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Events: Pilgrimage to the Holy Tunic in Trier, Germany

For the first time since 1996, and only the fourth in the past 80 years, the relic traditionally believed to be the Holy Tunic of the Lord (the "seamless garment" worn by the Lord in his Passion) will be on display in Trier (Rhineland-Palatinate), Germany, from April 13 to May 13. And, this year, there will be a special pilgrimage of Traditional Catholics from April 20 to April 22 with Cardinal Brandmüller.

At the pilgrimage of these communities, all liturgies are celebrated in the traditional Latin form. ... The only sepulcher of an apostle on the northern side of the Alps, St. Matthias, is located in the Basilica, which is named after him. As organizer of the pilgrimage of the Ecclesia-Dei Communities, I cordially invite you in the name of all those communities to the Holy Tunic Pilgrimage from April 20th to April 22nd 2012. Please come in great numbers.


  1. Ferraiuolo9:38 PM

    Hopefully this turns into the next Chartres and Europe will be on the steps to her reversion to the faith!

  2. Anders12:24 AM

    I am in your deeply Catholic house, granted. Do your guests have the privilege to ask an honest question? If so, may I ask, these artifacts would seem to detract from Catholicism — are they not merely physical representations of legends? If this is not the cloak of Christ and you venerate it, are you not then worshipping an idol? Thank you.

  3. Gratias5:34 AM

    Thank you FSSP and Cardinal Brandmuller. I believe to have visited Trier Cathedral. What I remember is that many of the Holy Roman Emperors (who were German) are buried in the crypt under the altar. One got the vivid impression that the altar is really built above the tombs of those that preceded us, as it should.

  4. Anders, are you Catholic - or "Eastern Orthodox" or any other kind of traditional Eastern Christian? Because, if you are, then the answer is in a tone, since it involves some basic concepts defined by Popes and Councils, and the "seamless" Tradition of the Church, and their authority suffices for the explanation; if you are not, it must be the same answer, of course, but in a different tone...

  5. Anders10:49 PM

    Dear New Catholic

    Thank you for publishing my question. Religiously, you could describe me as somewhat along the lines of High Church Anglican, with reservations, since my national affinity is Lutheran.

    You mention the Eastern Orthodox. Do they not claim a rival Tunic of Christ? Who is right? How are these controversies decided?

  6. Dear Anders,

    No, I mention the Eastern Churches because they too have no problem with the notion of relics and the veneration that Christians are to give them. In any event, this matter, which was never rejected in the West before the Reformation, is throughly treated in the canons of the Second Council of Nicaea: I recommend you read them thoroughly.

    "Those, therefore who dare to think or teach otherwise, or as wicked heretics to spurn the traditions of the Church and to invent some novelty, or else to reject some of those things which the Church has received (e.g., the Book of the Gospels, or the image of the cross, or the pictorial icons, or the holy relics of a martyr), or evilly and sharply to devise anything subversive of the lawful traditions of the Catholic Church or to turn to common uses the sacred vessels or the venerable monasteries, if they be Bishops or Clerics, we command that they be deposed; if religious or laics, that they be cut off from communion."

  7. Let's suppose the tunic is not authentic. Then it is an ancient copy of the true tunic of Our Lord (wherever it may be today) and worthy as such of veneration. In fact, the honor you give to relics, statues, and icons is ultimately always for God.

  8. hai guys i am orthodox christian from georgia and i'd like to know what catholics think about tunic which is in svetitskhoveli? do other orthodox christians came to germany for this tunic? i was told the real tunic is in georgia and i thought everyone knew it. was this german tunic ever explored by scientists?


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