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Novus Ordo poll

We wish to know our readers a little better, so, please, if at all possible, pick an option in the poll on the right column.

How often do I go to the Novus Ordo (the mass of Paul VI)? (Do not pick this - the question would not show up otherwise in this poll):
- Novus what??? (that is, I NEVER go to the NO)
- I rarely go to the NO (rarely means rarely - once, twice a year, funerals, etc)
- I go sometimes to the NO (less than half of the Masses I attend)
- I often go the NO (half or more of the Masses I attend)
- I only go to the NO - because I HAVE to (I go to the NO exclusively, I can't help it - if possible, tell us why in the comments below)
- I only go to the NO - because I WANT to (I go to the NO exclusively, period)
- I only go to Eastern Rite liturgies

You may change your vote at any moment before the poll closes. Thank you!
P.S., in response to a priestly reader: Reverend Fathers, you may and should vote in this poll; choose the option that suits how often you celebrate the new Mass of Paul VI.


  1. I often go to the NO.

    Sunday TLM masses that are NOT offered by the SSPX are at 8am in a small, dingy wood-paneled church with a low ceiling. Also, my wife does not want to attend a TLM every week.
    Scott W
    Portland, OR

  2. I only go to the NO - because I HAVE to (if possible, tell us why in the comments below) -- weddings, funerals, or special masses that my wife's family would like us to go too.

  3. Sorry if the option was not clear mics413 - there is only so much one can write in a few words. Only in this case means you attend the NO exclusively, not that you only go when you have no option, but in rare situations (in this case, the option would rather be rarely).

    You may change your vote at any time.

  4. I'm stuck with NO Masses. No other options available without an unreasonable drive.

  5. Delphina7:12 PM

    I have to go to the NO at the present time. It is either that or sit home, and I can't bring myself to do that. There was a time when I could, but I no longer can.

  6. There is not an option in the poll for those of us who serve/attend both the TLM and the modern rite every Sunday. I attend a bi-ritual parish and there is a need for men to serve both the Roman Rite and the Modern Rite (a.k.a. the Novus Ordo). I prefer the TLM and would attend it exclusively if we could replace the Novus entirely, yet, as it stands now, I serve both Masses, one behind the other.

  7. Tutilo7:12 PM

    I chose I go to the NO sometimes, generally because some days I can't afford to drive to the TLM or because it would be a grave inconvenience to do so for masses that are not on Sunday.

  8. I only go to the NO - because I HAVE to.

    Why? Because it's the only choice in my diocese and the surroundings. If it were to become more available, I would probably start attending TLM once a month or so... weekly if it were in my parish.

  9. I go to NO Masses often-because I have to!

    I go to a Latin Mass(EF)every last Thursday of the month at a Jesuit University,the others are out of question for reasons of distance and schedule.

  10. Anonymous7:24 PM

    Sometimes I have no choice. Over 20 km to nerest TLM and over 30 km to SSPX Chapel. Not every sunday I can drive to them.

  11. Jerry7:35 PM

    I only attend the TLM, principally.

    When I am out of town visiting relatives I go with them to the NO (if there is no TLM) but do not go to communion, avoid hand shakes, chatting, irreverence. I pray the rosary.

    Is is sad to miss the Tradition Christmas masses and God willing I can be at home during this time in the future.


  12. I attend both because I do not have access to a daily TLM. I attend the TLM on Sundays and at least one other day during the week and the NO on the other days (as well as Sundays with my family).

  13. On Sundays, only when there is no TLM option do I go to the NO.
    Occasinally when I visit New York or another city I will go to a parish that has a reverent NO, such as Church of Our Saviour [Fr Rutlers parish on Park Ave]
    So I chose the option of "Sometimes go to the NO".

  14. I go to the N.O. when on short trips out of town that fall on Sundays, either because there is no EF nearby or because that's where my hosts are going.

  15. Twice per month to the SSPX church-60 miles one way.
    Once per month to the Diocesan TLM 45 miles one way.
    The other Sunday a NO Mass 60 miles one way.

  16. Dear Servant,

    I would assume your situation is not that common. Regardless of that, it is easy to pick an option: if, besides the Masses you serve, you mathematically go to more TLMs and Divine Liturgies than NO masses during an average period of time, then your option is "sometimes"; if you go to more NO Masses during an average period of time, of if you go to no other masses at all besides those you serve, then your option is "often".

