Rorate Caeli

Hungry Souls Need Our Help

Below, please find the sixty-first posting of enrolled souls of the Rorate Caeli Purgatorial Society.

There are so many ways to help the Poor Souls -- but often times finding the inspiration to do so is difficult with all the problems we face that are right in front of us on earth.

If you have trouble finding compassion for the Poor Souls, of if you simply want a greater understanding of what Purgatory is and what it's like to be there, I highly recommend the very thrilling and enlightening book Hungry Souls: Supernatural Visits, Messages, and Warnings from Purgatory (TAN Books). The stories of the souls' visitations to earth are very moving. Once you read this book, you'll never be lukewarm again about helping the souls.

How to enroll souls: please email me at and submit as follows: "Name, State, Country." If you want to enroll entire families, simply write in the email: "The Jones family, Ohio, USA". Individual names are preferred. Be greedy -- send in as many as you wish and forward this posting to friends as well.

Please consider forwarding this Society to your family and friends, announcing from the pulpit during Holy Mass or listing in your church bulletin. We need to spread the word and relieve more suffering souls.

Please pray for the enrolled souls and the 17 holy priests saying Traditional Masses for the Society:

"For all the souls enrolled in the Rorate Caeli Purgatorial Society: Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them. May their souls and the souls of all the Faithful departed rest in peace. Amen."

Then ...

Almighty and ever living God,
we ask Thy blessing upon the priests
who offer Masses for the Purgatorial Society.
Give them a greater awareness of the grace
that Thou dost pour out through the Sacraments,
and by their devout celebration of the Sacred Mysteries,
increase in them a love for Thee.
Give strength to Thy priests, O Shepherd of the flock;
when they are in doubt, give them the assurance of faith,
and in Thy goodness confirm them as heralds of Thy Truth
to all who seek to follow in Thy path.
We ask this through Our Lord Jesus Christ, Eternal Priest,
Who lives and reigns with Thee in the unity with the Holy Ghost,
God, for ever and ever. Amen.

Enrolled Souls of the Rorate Caeli Purgatorial Society:

Nellie Gray, Washington, D.C., USA
Father Alfredo Pallotta, C.P., Tavamuzze, Italy
Antonio C. Carag, Metro Manila, Philippines
Arthur C. Valles, Metro Manila, Philippines
Rodolfo S. Juan, Metro Manila, Philippines
Domitila Delgado, Morovis, Puerto Rico
Juan Antonio Rivera, Morovis, Puerto Rico
Jose Delgado, Morovis, Puerto Rico
Wydalis Miranda, Morovis, Puerto Rico
Lydia Rivera Delgado, Morovis, Puerto Rico
Francisco Rivera, Bayamon, Puerto Rico
Juan Manuel Rivera, Bayamon, Puerto Rico
Gelo Rivera Delgado, Morovis, Puerto Rico
Rosin Gascot, Bayamon, Puerto Rico
Isabel Davila, Morovis, Puerto Rico
