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The New Benedictus

In the religious radio program Morgengedanken (Morning Thoughts), for the fourth channel (SWR4) of German public radio broadcaster SWR, host Remi Denoix presented the New Benedictus, composed by Fr. Anton Rotzetter, a Capuchin priest:

"Blessed be the Lord, God of Israel,

He leads through the arid land / He frees from slavery and oppression / He promises a new world.

Blessed be the Lord, God of Muhammad,

He is great and sublime / He is incomprehensible and inaccessible / He is great in his Prophet.

Blessed be the Lord, God of Buddha,

He lives in the depths of the world / He lives in every man / He is the fullness of silence.

Blessed be the Lord, God of Africa,

He is life in the trees / He is power in the father and in the mother / He is the soul of the world.

Blessed be the Lord, God of Jesus Christ,

He radiates Love / He gives himself up in goodness/ He overcomes death."

Father Rotzetter, a native of Basel, is also one of the leading forces behind the Institut für Theologische Zoologie (Institute for Theological Zoology), dedicated to the establishment of a "scientifically sound theological appreciation of the animal". (Source: SWR4 radio, August 7, 2012; tip:


  1. What a load of zoo poo!

  2. I balked at "God of Mohammed". Most definitely isn't.

    When will Priests of the lost generation realise that the Mass wasn't "composed" - and parts of the liturgy such as the Benedictus are scriptural. Deus meus!

  3. Grumbler1:46 PM

    Well, you enact Nostra Aetate, this is what you get.

  4. Proud to be Trad2:04 PM

    But, but, but...he is in "full communion"! I'm so confused.

  5. Argh, you fooled me!

    At first, I was thinking, "OK, a new translation, maybe it'll be nice..."


    Like the various radioactive substances in nature, there is a very, very long half-life on decaying progressivism. It will diminish, ever so slowly.

  6. Full communion, my arse.

  7. Aslan is Tash and Tash is Aslan.


  8. Catholic Youth don't understand Novus Ordo, they want Traditional Latin Mass. NO isn't needed by anybody except some oldmen who have nostalgia on their juvenility.

    This is a joke of course, but this joke is much closer to the reality than such an argument in the opposite site.

  9. Cath-o-freak...actually Freak-olic is more apt, with the emphasis on "colic", 'cause my stomach's been churnin' since I read the thing!

  10. Andrew3:25 PM

    His unorthodoxy does not excuse schism on your part. I am tired of this "but he's in communion?" line of argumentation. To be Catholic is to be in communion with the Holy Father. Pope Benedict does not teach this, the Catechism of the Catholic Church does not teach this etc. etc. A man's unorthodoxy or sins does not therefore justify the sin of schism. This man is wrong. Break away groups are also wrong (but for different reasons). The right path is the Catholic one, which also includes obedience to the Holy Father and his Bishops.

  11. Tighteo3:28 PM

    A thousand bucks says Rotzetter ain't exactly airtight. Any takers?

  12. rodrigo4:00 PM

    Fr Johannes Dormann notes the history of this prayer in the foreword to Pope John Paul II's Theological Journey to the Prayer Meeting of Religions in Assisi:

    In the fund-raising drive for World Mission Sunday, 1989, sponsored by MISSIO Aachen and MISSIO Munich, in which every parish in West Germany participated, the following prayer was recommended for the "Community Mass for World Mission Sunday 1989":


    Strange though it was to many Catholics that this prayer should be permitted during the celebration of the Eucharist, one must not fail to recognize that it smacks distinctly of the spirit of Assisi.

  13. Anonymous4:03 PM

    Ah! Zo zis is vere de rot zett in!!

  14. NIANTIC4:44 PM

    I am sure the satanic spirits are dancing with perverted joy. These people are wolves. They must be very proud of themselves blaspheming God. I have no feelings for these people except total disgust and hatred. They KNOW what they are doing and they definately do not need our mercy.

  15. One just has to look at the shirt he is wearing to understand from which decade his theology was developed. Yowza!

  16. greatwhitemale5:59 PM

    As a lifetime member of PETA, (People Eating Tasty Animals), I sense in this an opportunity to mortify my judgement.

  17. I am tired of this "but he's in communion?" line of argumentation.

    I agree. Whenever we see one of these lamentable stories, predictably someone will hasten to comment: "But he's in full communion!" Please stop. It is silly and insubstantial. One man's heresy does not excuse another man's schism. The New Benedictus is from the Devil. On that we can agree. Let's leave it at that.

  18. Tradical6:29 PM

    "... One man's heresy does not excuse another man's schism ..."

    Gentle people,
    The point being missed by the "he's in full communion" is the lack of discipline being imposed upon someone who is objectively promoting heresy, while people who are not in 'formal schism' (ie SSPX) are being asked to adhere to the 'Council' that is at the root of such musings.