  17. I'm getting "cannot process request". Anyone else have this problem?

  18. Ivan K8:05 PM

    I go to the NO on most Sundays because I have to. The closest TLM is too far to attend every Sunday, though I do make special trips on occasion.

  19. Stmykearchangel8:09 PM

    I put novus what?? We are so blessed to have an FSSP parish so close to us. I live in Pennsylvania but the Parish is just over the border in Ohio about a 20 min drive. My wife and I just joined last summer!

  20. I attend mainly NO as that is the only way I can get to a daily Mass. The only nearby TLM is Sunday.

  21. Gregg the Obscure8:10 PM

    Have to go to Novus Ordo for familial harmony. I became Catholic after marriage. My wife will attend the NO, but not the Vetus Ordo.

  22. I only go to the NO - because I HAVE to:

    My diocese doesn't have any TLM option on Sunday mornings. The NO here is done about as well as a NO Mass can be done... and it is still very painful.

  23. WouldBeTrad8:17 PM

    To get to the nearest TLM on a Sunday, I would have to set off on Saturday around lunchtime, spend £10 on petrol, take a ferry, arrange overnight accommodation for my family ... you get the picture.

  24. Amos Moses8:22 PM

    I go to the NO because I have to

  25. I most often go to the NO; I go to the TLM every several weeks. Alas.

  26. Ecclesia Militans8:26 PM

    The New Mass is an insult to God, not only because of the many non-inherent sacrileges and profanations and the lack of valid intention that it encourages, but also because of its many inherent deficiencies, impoverishments, and the wicked intentions of its creators - removal of the notion of sacrifice, priesthood etc., in short, protestantization of the Mass.

    It was created and pushed by masons, sworn enemies of God and His Church.

    It is conducive to creating invalid intentions by the priest, because it silences the notion of a sacrificial priesthood, which is essential for the priest to understand.
    The result is many priests with invalid intentions and many invalid Masses, more as time goes by and priests are not taught what they are.
    This is immensely offensive to God because it attempts to destroy what He has instituted.

    Do not go to the New Mass, ever, not even if you don't have a True Mass available, as I myself often don't.

    Many will say: but I want to honor and praise God.

    But how can we praise and honor God by insulting Him?

  27. I rarely attend the NO, but used to attend it daily, since the Latin Mass is available only on Sundays and, if we are very fortunate, Holy Days.

    I am not attending daily Mass anymore, and I doubt very much that this is a good thing.

    I simply got to the point where a disturbingly high percentage of the homilies were an outrage and danger to my recollection and peace of soul before communion.

    That, along with the perennial nagging concern "will this priest deny me communion if I kneel, or not?"

  28. Kathleen8:43 PM

    I go to the N.O. sometimes.

    Where I live, the TLM is in a truly wretched ghetto, but the parish is thriving and the priest a blessing and I'm deeply grateful to have it. A number of prolife people I know are deterred by the neighborhood and I can't blame them. I used to pray that the Archdiocese would allow a TLM in the suburbs, but now I just pray that we don't loose the one we have.

    When I'm at our cabin in a very rural area I attend the N.O. The bishop took away our priest that was offering the TLM.

  29. Anonymous8:53 PM

    I mostly attend the Novus Ordo, but only because I'm a daily Mass goer. I go to the TLM on Sundays and holy days (the only days it's reasonably available) and the NO the rest of the week. I'd go EF every day if it were available.

  30. I often go to the NO, principally for weekday Masses. The nearest weekday TLM is thirty miles away, offered at an hour of the morning when I already have to be at work, so I attend an evening NO during the week. On Sundays, though, it's always the TLM or Eastern Rite.

  31. For me it's a bit inbetween "often" and only because I have no other option. This might sound a bit weird, but I'll try to explain.

    First of all, the nearest TLM is two hours by train, and with busses and stuff, comes up to 5-7 hours travel to attend a TLM. I used to go once a month, but now with irregular working time also on a Sunday (being a doctor), I hardly go anymore.