Eusebio Rivera, Morovis, Puerto Rico
Ricardo Marull, Gerona, Spain
Luisa Tauler, Gerona, Spain
Emilia Costa, Gerona, Spain
Jose Maria Pastor, Alicante, Spain
Eugenio Pastor, Madrid, Spain
Engracia Freixa, Madrid, Spain
Eugenio Pastor Freixa, Madrid, Spain
Miriam McElwee, Pa., USA
Meme Trias, San Juan, Puerto Rico
Alfredo Rivera Ayala, Bayamon, Puerto Rico
Jose Davison Lampon, Bayamon, Puerto Rico
Thelma Rhul, Pa, USA
Ada Witman, Pa, USA
Charles Witman, Pa, USA
Montserrat Tauler, Gerona, Spain
Damaso Jimenez, Gerona, Spain
Joe Linzy Florida USA
Vivien Normile Florida USA
Jackie Williamson Maryland USA
Tony Linzy Florida USA
Louise McDonald Maryland USA
Buster Linzy Florida USA
Bill Normile Ohio USA
Betty Normile Ohio USA
Mickey Normile Ohio USA
Jesse Normile Ohio USA
Mike McDonald Delaware USA
Ed Normile Maryland USA
Bessie Normile Maryland USA
Jackie Burke Florida USA
Winnie Burke Florida USA
Pat Devine Florida USA
Jimmy Devine Florida USA
Steve Linzy Kentucky USA
Ed Linzy Kentucky USA
Frances Linzy Kentucky USA
Andy Normile Pennsylvania USA
Tom Normile Pennsylvania USA
Precious Javier, Philippines
Rosalinda F. Javier, Metro Manila, Philippines
Salvador Pan, Camarines Sur, Philippines
Agnes Teh Siew Sim, Penang, Malaysia
John Tan Weng Hiang, Penang, Malaysia
Teresa Scully, Penang, Malaysia
Joseph Ooh Choon Pin, Penang, Malaysia
Gladys Reznicek Nebraska USA
Frank Fujan Nebraska USA
Mary Fujan Nebraska USA
Edward Reznicek Nebraska USA
Adella Reznicek Nebraska USA
Robert Kreikemeier Nebraska USA
Ernest Reznicek Nebraska USA
Wylma Reznicek Nebraska USA
Gary Reznicek Nebraska USA
Msgr. John Michalak Nebraska USA
Msgr. Andrew Meister Nebraska USA
Fr. Stanislaus Golik Nebraska USA
William Startostka Nebraska USA
Leonard Shotkoski Nebraska USA
John Hall Nebraska USA
Patricia Hall Nebraska USA
Michael Hall Nebraska USA
Dale Rezac Nebraska USA
Helen Timo Pennsylvania USA
Michale Bazik Pennsylvania USA
John Poloka Pennsylvania USA
Leonard Pawulsiak Nebraska USA
Stella Pawlusiak Nebraska USA
Stanley Nykiel Nebraska USA
Anna Nykiel Nebraska USA
Adolph Furasek Nebraska USA
Alice Furasek Nebraska USA
Fred Fujan Nebraska USA
Charles Egr Nebraska USA
Fr. John Hilt Nebraska USA
Fr. John Pastorak Nebraska USA
Fr. John Terepka Illinois USA
Kevin Johnson, Bexhill-on-Sea, England
Shirley Reis, California, USA
Hildagard Kuenz, Illinois, USA
Elmer Kuenz, Illinois, USA
Jean Davis, Indiana, USA
Galen Davis, Indiana, USA
Geraldine Duebelbeis, Missouri,USA
Robert Duebelbeis, Missouri, USA
Bobette Duebelbeis, Missouri, USA
Jerome Harris, Missouri, USA
Florence Harris, Missouri, USA
Pauline Harris, Missouri, USA
Frank Harris, Missouri, USA
Francis Harris, Missouri, USA
Charles Kauffmann family, Missouri USA
Father Walter Boul, Missouri USA
Walter Peabody, Florida, USA
Barry Jones, Illinois, USA
Joann Bales, California, USA
David Myers, Illinois, USA
Spiro Hasakis, Illinois, USA
Krono Ursich, California, USA
Thomas Kennedy, Colorado, USA