  19. The point being missed by the "he's in full communion" is the lack of discipline being imposed upon someone who is objectively promoting heresy, while people who are not in 'formal schism' (ie SSPX) are being asked to adhere to the 'Council' that is at the root of such musings.

    That is actually a very good point. While not excusing schism, it does underscore a very real problem in the Church -- a "crisis", if you will.

  20. Why would anyone think a single Priest deserves to get his hands slapped for this when we have a whole conference of Bishops who promoted this same thing in their "Suggested Prayers of the Faithful" for the anniversary of September 11. One of which stated:

    "For our brothers and sisters of different faiths, Christian and non Christian, that we demonstrate respect and love for one another since we believe in the same God who made us all and placed us together on earth, We Pray to the Lord."

    Yes, the USCCB.

  21. Septumbler of Bumblers9:12 PM

    In addition to what Tradical just said, the mockery regarding "full communion" is about the fact that "full communion" is part of V2 newspeak and is in fact delusory. The following really needs to be spread far and wide:

  22. I'm with Tradical.

    I've never had any connection with the SSPX, but I think it's perfectly reasonable to point out the double standards that are evident when comparing cases such as this with theirs.

  23. Doesn't that constitute public disobedience of the First Commandment? I'm not sure why he's wearing a Tau, either.

    The German bishops have much to answer for, and Deo volente, they will.

  24. The right path is the Catholic one, which also includes obedience to the Holy Father and his Bishops.

    Absolutely right....and all should be obedient to the Magisterium in its entirety.

    What are the faithful supposed to do when even the Holy Father and his Bishops ignore the Magisterium?

  25. Matthew Rose12:19 AM

    Andrew, David, Tradical, and David,

    Of course heresy does not excuse schism. Nobody is suggesting that. But, place yourself in the shoes of traditionalists. Traditionalists have been, by and large, the only persons disciplined, harassed, and persecuted by churchmen in the last 50 years. Not heretics, not dissenters, not liberals, progressives, nor modernists (which are all pretty much the same thing, of course); only traditionalists. The man who wrote this is a heretic. Guess what will happen to him as a result? I won't hold my breath.

  26. Unfortunately, it's too close to many actual examples to be funny ...

  27. Confused in California12:59 AM

    Ehhem... this was used in all the Churches in West Germany, with the involvement of the Bishops in that place?

    Can I get a serious response? How does that NOT constitute a state of emergency during that particular time, in that particular place?

    It seems the SSPX no longer makes use of the state of emergency argument, which I find strange, because it seems to me the most compelling.

  28. Prof. Basto2:55 AM

    I prefer the "old" one, pronounced under divine insperation, and valid for all time.

    In the mean time, isn't this form of religious relativism herectical?

    Am I the only one here who thinks that the priesthood would be better off if this "New Benedictus" resulted in the removal of its author from the clerical state?

  29. Barbara5:51 AM

    The crisis in the Church is even worse than we can imagine. Thus a good priest and scholar of Church matters said to me.
    In my view, the double standard ie. the modernist liberal that is still in communion while those like the Fraternity of St. Pius X who are obliged to sign "three hundred and fifty" preambles swearing their loyalty to a Council that has devastated the Faith and consequently wounded most gravely the Mystical Body of Christ,but are not in "full communion"- must continuously be exposed and stressed and stressed. Maybe somebody somewhere in a high place of authority will get it one day because it now appears to me that these liberal modernists are out to destroy the faith of the people deliberately and maybe on occasion - not deliberately. Or they do not really care.

    We have a new parish priest and with sadness I still cannot frequent the parish - for he is awful - worse than the one before who seems conservative in comparision and who is most definitely not!

    We need Our Lord with His whip. (which I wouldn't like to be caught under!)

  30. Benedict Carter10:39 AM

    Would you buy a second-hand prayer from a priest wearing that shirt?

    I wouldn't.

  31. Francis11:51 AM

    He's just promoting the "spirit" of Vatican II like so many other modernist apostates least last fifty years. Yuk!

  32. The microphone magnifies my voice and makes me known to the congregation.
    The spirit has done great things for me. Holy the Council!
    I have shown the strength of my arms. I have pronounced the imaginations of my head. I have pulled the mighty from their thrones and I have exalted myself.
    Its fills my mouth with bad things and has made my head empty.
    I have forgotten God's rejection of Ishmael and his promise to Abraham's legitimate seed forever.

  33. Alsaticus2:04 PM

    A perfect example of where "theology of religions" and "interfaith" gatherings like the Assisi meetings are leading weak people like this pitiful Capuchin priest which "costume" speaks volume on his derelict conception of religious life and priesthood.

    However we can stress that is not required by Vatican II but has been gruesome developments tolerated alas and sometimes encouraged by the Hierarchy including popes John Paul II and Benedict XVI.