    It saddens me, cause I have a preference for the TLM. But I think that even if there was a TLM on a good time every Sunday in my parish, I still don't know if I would attend every Sunday. Not just cause I'm not used to it yet and I'm also attached to certain elements of the NO, but also because my boyfriend does have a preference for the TLM but less strong than I have, and would therefore also want to go to the NO sometimes (and since we try to attend together..).

  32. The Ordinary Form in the Anglican Usage of the Roman Rite is celebrated well in the parish nearest our home.

    When I can make it to Mass on a weekday, it's usually in the usus antiquior.

  33. Lopes9:09 PM

    No to the NO! I have been attending the TLM since 2006 and it took me a while to understand the 'big' picture.

    Until 2009 (I believe), I would go to the NO when back home in Rio (Christmas/New Year's) because I could not find a TLM. In 2010, while there, I could not bring myself to go to the NO. I found a TLM last year there but I have decided not go to anymore to the NO even if I do not have the TLM available.

    I will drive if I have to or will just stay put. Before the TLM, I would just be angry, upset, irritated, the NO masses with all the chaos around. No more.

  34. Anonymous9:30 PM

    Once a week I celebrate TLM, rest of the week is NO

  35. Ferraiuolo9:34 PM

    I only attend the NO when I am forced to serve it as a duty.

  36. I'm a Spanish student in Venice, where I always go to TLM, and if I could I would go every day. But in Spain there are no TLM near my town, and I must go to NO masses (and my family is too "conservative-post-conciliar").

    Domine, miserere nobis!

  37. Anonymous9:38 PM

    TLM is not offered in the diocese of baker anymore as far as I know.

    Not much support either among the priests in general. More a "oh, that's nice" but "no, I'm too busy to learn latin."

  38. Tom S.9:48 PM

    There is no TLM close enough to make it logistically practical. If they build it, I will come.

  39. Anonymous10:06 PM

    The only TLM is on the other side of the diocese.

  40. Two-thirds TLM, one-third split between NO, and Divine Liturgy.

  41. Only attend the 'Roman Mass of Time Immemorial'. I'm lucky in London, UK as there are a few choices to pick where I go.

  42. GQ Rep10:40 PM

    I go to the Novus Ordo only if I have to. I try to go to the Tridentine Latin Mass at least 1x per month. I travel so much these days that going to a TLM is often not an mostly I;m stuck with the NO.

    Regarding this: "I have to go to the NO at the present time. It is either that or sit home, and I can't bring myself to do that. There was a time when I could, but I no longer can."

    Form this poster, my comment is I admire you. When I was a teenager 12 years ago, I skipped Mass nearly every week. I went out with friends, went to the gym, tutored grade school kids. But my Granddad,(may he rest in Peace), told me how important it was to go to Mass He hated the Novus Ordo too...but mostly because he was old and remember the Mass of his youth.
    So I went back to Mass because of his good influence...and my parents of course.

    As bad as the Novus Ordo is, I hope no one has stayed away as long as one of my neighbors at home, who has missed Mass for nearly 40 years, and she is now facing death at 77 filled with fear and guilt.
    Dont' let that happen no matter how much we dislike the NO.

  43. I attend the NO every day (I am sacristan) and also EF Mass on Sundays. There is not a daily EF Mass to attend where I am.

  44. Well, if I could make it to the TLM on weekdays, I would, but I can't spend 45 min to an hour driving each way to our sole TLM parish in this Diocese (for which I am immensely grateful!). So, I assist at NO 2-3 days a week.

    Should you make a distinction in the poll over daily Mass/Sunday? The only time I assist at NO Sunday Mass is when we are traveling or just can't get to the TLM parish - it's happened perhaps 2-3 times in the last year.

  45. JTLiuzza11:00 PM

    I am blessed to have a TLM every Sunday in my diocese. Sometimes when a Holy day of obligation falls during the week, though, there is no TLM available. I then have to reluctantly go to the NO. When you have spent years attending a faithfully offered TLM exclusively, the NO can be a traumatic shock. I can only imagine what it was like for the faithful in the sixties who had this thing thrust upon them.

  46. Tantumblogo and others,

    No, we did not include Sundays only, but all Masses one attends on a regular basis. That gives us some idea of what to expect from our average reader. Thanks.

  47. I don't think we should exaggerate most of us luckily are not in a situation where we would be avoiding the NO and thus not having mass for years, maybe a a few weeks or even months but not years.