Kevin Griffin, Wyoming, USA
Walter D. Gray, Georgia, USA
Hong Shi Ming, Fujian, China
Herb DeChellis, Pennsylvania, USA
Caroline DeChellis, Pennsylvania, USA
Lil, Pennsylvania, USA
Dan Boyd, Scotland, died Pennsylvania, USA
Karnavas Family, Pennsylvania, USA
Nahas Family, Pennsylvania, USA
Dave and Noni McClelland and family, Maryland, USA
Jim Grady and family, Arizona, USA
Jose "Mole" Marquez, El Salvador, died Maryland, USA
Stanley Gaver, Maryland, USA
George and Kathryn Porter, Pennsylvania, USA
Kevin Joseph Connors, New York, USA
Robert and Marylee Knowles and family, Pennsylvania, USA
Fr. John Weibel, Pennsylvania, USA
Alberta Broslett and family, Pennsylvania, USA
Nijas Family, Pennsylvania, USA
Zelekowski family, Pennsylvania, USA
Mary Ruzinski family, Pennsylvania, USA
Mike Fayad, Pennsylvania, USA
Jimmy Fayad. Virginia, USA
Amelia Luketic and family, former Yugoslavia
Ljuba Luketic Puskarich, Pennsylvania, USA
Ana Luketic Ivanac, NSW, Australia
Charles Puskarich and family, Pennsylvania, USA
Joseph Charles Puskarich and family, Pennsylvania, USA
Rose Marie Puskarich and family, Pennsylvania, USA
George Plevel, Pennsylvania, USA
Zora Puskarich Plevel and family, Pennsylvania, USA
Stella Puskarich, Arizona, USA
Diana Puskarich, Pennsylvania, USA
George Puskaric, Pennsylvania, USA
William Puskaric, Pennsylvania, USA
Orvon Autry, Texas, USA
Dale Baird, Texas, USA
Marian Baird, Texas, USA
Jenny Shuster Fayad and Family, Pennsylvania, USA
Rose Shuster and family, PennsylvaniaUSA
Charles and Arlene Loyash, Arizona, USA
Herman and Marge Shuster St. Clair, Arizona, USA
Arbeno and Ann Frank, Arizona USA
George and Mildred Puskarich, Pennsylvania, USA
Sr. Rolandina Puskarich, USA
Fr. James Pilsner, New York, USA
Fr. Weslin, USA
Fr. Berto, Ontario, Canada
Scott McCracken, Pennsylvania, USA
Margie McWilliams, Pennsylvania, USA
Ray McWilliams and family, Pennsylvania, USA
Fr. Bell, Maryland, USA
Fr. Kvirin, former Yugoslavia
Fr. Whalen, Ontario, Canada
Michael Vande Weil jr, Ontario, Canada
Fr. Duffy, USA
Marion Robert Morrison, California, USA
Vinco, Pennsylvania, USA
Kenneth Stephens, Pennsylvania, USA
Shirley Stephens, Pennsylvania, USA
Ann and Gene George, Pennsylvania, USA
Samson Gradwell, Pennsylvania, USA
Thomas Gradwell, Florida, USA
Theodore Gradwell, New York, USA
Jack Carlton Moore, California, USA
Nanci Kline, Pennsylvania, USA
Tony Melko, Pennsylvania, USA
Frank Rossi, Pennsylvania, USA
Mark Wilson, Pennsylvania, USA
Mrs. Coates, Pennsylvania, USA
Jimmy Brunton and entire Brunton family, Pennsylvania, USA
Jim Siters and family, Pennsylvania, USA
Ricky Hughes, Pennsylvania, USA
Mrs Dragosolavic and family, Pennsylvania, USA
Margaret, Pennsylvania, USA
Peggy Bowman and family, Pennsylvania, USA
Wayne, Pennsylvania, USA
Bud Keck, Pennsylvania, USA
George Shiflet family, Pennsylvania, USA
Stella O'Brien, Pennsylvania, USA
Mr and Mrs Frank Habasin and family, Pennsylvania, USA
