Rorate Caeli

"Cuba, a land made beautiful by the maternal presence of Mary."

Fr. Esteban Salas y Castro (Havana, 1725-Santiago de Cuba, 1803)
Requiem, Agnus Dei
Cristo de La Habana, Cuba
The light of the Lord, has shone brightly during these days; may that light never fade in those who have welcomed it; may it help all people to foster social harmony and to allow the blossoming of all that is finest in the Cuban soul, its most noble values, which can be the basis for building a society of broad vision, renewed and reconciled. May no one feel excluded from taking up this exciting task because of limitations of his or her basic freedoms, or excused by indolence or lack of material resources, a situation which is worsened when restrictive economic measures, imposed from outside the country, unfairly burden its people.

The present hour urgently demands that in personal, national and international co-existence we reject immovable positions and unilateral viewpoints which tend to make understanding more difficult and efforts at cooperation ineffective. Possible discrepancies and difficulties will be resolved by tirelessly seeking what unites everyone, with patient and sincere dialogue, and a willingness to listen and accept goals which will bring new hope.

Cuba, look again to the faith of your elders, draw from that faith the strength to build a better future, trust in the Lord’s promises, and open your heart to his Gospel so as to renew authentically your personal and social life.

As I bid you a heartfelt adios, I ask our Lady of Charity of El Cobre to protect all Cubans under her mantle, to sustain them in the midst of their trials and to obtain from Almighty God the grace that they most desire. Hasta siempre, Cuba, a land made beautiful by the maternal presence of Mary. May God bless your future. Thank you!
Benedict XVI
March 28, 2012


  1. His Holiness, Pope Benedict XVI said:

    "Cuba, a land made beautiful by the maternal presence of Mary."

    Blessed Mother please help the Pope!

    OF THE

    Through the Gate O'Morn
    He came
    In a stable born

    Where St. Joseph
    Held her hand
    Both so tired and worn.

    Patient donkey
    Just outside
    Munching on some corn

    Saw the love
    St. Joseph had
    To Mary he was sworn.

    Saw St. Joseph's
    Furrowed brow
    Knowing future scorn

    Saw St. Joseph
    In the now
    Fighting 'gainst forlorn.

    Then the donkey
    Heard with joy
    The herald of a horn

    Angel Gabriel
    Announcing wide
    History's curtain torn!

    Then St. Joseph
    Walking by
    Some fleecy, sheep some shorn

    Behind this wife,
    He'd reach new life
    Through Mary of the Morn.

  2. This is for real:

    > Castro questioned Pope Benedict XVI about changes in the Church’s liturgy...the pope said Castro told him, ‘It’s not the Mass I knew in my youth.’

    Truly incredible stuff. If only the world’s dictators took such an interest a century ago!

  3. Ora et Labora3:18 AM

    Viva Nuestra Señora de la Caridad del Cobre!!!

    Viva el Papa!!!

    Viva Cuba!!!

    Viva Latino America!!!

    Viva todo el Continente Americano!!!

  4. Ben said:

    "Castro questioned Pope Benedict XVI about changes in the Church’s liturgy...the pope said Castro told him, ‘It’s not the Mass I knew in my youth.’

    Even a stopped watch is right twice a day. Pray for his conversion.

  5. viva il papa3:27 PM

  6. Barbara4:32 PM

    Yes -Our Lady makes EVERYTHING beautiful!

  7. Mr. Castro do not be foolish and let this opportunity pass by, grab salvation it is right in front of you.

  8. changeitback11:18 PM

    Maybe Castro is smarter than the Popes of Rome...

    Even Castro realizes its not the same mass.


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