Rorate Caeli

A message to those deprived of freedom and to those who open their homes for the Church

Let all those you meet know, whether near or far, that I have entrusted to the Mother of God the future of your country, advancing along the ways renewal and hope, for the greater good of all Cubans. I have also prayed to the Virgin for the needs of those who suffer, of those who are deprived of freedom, those who are separated from their loved ones or who are undergoing times of difficulty. I have placed in her Immaculate Heart young people, that they may be authentic friends of Christ and that they may not succumb to things which bring sadness in their wake. ... And I cannot forget the many country people and their families who wish to live the Gospel deeply in their homes and who offer their homes as mission centres for the celebration of Mass.
Benedict XVI
El Cobre, Santiago de Cuba
March 27, 2012


  1. ...and who offer their homes as mission centres for the celebration of Mass.

    Very true! Like early century Christians praying the sacrifice in Catacombs and in homes, so, too, those in communist lands from China, Russia, and Cuba, etc., have had to worship in the "catacombs", and be persecuted if they are discovered.

    But Traditionalists, too, have been persecuted--not to the same extent, but in similar manner--for maintaining the faith; and they, too, have had to go into hiding to escape the wrath of the reigning--heretical--powers, as St. Athanasius did. I used to go to mass said by an ex-member of the SSPX (a very holy priest) who said mass in a strip-mall chapel (he is now regularized, on his condition that he never has to say a NO mass).

    I have a very old Russian Icon of the Virgin and Child which I pray to; it shows a very realistic rendering of a dark Virgin and child, painted in egg tempura--I paid a hefty price for it, but it was worth every penny. I imagine it was hidden in floor-boards when the communists were destroying icons.

    The point being that, hopefully, Cubans can bring their Icons out once again, and live fully in civil society once again (how many years ago was it that Catholics couldn't even hold political office?)

    In that sense, Pope John Paul II's and Benedict XVI's trips have been of huge spiritual benefit to Cuba: Cuba needs to dig her way out of spiritual subjugation.

  2. Malta, I had the same thought, and was very moved by it. The indignities suffered, not by Traditional Catholics, but by the Lord in the Most Blessed Sacrament, in the hands of our fellow Catholics, have been, and still are in many places, unbelievable. But if He chose to be born in a stable, and if garages, living rooms, barns are at times the best we can offer Him, He surely accepts our oblation with gladness, and gives us back "a hundredfold" (Lk viii, 5-8).

  3. Gratias6:02 AM

    "And I cannot forget the many country people and their families who wish to live the Gospel deeply in their homes and who offer their homes as mission centres for the celebration of Mass." We have to fight for the preservation of our Faith at every possible opportunity. Just like the Cubans subjected to Communist dictatorship by the Castro brothers for 53 years. Benedict XVI has given us the legal framework to do so. The issue is important and we can petition as individual Catholics. As our numbers decrease, we will be heard.

  4. Growing up in rural Ireland we sometimes had Mass in homes (the stations) along with the rosary. It was a survival from penal times. They were much more common before the Council; I remember my late grandmother telling me stories about how the whole parish would come together for the was a real community event, followed by breakfast, music, story-telling, etc. She found it a moving experience, though I know it was strongly discouraged by the Church in the 19th century.

  5. Shane said:

    "Growing up in rural Ireland we sometimes had Mass in homes (the stations) along with the rosary"

    In 1991 our midwest Chapel was in an old school gym. When I heard about it I didn't like the thought of going to assist at Mass in a gym but as soon as I saw the Altar and Heard the words of the True Mass...I was at home.


    The Irish had their hedges
    The English had their homes
    The French they had their Vendee
    The U.S. roots in loam.

    Way out in mid-west cornfields
    Out past the waves of grain
    Stand right the schools and churches
    That put all else to shame.

    They labor in the pasture
    They labor in the field
    And everyday the Holy Mass
    Where priestly-powers wield

    The force to take the whole grain
    That swells from roots in loam...
    And generate the Bread of Life;
    The fields of timeless Rome!

  6. Good point Long Skirts. One of the most beautiful masses I ever heard was in a strip mall!

    St. Athanasius said they (the heretical Arians) could take over the worship spaces, but not the faith.

    So, too, today the modernists may fill the beautiful Cathedrals (built, btw., sometimes for centuries, with the True Mass in mind) with their "banal, on the spot" community meal, instead of the Sacrifice of the mass. But as beautiful at the Cathedral may be, the True Mass is infinitely more beautiful.


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