Mrs. Frances, Pennsylvania, USA
Frances and Andy Prowitt, Pennsylvania, USA
Dwayne Kirkendahl, Pennsylvania, USA
Mr and Mrs Chichester, Pennsylvania, USA
Mr. Wilson, Pennsylvania, USA
Mrs. Cerjak, Pennsylvania, USA
Donald Muetzel, Pennsylvania, USA
Francis McCormick, Pennsylvania, USA
George Wasler, Pennsylvania, USA
Michael Fayad sr, USA
Walter, Pennsylvania, USA
Mary White, Pennsylvania, USA
Dr. Samuel Mallinger, Pennsylvania, USA
Phyllis Hicks, Pennsylvania, USA
Curtis Wain Gates, California, USA
Clyde and Esther McElhaney and family, Pennsylvania, USA
Emil and Barb Shuster, Arizona, USA
Mata, former Yugoslavia, died Pennsylvania, USA
William Clifford and family, Pennsylvania, USA
William Moore, Indiana, USA
Kenneth Eme, Indiana, USA
Father Miller, Indiana, USA
Kris Eggle, Michigan, USA
Teresita Isabel Urbina, California, USA
Clement Coker Slater, Georgia, USA
Rita Campatelli, Brigantine, NJ
Sr. Harriet, CSJ, Brigantine, NJ
Felicidad Torio, Pangasinan, Philippines
Ramon Torio, Pangasinan, Philippines
Torio Family, Pangasinan, Philippines
Gonzalo dela Cruz, Pangasinan, Philippines
Raymunda Valencia, Pangasinan, Philippines
Navarro Family, Pangasinan, Philippines
Dela Cruz Family, Pangasinan, Philippines
Cruz Family, Pangasinan, Philippines
Dizon Family, Pangasinan, Philippines
Vidal Family, Pangasinan, Philippines
Deceased Clergy and Religious of the Archdiocese of
Lingayen-Dagupan,Pangasinan, Philippines
Deceased Lay Faithful of the Archdiocese of
Lingayen-Dagupan,Pangasinan, Philippines
Alfredo Pacio , Manila, Philippines
Elena Patricio , Manila, Philippines
Miguel Patricio , Manila, Philippines
Aurelio Aquino , Manila, Philippines
Leoncia Aquino, Manila, Philippines
Romulo Aquino , Manila, Philippines
Aurora Aquino, Manila, Philippines
Salvador Aquino , Manila, Philippines
Manuel Aquino, Manila, Philippines
Elias De Los Reyes, Manila, Philippines
Iluminada De Los Reyes, Manila, Philippines
Fernanda De Los Reyes, Manila, Philippines
Aguing De Los Reyes, Manila, Philippines
Oscar De Los Reyes, Manila, Philippines
Norma Quinton, Manila, Philippines
Jasmin Jongco, Manila, Philippines
Elizabeth Visda, Manila, Philippines
Heberto Yordan Sr. Yauco, Puerto Rico, USA
Luz Punzalan, Laguna, Philippines
Mary Tilghman, Maryland, USA
Father Ed of Green Acres, FL, USA
Bishop Stephen Peter Alencastre, SSCC.
Father Matthew Alencastre, SSCC , HI USA
Father Joseph Hendricks, SSCC , HI USA
Father Francis Schelleman, SSCC , HI USA
Mother Judith Brassier, SSCC , HI USA
Sister Marie Eugenie Brugere, SSCC , HI USA
Sister Bertha Anne Hussey, SSCC , HI USA
Sister Maria Seraphina Maziliauskaite, SSCC , HI USA
Sister Cecile Marie Duarte, SSCC, HI USA
Sister Marie Charlotte Kahalewai, SSCC, HI USA
Sister Rose Marie DeCosta-Pavao, SSCC, HI USA
Sister Denise Preterre, SSCC, HI USA
Sister Marie Antoinette Almeida, OSF, HI USA
Sister Miriam Ferry, OSF, HI USA
Sister Claudia Cabral. OSF, HI USA