    Speaking for myself I would not under any foreseeable circumstances even if it meant I could only attend mass a few times a year. Like another reader I used to attend the NO every now and then but now I get the 'bigger' picture.

  48. Mr. I. Copi11:29 PM

    I'd never dream of participating in any service which is an abomination to God. Protestant services are abominable to God. Thus I never participate in ANY Novus Ordo.

  49. People are somewhat free to be earnest in this particular post about THEIR option. But we will not let this become an area of debate - it is just too delicate and this is not a forum for spiritual direction.

    Thank you!

  50. Norseman11:41 PM

    I attend the TLM exclusively.
    Found Tradition 11 years ago and for some years I attended the NO when I had no excuse not to, thinking I had to do so out of duty, but that has stopped. I almost lost my faith there and had to stop it.
    There is no TLM in my area, so I drive 450 kilometres one way to attend the monthly SSPX Mass.

  51. I attend the NO exclusively because I want to. Having no problem with the validity of the NO, the difference between going to the NO or the local TLM is that the local TLM is in a church that has been stripped down. I'd rather sit in a church that looks Catholic with nice statues and the original high and side altars.

  52. I am abundantly blessed to have daily Mass, Perpetual Help Devotions on Tuesdays, Benedictions, First Fridays and Saturdays and a truly Roman Catholic grade school for my children from pre-school through 8th grade under the auspices of the Society of St. Pius X.

    I only assist at the Society's Masses and if out of town and can't get to an SSPX Chapel on a Sunday I would only assist at a TLM, the Sacrifice of the Holy Mass under Ecclesia Dei.

    I only attend the Novus Ordo for a relative's funeral or wedding. But EVERYtime I do this I see things are worse and worse, I'm sorry to say.

    Last month at my own Mother's funeral, a sibling got an elderly Priest to say a Latin Requiem Mass in our Mother's Novus Ordo Parish.

    There were no bells rung at the Elevation as there are no longer bells kept in this Church anymore and sadly, so very, very sadly this Priest gave Holy Communion to some kneeling and upon the tongue and others standing in their hands.

    The difference between these 2 Masses are like the differences between Cain and Able's sacrifices.

  53. Bill M11:47 PM

    I go to a Diocesan TLM twice a month, an FSSP TLM, and an NO Mass once a month. The FSSP is 120 miles away, one of the Diocesan TLM's is 90 miles away, the other diocesan is 10 miles and the NO is at the latter TLM location. And the only reason I go to it is to make the the NO pastor happy so he'll let us have the TLM.

  54. Once a month, 45 miles away from home and because there is no other in 200 miles around and no other in the month.

  55. Reluctant Pessimist11:53 PM

    Dear New Catholic:

    Please pardon the quibble, but I respectfully suggest that the disclaimer for the second option ought not to include funerals or weddings. Even before the council, Catholics were permitted to attend these events when they took place in a house of worship of a false religion or in a municipal office or similar secular venue so long as (1) the people involved in the ceremony were family members or close friends and (2) the Catholics attending took reasonable steps to avoid giving scandal by taking no active part whatsoever in the proceedings and indicating, insofar as charity permitted, that they were showing affection, sympathy, or respect (as appropriate) for the people concerned, not the venue itself.

    The point, of course, is that those who only have contact with the NO in those or similar circumstances (e.g., hurrying into the middle of an Ash Wednesday "service" and out again as quickly and anonymously as possible in order to receive the sacramental) should not feel obliged to suggest that their tolerance for the NO is higher than it is.

  56. Quibble pardoned - wording kept. Each one may vote according to what he understands to be a portrayal of his usual behavior. How can one feel "obliged" to vote in an online poll, really?...

  57. Lois F12:03 AM

    I only go to the NO - because I HAVE to; There is no TLM in the Diocese of Antigonish or surrounding areas/dioceses. None, nada. Such a shame for all of us, if any place needs one it's here.

  58. I am blessed to have two FSSP apostolates in "town" (one 20 min east, my parish- and one 45 miles west) as well as the ICRSS which is also 20 mins east. Then there's St. Mary's which is about 50 miles west, and another SSPX church 20 miles east as well as two or three priests who occasionally say the Tridentine Rite... so it's definitely exclusively TLM (besides a wedding I went to...six years ago).