    When all what the post-conciliar Magisterium is teaching traditionally like "Dominus Iesus" is left to gather dust on the shelves : no Assisi meeting by the Holy Father on Dominus Iesus, no Roman or Chicago or Paris or Bruxelles colloquium on this. Nothing in the Curia about this, no diocesan offices to prevent this satanical confusion of minds on religions.
    This is another big disappointment of this pontificate when the Pontiff as cardinal Ratzinger was the major writer of Dominus Iesus.


  34. I agree that the double standard is infruiating, but what is the most Catholic way of dealing with it? Is it to throw the offending Preamble back in the Pope's face? I suggest that the FSSPX supporters here take a moment to reconsider the virtues extolled in a recent Rorate post:

    We have in our own age a very remarkable example of the mortification of private judgment. It is that of a great doctor, much renowned, who composed a book entitled, "On Dispensations and Commands," which, falling one day into the hands of the Pope, he judged that it contained some erroneous propositions. He wrote to this doctor that he should erase them from his book. This doctor, upon receiving the order, submitted his judgment so absolutely, that he would not justify himself by explaining the matter, but, on the contrary, he believed that he was wrong, and had let himself be deceived by his own judgment: and, going into the pulpit, he read aloud what the Pope had written to him, took his book and tore it to pieces, and then said aloud that the Pope's judgment on this matter had been most just; that he approved with all his heart of the paternal censure and correction that he had deigned to give him, as being very just, and very mild to him, who deserved to be severely punished, and that he was greatly astonished how he could have been so blind as to let his own judgment mislead him in a thing so manifestly wrong.

    He was by no means obliged to do this, because the Pope had not commanded it, but only that he should strike out of his book a certain thing which had not seemed good; for what is very remarkable, it was not heretical, nor so manifestly erroneous but that it might have been defended. He showed great virtue on this occasion, and an admirable mortification of his own judgment.
    (Emphasis added.)

    Objectively speaking, the theologian in question might well have been right and the Pope wrong. Yet the theologian showed great virtue and took the truly Catholic way.

  35. Father Rotzetter said:

    "Blessed be the Lord, God of Buddha"


    Oh, to be Buddhist
    Sought after most wooedist
    By men who excuse
    Much that’s lewd.

    I’ve only a broodist
    Ten souls who aren’t Buddhist
    Once again, booed, screwed
    And tattooed!! ;-)

    (if you don't laugh you'll cry)

  36. Blessed be the Lord, Head of the Church

    Have mercy on Thy laity / Have mercy on Thy priests / Vanquish all heresies

  37. This is really stupid.

  38. Theological zoology. really? Maybe the Good father has to much time to spare.

  39. David,

    Do you truly understand what has been going on these last 40-50 years ? The people you call “FSSPX supporters here” are just Traditional Catholics. Do you refer to those who support the SSPX financially ? Or are you simply using vague terms ?

    Those people, those faithful who attend the Old Rite Masses simply keep the same faith they were taught, as do the members of the SSPX, FSSP, Christ the King and others. Others who follow the widely varying missions and beliefs and liturgical practices coming from Rome and those tolerated by Rome are not Traditional Catholics. Many of them pick and choose what they believe, the evidence is that Humanae Vitae is almost completely ignored - why ? You will never hear an SSPX/FSSP/Christ the King priest telling his flock to “follow your consciences”.

    The Catholic Church was right in its teaching up to a few years after the fateful Vatican 2, no-one seems to be able to define categorically what is the church’s position now on many important points. This is something of a vague statement I admit, but most will understand what I am getting at. Are the words of the late Cardinal Martini to be taken as correct ? You tell me please. He said the Church is 200 years out-of-date. There spoke a true unrepentant modernist, for sure. Did the Pope state that his statement/whatever “contained some erroneous propositions” ? I didn’t hear about it, did you ?

    The present Pope has not condemned previous Catholic doctrine AFAIAA, in fact he confirmed what many of us had known for many years - that Quo Primum was still in force.

  40. !!!...*rolleyes* Thank you very much, Fr. Frankenfurter, but I think we'll be sticking with the old one. Next!

  41. errata:

    god of Mohamet and no god of Buddha

    The rotten fruits of post-conciliar ecumenism and interreligious "monologue".

    No wonder St Maximilien Kolbe stated boldly that ecumenism is the enemy of the Immaculata. Try telling that to Rome! They are stone deaf.

  42. Filipino Catholic6:54 PM


    I can think of a long list of words to describe Rotzetter: Dummkopf, Hohlkopf, hirnlos, wahnsinnige, Schwachkopf, hereticus, stultus, schismaticus, and many other words that are unspeakable in church.

    I don't even know why this so-called priest made such a travesty of the Benedictus. Che despicabile. Un fiasco!

    Filipino Catholic.

  43. Torkay12:25 PM

    Benedictus Arnoldus.

  44. Nostra Aetate + Assisi = VII Church's new Benedictus


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