Sister Mary Victor Lum Hoy, OSF, HI USA
Sister Grace Louise Komine, OSF, HI USA
Sister Ann Gertrude Vierra, OSF, HI USA
Mother Louise Henriette Thoelen, SSCC, HI USA
A.V. Robotham, Nebraska, USA
Ethel Robotham, Nebraska, USA
Anne Stall, Nebraska, USA
Joseph Stall, Nebraska, USA
Robert J. Robotham, Nebraska, USA
Lily E. Malecek, Nebraska, USA
A.M. Lockhart, California, USA
Blanche Lockhart, California, USA
Peter Elliott, Jr., California, USA
Jesse Elliott, California, USA
Pat Wagner, California, USA
Mary Gene Elliott, California, USA
John J. Huber, Sr., Missouri, USA
Buena V. Huber, Kansas, USA
Imogene Larson, Virginia, USA
Edward Larson, Virginia, USA
Charles R. Huber, Kansas, USA
Irene Campos
Inocencio Sanchez
Vitalia Ortega
Eulogio Campos
Caridad Hardy
Manuel Sanchez
Irene Garban
Antonio Jidy
George "The Captain" Bourgeois , Louisiana, USA
Amanda Perreau-Saussine, Cambridge, United Kingdom
Kathleen Metzger, Rhode Island, USA
The Gantz Family, Michigan, USA
Aloysius Staud, West Virginia, USA
Anne Staud, West Virginia, USA
Mary Blazek, West Virginia, USA
Joseph Blazek, West Virginia, USA
Margaret Smith, Ohio, USA
Maria Albertini De Sousa, British Columbia, Canada
June Dremin, British Columbia, Canada
Giuseppe Giovinazzo, British Columbia, Canada
Ivo Alphonse Lambin, British Columbia, Canada
Andre Alphonse Marie Lohe, British Columbia, Canada
Harold G. O'Connor, British Columbia, Canada
Mary Talbot, British Columbia, Canada
Maria da Conceicao Viveiros, British Columbia, Canada
Frances Bronson, New York, USA
Agnes C. Mantolino, Metro Manila, Philippines
Kimberly Homoney, Oklahoma, USA
David Homoney, Oklahoma, USA
Fr. Angelo Van der Putten, Oklahoma, USA
Joseph Homoney, South Carolina, USA
Carole Homoney, South Carolina, USA
Delores McCulloch, Oklahoma, USA
Frank & Avril Smith , CA , USA
John & Florence Rodgers , CA , USA
Frank W. Smith, III , CA , USA
Cliff & Emily Rodgers , CA , USA
Lionel & Jean Rodgers , CA , USA
Lionel Rodgers, Jr, CA, USA .
Pam Rodgers , CA , USA
Pat and Francis Smith , CA , USA
Pop’s Sisters & Brothers & Spouses , MS , USA
David Henry Smith , LA , USA
Uncle Henry’s sons, LA, USA
Louis Siquiera & Wife , CA , USA
Manual & Rose Rodgers , CA , USA
Grandpa’s Sisters & Brothers , CA , USA
Grandma’s Sisters & Brothers , CA , USA
John Wayne , CA , USA
Elvis Presley , TN , USA
Martie Abizaid , CA , USA
Dot & Joe Abizaid , CA , USA
Members of the Class of 62 & 64, CA, USA
John Ryan , CA , USA
Dorothy Frawley , CA , USA
Bing Crosby , CA , USA
Joe A to Z , CA , USA
Lavars , CA , USA
Larry’s Brothers & Sister , USA
William Millstead, USA
Josephine Bradley & son, CA, USA
Nellie & Frank Sousa , CA , USA
Laurie Hall , CA , USA
Barbara Stockton , CA , USA
Rita Columbo & Husband , CA , USA
Steve Broderick , CA , USA
Frank Azevedo Family , CA , USA
Virgie & Joe Uram , CA , USA
Floss & Charlie Lentz , CA , USA
Lillian & husban & son, CA, USA
Joel , CA , USA
Gary Rodrigues , CA , USA
David Hunt , CA , USA
