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Events: Introduction to the Latin Mass in Tampa

These three introductory sessions will explore the basics of the Latin Mass in order to give a better understanding of the words, language, and structure of this most holy prayer.

The Introduction is divided into three separate Sunday sessions, with different information presented at each session. For those who cannot attend the afternoon sessions on Sunday, the same information will be presented in the Saturday morning sessions. That is, for a given weekend, you can attend either the Saturday or Sunday sessions as the information on a particular weekend will be the same. However, each consecutive weekend session will build on the previous weekend session's information; therefore, we encourage you to try to attend all three.

We will wrap it all up by having a celebration of the Extraordinary Form of the Mass (a Latin Mass) on Sunday, May 6th, beginning at 4:00pm at Incarnation Catholic Church.


  1. Joseph4:00 PM

    I vacation there twice a year. This would be great!

  2. How wonderful!! Father Clement just learned how to say the traditional Mass and has said a few low Masses at the chapel at the cathedral. It looks like he's bringing the Mass back to his own parish. Great news!!

  3. Peterman7:06 PM

    This is good news considering just last year the diocesan priest at the TLM at St Judes say there were only 2 priests in the diocese around Tampa Bay that were capable of saying the Latin Mass. Drive an hour outside of Tampa and you can find several TLM's but in the city of 2 million, 2 priests. Now it appears to be 3. I would love to see SSPX come into the diocese.

  4. Ora et Labora10:39 PM

    Fantastic news!!!

    I have always hoped that priests around the world would take the initiative to learn the Tradentine Mass and start offering it to their parishoners.

    What a blessing, and the wonderful graces they are about to receive.

    Praise be Jesus Christ!!!

    To all the priests who come to Rorate Caeli I hope you follow the example of Fr. Philip Clement of Tampa, the great service you will do Our Lord and to his people when you give them the opportunity to celebrate the Tradentine Mass, you will soon be seeing all the graces coming to each and everyone of you the priests and your parishoners.

  5. Fr. C2:58 AM

    Got an email from a woman in the Bronx, N.Y. telling me she read about our seminar on this blog. Great advertisement! Thank you. FYI...4 priests in our diocese actively celebrate TLM. We're praying for more. Got all the altar appointments ordered for our should be impressed (no spoiler alert). Hope to upload a few clips of the Mass on our website: Stay tuned. FPC

  6. Peterman1:43 AM

    Deo Gratias for priests like Fr C.

  7. Jean Cantu2:14 PM

    Are there any plans to eventually have some high Masses at some point? Bringing chant back to our diocese would be wonderful.

  8. Joy Niklas8:41 PM

    There is actually chant at the OF Mass at St. Lawrence in Tampa, generally at the first and third Sunday 11 A.M. Mass by the resident Schola Cantorum. We are currently on summer break, but will resume chanting in the fall. :)


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