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Event: "Catholic Identity Conference" - September 2012

A reader sends us a notice for the following event:

Catholic Identity Conference
September 28-30, 2012

Come meet, listen and discuss Catholic Identity in the reign of Pope Benedict XVI with the foremost traditional Catholic thinkers in America

Speakers: Michael Matt, Chris Ferrara, John Rao, John Vennari, James Vogel

Conference Location:
Serbian American Cultural Center
Collliers Way
Weirton WV 26062

Masses will be celebrated during the Conference, including a High Mass on Sunday, Sep. 30, by Fr. Gregory Pendergraft, FSSP, who will also be a featured speaker at the conference. (Further information here.)


  1. Ray Terranova8:10 PM

    Why not also mention John Sharpe’s conference in Virginia later this month? Many speakers including Dr. Chojnowski. Thank you.

  2. Does anyone know if the papers for this conference are to be republished?

  3. NIANTIC11:59 PM

    From what I know about the speakers, each one is a faithful committed Traditional Catholic. Each one has given their life's work to the defense and promotion of the Traditional Faith. Each one therefore should be honored and respected for what they have done and are doing. They touch countless men and women through their work and I am sure have guided many on the road to final Salvation. May God bless them always!

  4. Barbara4:53 AM

    Scot Quinnn said: "I'd say the integrity of this blog is at stake here. If dishonest individuals who make these remarks under the cloak of anonymity are allowed to spread their bile, then this blog is no better than the rest."

    A bit exaggerated - don't you think?

    When the moderators don't publish comments people whine - when they publish comments like Wiseman's people misunderstand - people whine. There was no bile there in that comment - but just a hint of SOMETHING the opposite of modesty.

    But really, even if something is true is it always necessary to voice it? Mr. Wiseman, Mr.Wiseman, what you said maybe true - and your intelligence and knowledge may far surpass the rest of humanity that passes through this blog (mine for sure) - but you have no style sir. Undermining events that are trying to help restoration of our Catholic Identity by faithful Catholics is not a VERY NICE THING TO DO, Mr. Wiseman. Are we supposed to applaud you?

    I wish I could attend that event - but I live thousands of miles away....

  5. Thank you, Barbara, you are correct: Scott Quinn should get his own blog. I think the comments were pretty OK, and this kind of discussion actually helps publicize such events, but things probably went out of control at some point.

  6. Each one has given their life's work to the defense and promotion of the Traditional Faith.


    And let us not forget that Esq. Ferrara, in particular, has dedicated his life to defending life.