A. & Mary Lincoln , IL , USA
Frances Tracy , CA , USA
John Gordon Sr. & Elizabeth Mustin, USA
Lawrence & Nancy Gordon, USA
William & Anna Gordon, USA
Richard Warfield, USA
Gordon & Pheobe Gordon , USA
Amos & Rebecca Simpers, USA
Richard Ridgeway, USA
Rosa & Jesse Thomas , IN , USA
Jacob & Lydia Thomas , IN , USA
Jessie & Sarah Williams, USA
John & Sarah Thomas , IN , USA
Frank & Mae Smith , MS , USA
Henry & Cherokee Anna Smith , MS , USA
William & Elizabeth Smith , MS , USA
James & Louis Whittington, USA
Robert & Nancy Hicks, USA
John & Nancy Whittington, USA
Epraim Whittington , USA
John & Elizabeth Woodroffe, USA
John & Elizabeth Whittington, USA
Joshua & Elizabeth Whittington, USA
William & Elizabeth Whittington, III , USA
William & Esther Whittington, II , USA
William & Elizabeth Whittington I, USA
Tabitha, Atalanta, Hannah, Elizabeth , USA
Mary, Susan , USA
Mr & Mrs. Jim Stewart , CA , USA
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Duncan , IN , USA
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Jones , IN , USA
Dawson Duncan , IN , USA
Esther Winroth. USA
Mr. and Mrs. Carl McCammon , IN , USA
Ronald Regan , CA , USA
Al & Blanch Cooper , CA , USA
Louise Hart , CA , USA
Jean Pruitt , CA , USA
Jack Rodgers , CA , USA
Terry Rodgers , CA , USA
Frank W. Smith, Jr. , CA , USA
Elizabeth Smith , CA , USA
Marilyn Quinn , CA , USA
Henry Smith , FL , USA
John & Helen Vlastlin , CA , USA
John Borges , CA , USA
Judy, Jackson , CA , USA
Sharon , CA , USA
Juaquin Silva, CA, USA
Adele Capaccio, Florida, USA
Peter John Murray, Florida, USA
Peter John Smith, New York, USA
Mr. Mrs. Sterling, NSW Australia
Beryl Murray, Charleville. Australia
Sir John Keegan, England
Don Frederickson, Minnesota, USA
Mary Davies, British Columbia, Canada
Benjamin Richard Heise, New York, USA
Barbara Anne Quinn, New York, USA
Charles Ryer Heise, New York, USA
Merle Seemann, Florida, USA
Mary Seeman, New York, USA
Robert Saddlemire, New York, USA
Helen Petrelli, New York, USA
Wayne Ehman, New York, USA
Joseph Thelwell, Sussex, England
Bernard Robson, Surrey, England
Virginia Coon, Kansas, U.S.A.
Helga Finke Castro, Maryland, USA
Victor Light, Virginia, USA
Mabel Light, Virginia, USA
Teresa Crandall, Virginia, USA
Gerald Carter, Louisiana, USA
Carlton Spears, Louisiana, USA
Mickey Shunick, Louisiana, USA
Lacey Peterson, California, USA
Margarita Cabanos Custodio, Ilocos Norte, Philippines
Leroy Neiman, New York, USA
Sally Ride, California, USA
Jon, Blunk, Colorado, USA
Alex Teves, Colorado, USA
Matthew McQuinn, Colorado, USA
Veronica Moser-Sullivan, Colorado, USA
Jessica Ghawi, Colorado, USA
Alex Sullivan, Colorado, USA
John Larimer, Colorado, USA
Micayla Medek, Colorado, USA
AJ Boik, Colorado, USA
Gordon W. Cowden, Colorado, USA
Rebecca Wingo, Colorado, USA
Jesse Childress, Colorado, USA
Michael Jay Passafume, Louisiana, USA
Fernanda Rodriguez, Louisiana, USA
Aaron Collins, Kentucky, USA
Teresita San Nicolas, Guam