  59. Sunshine State12:32 AM

    I attend the English mass for the weekdays and Saturday Vigil, and the Tridentine mass on Sunday mornings.

  60. There is only one Traditional Latin Mass a month in my diocese - the Ordinary (thankfully about to retire) having little time for certain Roman decrees, evidently - and that Mass is 200 km away. I therefore drive there and back each month, and M.C. the Mass (a Missa cantata).

    When on holiday overseas, I try to ensure that at least on Sundays, if not weekdays also, I am somewhere where there is a TLM I can attend.

    A few years ago, I lived in Perth, W.A. for two years, where I was a member of the Latin Mass quasi-parish, and I was able to attend the TLM almost daily. As may be imagined, it was a "bitter trial" to have to return to Novus Ordo land on account of work and family commitments!

    I am lucky in that I have a good orthodox parish priest, and there is a Carmel nearby also, where the nuns' piety and decorum help enforce upon other priests a more pious style of celebrating Mass in English.

    I am firmly convinced, for the good of my soul, that daily Mass is what I must strive to attend - I have done so most of my adult life - and so I have no choice but to attend the modern Mass on most days.

    If I had a free choice, I would attend the TLM exclusively.

  61. I spent 6 months w/o my NO mass, just praying the rosary at home and thinking of converting to the Greek Orthodox Church, looking at least for some "orthodoxy", and thank God I found a SSPX parish one hour away (some people drive 2 HOURS! each way). Well worth the time, as people called the priest "fireball" for his fiery sermons. (Love them!).

    Diocesan TLM every Wednesday at 7 pm, like a bad joke. Never on Sunday. (There are not enough priests, ya know...). NO only for funerals or weddings, no communion for me in those. Just in case....happily living since. Déo Grátias!!!

  62. Melchiorre12:56 AM

    I have the good fortune of living less than 15 minutes away from an FSSP parish (5 scheduled Sunday masses, 2 daily).

    Therefore I only attend the NO when I am out of town or going to a wedding/funeral, perhaps 2-3 times per year.

  63. Sundays: I attend the Pauline rite perhaps two or three times a year when my schedule doesn't allow any other option. Otherwise only the traditional Roman Rite or the occasional Byzantine Liturgy. (The upcoming revision of the BDW is looking very good but it isn't here yet.)

    Weekdays: The N.O. is all there is for weekdays in this area. I used to attend daily Mass but I just can't stand it on a regular basis any more. I'm down to two or three times a month.

  64. toronto-trad1:44 AM

    I am a daily communicant - Deo gratias! I sometimes go to the NO. On average, 4 times a week TLM and 3 times a week NO.
    It is not possible for me to attend the TLM on those three evenings. If it were, then I would attend the TLM exclusively.
    Pax Christi.

  65. Peterman1:49 AM

    I only go to the NO because I HAVE to. This is because at the weekly diocesan TLM the priest said Jesus had brothers obviously unaware that there was no word for COUSIN when the NT was written. Yes, I did clarify with him too and that' what he believes. The trads there never flinched when he said it two weeks in a row. No thanks, I'll take the NO over that nonsense.

    My other experience was with the FSSP. It's 50 miles each way and the people there, many but not all, are just plain unfriendly. I don't need a welcome wagon but I don't need to drive 100 miles for dirty looks either. And I gave it months and months too so it's not for a lack of effort on my part.

    So, it is what it is, the NO parish priest is a great confessor and the early mass has no music and thus less hoo hah. I enjoy youtube listening to the Credo, and Gloria and all the other beautiful hymns that hopefully will one day be restored to every Catholic mass.

  66. I go to the Traditional Latin Mass every Sunday, we have that option here in Budapest.

  67. Forever Faithful2:32 AM

    Novus what??? (that is, I NEVER go to the NO)

  68. NO Masses are the only option where I live. The nearest EF Mass is a 3 1/2 hour drive. Talk about religous persecution!

