom most know truly very little of their religion, for a widespread persecution of all priests and religious, and all those who will protect them and sympathize with them.

    The Lord give us strength.
    It has been prophesized and it will happen. He who has ears, let him hear.

  24. M. A.3:42 PM

    "By the way, Mr. Brennan, this is the absolute last time you are allowed to defend this anti-Traditional straw man here - you try to push it every time this matter comes up. It is appropriate content for NCR, not for this venue."
    Thank you, thank you, thank you, NC!

    Every time Mr. Brennan would make the suggestion, my imagination conjured up the image of the very devil himself taunting our crucified Lord.


    It is not by the strength of nature or constitution that they live a virtue which is so opposite to all the most violent inclinations of flesh and blood. It is the grace of Jesus Christ alone which bestows this gift upon them; and the chaste and continent lives they lead is a manifest proof of the interposition of God, and of His divine approbation of the conduct of the Church, in requiring the faithful observance of this virtue from her ministers.

  25. Catholicus4:24 PM

    I am extremely skeptical of reports blaming everything that went wrong in the Catholic Church on the "1,100 Communist infiltrators", for the following reasons:

    1) The accusation comes from only two sources: Bella Dodd (and some fellow ex-members of the American Communist Party) and the "AA-1025" booklet, which is of dubious authenticity. A certain Stephen Hitchings has written a short review (easily searchable on the Internet) which thoroughly demolishes the credibility of AA-1025. As for Bella Dodd, what is not often remembered nowadays is that she also claimed to have been reporting to 3 Cardinals in the Curia as her bosses in the Communist Party -- and this was in the reigns of Pius XI and Pius XII!

    "Revelations" and "apparitions" that corroborate these reports cannot be considered as reliable sources of information either, as the Blessed Virgin Mary is neither a rumor-monger nor a journalist writing on current events.

    2) There is no corroboration for the "1,100 Communist-agents-turned priests" accusation from any of the opened secret police archives from beyond the Iron Curtain. It is true that there were infiltrators inside the Church, but these were usually in the form of laymen, priests and seminarians who were recruited (often through terror or bullying) into becoming informants. Not all of them wholeheartedly helped the Communists. There were, indeed, some agents who tried to become priests, but there is no evidence of any orchestrated attempt by the KGB to plant more than a thousand operatives into the seminaries with the intention that they'll take over the hierarchical Church. That was simply beyond their ability.

    3) If the Communists really implanted 1,100 (or some other number) of infiltrators into the Church with the intention that they will become powerful monsignori, bishops and cardinals, the real implication is that the Pope and the Roman Curia were also Communist collaborators. Why? Because, without undue favor and pre-selection from the hierarchy, a large number among the "1,100 infiltrators" would certainly not be ordained, and at most, their batch would produce just a few bishops: 4, 5, 6, probably 10, 15, 20 at most. Not enough to push through the entire revolution in the Church after Vatican II.

    In short: the scenario would work only if the Popes were Communists or the Roman Curia was already dominated by Communists and we're talking here about the pre-Vatican II Popes and the pre-Conciliar Roman Curia.

    4) If the post-Conciliar moral, doctrinal and liturgical abuses were really the products of deliberate Communist influence, then how come that the Catholic and Orthodox Churches INSIDE the Communist bloc -- heavily infiltrated and persecuted as these were -- were largely spared these abuses? Let it be remembered that the Communist-controlled "Patriotic" Chinese Catholics even retained the Traditional Latin Mass until 1992, when the Novus Ordo in Chinese was introduced not by the Communist Party, but by seminary professor and ardent anti-communist Fr. Joseph Zen SDB from Hong Kong. Ad orientem also remained the norm in much of Communist Eastern Europe until the fall of the Berlin Wall. As a general rule, Communist rule -- by impeding free communication between the Churches in East and West -- had the unintended consequence of protecting the Churches in the East from many of the worst ecclesiastical excesses of the 1960's and 1970's.

    All in all, the attempts by some bewildered Trads to tack the blame for the post-Vatican chaos on "Communist influence" or even a "grand Masonic conspiracy" bespeaks of an unhealthy desire to find easy answers to what is, in reality, a complicated situation that was largely brought about by problems already burning slowly inside the Catholic Church, and fanned into huge flames by the winds that swept in once John XXIII opened the windows.

  26. Bartholomew4:37 PM


    Archbishop Montini was summarily dismissed as the Sostituto at the Secretariat of State because of his prohibited (by Pius XII) contacts with Soviet leaders. The whistleblower was the Finnish Ambassador to either the Holy See or Italy (cannot remember exactly). Granted he wasn't a Cardinal. But Dodd may have not been exact as to ecclesiastical titles.

    Do you really think he was the only one -- especially given the fact that at the Second Vatican Council nary a word was spoken against Communism? Yes, I know that it has been assumed that the reason was to enable Russian Orthodox prelates attend the Council. I suspect the reasons were a bit more complex.

  27. I converted to Catholicism in 1983, at the same time that I was struggling with deep seated same sex attraction. The Catholic Church in the US in the 1980s was not a good place to be if you were struggling with deep seated same sex attraction, if your ambition was to remain chaste at least. The parish priest who first instructed me in the faith was also the first priest in this diocese to die of AIDS. Looking back, the church at that time was like a mad house. Good conservative priests seemed shell shocked and helpless, or else in denial about the moral corruption evident all around them. And good conservative priests were in the minority. I was left with the conviction that the American church was rotten to the core, and a big part of the problem was cognitive dissonance. How do you deal with Sodom and Gomorrah when the official line, reflected in every issue of the local diocesan newspaper, was that we were living through a New Pentecost? To admit what was going on would be to call into question what COULD not be called into question, namely the Second Vatican Council. It is nothing less than a miracle that any faithful Catholics survived that period without losing their faith or their minds or both. And I am not exaggerating. It was a miracle.