Rorate Caeli

A must-have!

H/t Rzymski Katolik


  1. Just went to a novus ordo funeral yesterday. If I had only known!

  2. Went to a Baptist funeral last week.
    Learned that the deceased was "saved".

    I could have used some of this medicine to offset the instant "canonisation".

  3. Francis5:23 PM

    I wish they had this years ago when I used to attend the Novus Ordo.

  4. I think they should do a 24hrs pill for NO seminarians.

    And a by prescription only pill for Austrian seminarians.

  5. Neil Obstat6:36 PM

    Just what the Doctor (of the Church) ordered! If you can't get real world solutions, then resort to pharmaceuticals... (?)

  6. Does it work as an anxiolytic too?

  7. Nice to have something to fight the drowsiness, but what about the nausea or the apoplexy?

  8. Let's not forget about the PTSD after the NO. A good cognac works well for that, usually.

  9. And a by prescription only pill for Austrian seminarians.

    Lol! Maybe beef it up with some oxycotin for those poor chaps?

  10. Peter6:05 PM

    The best cure is simply to stick to Tradition. It works !


  11. Neil Obstat9:51 AM

    If you need an anxiolytic, or something for the nausea or the apoplexy, you should hold out for the newer, improved version, Lefebvrepanaceadryl. "It's not just a -dryl anymore."


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