  69. AsianTrad3:25 AM

    I go to Novus Ordo because I don't have a reasonable option otherwise. My parish is rather conservative, so we do not have any weird liturgical innovation going on. So I love the TLM out of nostalgia rather than dislike for the Novus Ordo. I go to TLM at a FSSP parish about 3 times every academic semester because it would take 2 hours to get there and 2 hours to get back via public transit. It is so inhumanely exhausting every time I do this, and my college schedule (I'm only 18 year old) actually conflicts with the Mass time. My experience has been mixed. I love the Mass, but the parishioners are otherwise insular. I don't feel welcome at all. Being the only Asian there doesn't help either. I feel so out of place. It's a pity that the Latin Mass hasn't really caught on with the Asian Catholic communities. I am very active at my home parish and hold an array of positions abd I go to two Masses every Sunday. The FSSP parish doesn't seem to have much activities.

  70. Berber3:26 AM

    I attend a TLM offered by priests of the Oratory of St. Philip Neri in Toronto. They are excellent priests with sound homilies. I have attended a couple Masses offered by SSPX priests and I am praying for them to reach an agreement with Rome. St. Pius X, pray for us.

  71. Daneel3:28 AM

    I go to the NO every Sunday because the closest option for the Mass of 1962 is an almost 2-hour bus ride away, and I have no car. There are a couple local priests that are able to say the TLM, but they are not allowed to in public.

  72. Anonymous3:49 AM

    I avoid the N.O. however family funreals I force myself but family weddings I"LL SEE YOU AT THE RECEPTION.

  73. I have to go to NO because there's no other type of Mass near me. Even if I drive for an hour, there's still nothing but NO.

  74. Gratias6:54 AM

    I go to TLM half the time. It takes us a 1 1/2 hour drive each way, so it consumes the entire Sunday.

  75. I don't attend Luther's mass.

  76. Ora et Labora9:05 AM

    I go to Latin Mass or Byzentine rite Divine Liturgy. I only go to Novus Ordo Mass when I have to, meaning when I have no choice.

  77. I'm with Andrew who wrote:

    "I attend both because I do not have access to a daily TLM. I attend the TLM on Sundays and at least one other day during the week and the NO on the other days (as well as Sundays with my family)."

    I now have the blessed fortune of Sundays TLM!

    However, I am far too broken to do without daily Mass.

    I have been suffering terrible, terrible Novus Ordos for long years now, because no matter how terrible the liturgy outwardly is, HE is there.

    I need HIM.

    For this reason, as much as I honour Archbishop LeFebvre, as I much as I pray for the reconciliation of the SSPX, as much as I long for their immense contribution to come fully active and present within the Church ...

    To my mind, it is a terrible thing to discourage people from HIS grace, as it stills flows through the NO.

    Sometimes I think of the NO like a SIEVE.

    His Grace flows ... through a SIEVE.

    The Novus Ordo liturgy as it is celebrated in countless inane ways is not sufficient to carry and hold HIS Grace ...

    The container is insufficient. The Grace drains away. People lose the faith. It is tragic beyond our comprehension.

    But HE still becomes present on the altars.

    And thus I have suffered through endless Novus Ordos in my desperate need for grace.

  78. Anonymous10:24 AM

    I go to the TLM because that's the Sunday mass at 10:45 in my parish. The NO masses in my parish on Sundays are at 9:30 (too early) and 12:15 (too late). I also like the TLM as it's extremely beautiful and there are no distractions and communion is always given kneeling down and obviously on the tongue. However, I have no objection in principle to attending NO masses. Obviously, if a priest ever said that mass were cancelled in favour of some kind of ecumenical service (which I have heard of happening) I would probably hop along to the nearest FSSP or SSPX mass. Of the two my wife would definitely prefer FSSP.


  79. Vincent10:51 AM

    I only go to the Novus Ordo because I have to go (and it's always celebrated ad orientem and with the Roman Canon where I attend, and usually in Latin)

  80. It's so very sad to read the responses here and yet I cannot blame any one of you for following your consciences, as you must. The simple fact is that the Modernist heresy would collapse overnight if everyone stopped attending the NO mass. If you attend it then you are, sadly, part of the problem, not the solution.
    Much has been said in other threads on schism, obedience, full communion with the Holy Father/ the Church etc., with endless argument and quoting of biblical and other texts to support or tear down opinions or positions and yet the most cogent was that of "Ecclesia Militans" where he quoted the 1974 declaration of Archbishop Lefebvre. In that you can very well conclude that the FSSXP is indeed in schism . . . with Modernism, and those having or not having positions in the visible structure of the Church who support Modernism, be they laity, religious, priests, bishops, cardinals or popes. And just to subdue our pride we must also realise that we all are tainted more or less by Liberalism and Modernism.
    Only the grace of God will cure the problem. Saying the Rosary is a mighty help in obtaining that grace. If the Japanese remained faithful for several centuries without the mass, I dare say you NO attendees could do the same if you ditched the NO and went without. The NO is displeasing to God ( the sacrifice of Cain being inferior to that of Abel was displeasing to the Lord )and the whole heavenly court and your attendance is also displeasing even though it is mitigated by your ill-informed conciences. This in no way means that I am holier than any one of you. I believe that I am just stating the truth with regard to this problem.
    It seems that many of you are obviously in anguish about attending the NO. I stopped 20 years ago and it provoked problems with my wife and other family members but these were resolved in time, thanks be to God. We moved to an area where the FSSPX had a mass center so its easy for us since.

  81. Craig Smith11:41 AM

    I almost exclusively attend the NO as there is very few traditional Masses in Glasgow, at a sensible time (or Scotland for that matter). Luckily my NO is celebrated according to the rubrics so cant complain too much, and even if the TLM was more widely available near me, I would still attend my parish NO more often than not due to the great priest and reverent celebration, though it would be good to have the option of a TLM. Cant see the Scottish hierarchy changing anytime soon mind you!!!!

  82. Anonymous11:56 AM

    I'm with Robert K. If we want the TLM closer to us we have to vote with out feet. My family has three choices for TLM but not one of them is less than 75 miles one way. We must offer it up and exclusively to the TLM.

  83. Tradtrub12:00 PM

    Sorry I chose Anon as my first post and was blocked. I agree with Robert K. We must attend the TLM no matter the sacrifice.

  84. - I only go to the NO - because I HAVE to - the closest Tridentine Mass is 130 km away, and fuel costs well 5x more here in Croatia than in the US. also not to mention that there are only two one public place where the T.M. is offered on sundays and it's in our capital which is 250 km away...if i had money and if i weren't a 19yearold student i would move to Zagreb... grave liturgical abuses haven't taken much root in our parishes so it's bareable...

    i have been to TM 3 times ---> 2 times privately and i was the server..1 time in Zagreb...

  85. Until very recently, I've had to attend the NO exclusively. I go to the early Mass (no singing!) and read from my 1962 Missal.

  86. If there were daily Mass in the TLM in Singapore, apart from those the SSPX offers, then I wouldn't have to go to the NO. I suffer too many shocks when I go to the NO. Also, even if there were daily Mass in the Tridentine Form, it is quite unlikely that it would fit in my daily schedule. But thank goodness, there is the TLM every Sunday.

  87. ceciliasoprano2:18 PM

    The closest TLM is over 100 miles away and offered late in the afternoon, twice a month. During the months when there was no chance of snowstorms and it didn't get dark till late I went once a month.My night vision is terrible so right now it would not be safe for me to drive so far at night.
    I think the NO is valid but have seen some awful irreverence, more from the people than the priests.
    A few months from now I am moving cross country and will have a weekly TLM just 9 miles from my house!

  88. I haven't been to a NO in about 5 years, because we are blessed with a ICKSP parish. I guess this qualifies as "Novus What?" However, I would go to the NO if necessary to fulfill the Sunday obligation; we're just very careful to prevent that from ever happening. We will go on vacations only to places where we have access to the TLM.

  89. As a recent revert, I go to the NO out of necessity at the moment, but that will change over the next few years. Whether I will ultimately go to TLM, or an Eastern Catholic Mass, or an Anglican Ordinariate Mass (assuming one is established in Toronto) is not yet determined.

    But I agree with RobertK. If you feel strongly that TLM is necessary to restore the Church, you must make any sacrifice to go to it. The NO I go to is a strict "Say the black, do the red" parish with strong Marian devotion and a orthodox priesthood, long lines for confession (before every daily mass), so I feel comfortable going there for now. I would never consider going to a NO Church without statues/icons (including ones to Our Lady and Our Lord), and a stations of the cross, and long confession lines, even if all the closest Churches near me lacked even one of these.

  90. Hieronymus3:28 PM

    We have the EF a few times a month on average, and I usually go, though family need sometimes dictates otherwise. The closest location where the EF is offered on a daily (or even Sunday) basis is two hours away. I am simply grateful to be able to attend Mass daily in any form.

  91. Anonymous3:48 PM

    I only go to the NO because i have to. I don't have access to the EF.

  92. You forgot

    "I only go to Anglican Ordinariate Masses"

  93. These days, I almost always assist at the TLM. It would be exclusive but for my wife not liking the TLM much. So I assist at the TLM most Sundays, and only go to the TLM when I go to daily Mass (usually 1-3x per week). I am blessed to live in an area where the TLM is easily accessible compared to many here.

  94. I only go to the NO because I HAVE to.

    And that's not because I think it is wrong to go to the ancient liturgies.

  95. I really think we could do with some posts on moral theology explaining the obligation to attend mass. The obligation to attend mass is often made out to be far more extreme and absolute than it is, there is no such thing as 'having' to attend the NO bar funerals etc...

  96. Torkay5:02 PM

    I decided several years ago, after vacillating for several years between the NO and the TLM, that the NO was an anti-Catholic abomination and that I would never attend one again. In fact, I left our local Carmelite Third Order because of this (among several reasons). I have been happily ensconced in an SSPX parish/priory since the first Sunday of Advent, 2009. Deo Gracias for the SSPX, and for the steadfast group of faithful in Cincinnati who saw to it that their church persevered and prospered. From meeting in the basement of a home back in the 80s, to a new Church and Priory: what a profound blessing.

  97. Torkay5:05 PM

    Addendum for Craig Smith, 11:41 post today: contact Catholic Truth Scotland for the location and Mass time at the SSPX chapel in Glasgow.

  98. Anonymous5:52 PM

    I have to attend the NO on weekdays because there are no EF Masses offered here during the week, except for Holy Days. For that reason I voted, I only attend the NO because I have to.


  99. I'm spanish. I go three times a month to TLM (FSSPX and sometimes FSSP). It takes me 1 hour to arrive there.
    The fourth Sunday of the month, I go to the NO, beause I have to... and each time it's a shock...

  100. Trouble Maker9:06 PM

    I usually attend TLM, and am fortunate to have several available within 20 miles, diocesan and SSPX. I some times attend NO, usually in addition to TLM.

    My regrets, sorrows, and prayers to those who do not have the access that they wish to have for TLM. May your hopes and desires be answered.

    While I'm relatively new to the traditionalist movement, please forgive me if I say that I don't quite understand what appears to me to be an inordinate pre-occupation with the question and problem surronding Latin rite worship. This is not to say that it's not important.

    But I cannot shake the feeling that the attention given to the Mass - as important as it is - is placing the cart before the horse. Let's not forget that our ecclesial wreckovators were saying the TLM during the 1950s, into the 1960s, and during the entire Council, whose name I dare not speak. I think that proves that TLM itself is not the core solution to our situation.

    We have a serious doctrinal problem. That, I believe is the core of the issue. It seems to me that there are some traditionalists who may not recognize that, while others do but don't assign to it the importance it deserves.

    Solve the doctrinal crisis and the liturgical crisis will take care of itself. Problem COMPLETELY solved. I fear that focusing on TLM solely or primarly as the means to end our Church's crisis is like trying to sprint uphill with an avalanche coming down upon you from the opposite direction.

    I believe we have doctrinal corruption, and that drove the liturgical corruption. I think we need a re-adjustment of the understanding of cause and effect. For one, I would make full peace with the NO, on a transistory, temporary basis, IF it could somehow pave the way for doctrinal restoration.

    Sound doctrine is the restored foundation we need. Obtain that, and everything else, including Latin rite worship, will take care of itself. Don't obtain that, and we're stuck in a serious, grave, situation, no matter how many TLMs get started.

  101. Hebetissimus11:26 PM

    @Trouble Maker,

    Yes, the solemn judgment rendered by the Holy Father on these questions that, say, the Abbe de Nantes asked of the Holy See on these very questions, is precisely the only way forward, which, please God, come soon.

  102. The only reason I go to the NO is because the TLM is 3 hours from my apartment...