Jason Corpuz, Guam
Philip White, Guam
Sylvia Aflague Brown, Guam
Fr. Terence Sheridan Arizona USA
Mnsgr. Cornelius Griffin California USA
Fr. Richard Rego Arizona USA
Fr. Willard (Fr "Bud") Wiesler Arizona USA
Fr. Fabian McCarthy OCarm
Fr. Paul Smith
Mons. Duval
Mons. Rousselle
Mons. de Alba
Joaquin Felix Tena Murrieta Arizona, USA
Luz Beatriz Goyeneche Miranda de Tena Arizona, USA
Anna Maria Tena Goyeneche de Adams Arizona, USA
Joseph R. Tena Goyeneche Arizona, USA
Juan Miguel Goyeneche Gil Lamadrid Sonora Mexico
Ramona Miranda Gamez de Goyeneche Arizona, USA
Dolores Goyeneche Miranda Arizona, USA
Maria Goyeneche Miranda Arizona, USA
Maria Luisa Goyeneche Miranda de McCullough Arizona, USA
James P. Gordon Sr. Brooklyn NY USA
Molly Farrell Spearman de Gordon Brooklyn NY USA
Thomas Gordon Farrell Connecticut USA
Margaret Gordon de Savio NY USA
Kathleen Gordon de Dalton Brooklyn NY USA
James Dalton Gordon Brooklyn NY USA
Paul Ho, Hong Kong, China
Adene O’Donnell, Co. Tipperary, Ireland
Fr. Gregory, PA, USA
Fr Martin Durham, QLD, Australia
Dale Beaton, British Columbia, Canada
Nilciléia Ferreira, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Alice Coquemala, Paraná, Brazil
Henrique Alexandre Medina, Paraná, Brazil
Ferreira Family, São Paulo, Brazil
28 heroic soldiers from Paraná, killed in WWII, Paraná, Brazil
Cel. Roberto, Paraná, Brazil
Rodolfo Gonçalves, Minas Gerais, Brazil
Ciro Gonçalves, Minas Gerais, Brazil
Antônio Marcos Blanco Telles, Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil
Father Rafael Busatto, C.P., Paraná, Brazil
Arayde Spinola Gonçalves, MInas Gerais, Brazil
Lewin Family, Oxford, UK
Wayne Roland, Nebraska, USA
Polly Roland, Nebraska, USA
Leland Buehler, Nebraska, USA
Agnes Pieper, Nebraska, USA
Henry Pieper, Nebraska, USA
Johanna Teahon, Nebraska, USA
Dale Robinson, Nebraska, USA
Stella Fohne, Illinois, USA
Juan G. Quintos, Metro Manila, Philippines
Hector Ignacio O. Cordero Jr., Metro Manila, Philippines
Irene Stanfield, Ontario, Canada
Ronnie Howell, Ontario, Canada
Jagoe Family, New Brunswick, Canada
Scott Family, New Brunswick, Canada
Al Vangel, Ontario, Canada
Keegan Family, Ontario, Canada
Mr Richard Gibbons, Surrey, UK
Mr Johnny Gibbons, Cheltenham, UK
Mrs Margaret Gibbons, Cheltenham, UK
Mr Mike Gibbons, Chicago, USA
Miss Sadie Gibbons, Co Mayo, Ireland
Mr James Gibbons, Co Mayo, Ireland
Mrs Bridget Gibbons, Co Mayo, Ireland
Mr Richard Gibbons, Co Mayo, Ireland
Mrs Mary O’Toole, Co Mayo, Ireland
Mr Johnny O’Toole, Co Mayo, Ireland
Mrs Frances Jelly, Isle of Man, UK
Mr Patrick Jelly, Isle of Man, UK
Mrs Eileen Gibbons, Co Mayo, Ireland
Mrs Bridie Kelly, Kerry, Ireland
Mr Richard Kelly, Kerry, Ireland
Mr William Sheehy, Kerry, Ireland
Mr Tom Relehan, Kerry, Ireland
Mr Tadhg Sheehy, Kerry, Ireland
Mr Patrick O’Mahoney, London, UK
Mr Donal O’Mahoney, London, UK
Mr Tim Pojak, London, UK
Mr Richard Hussey, Nottingham, UK
Mrs Anne Read, Reading, UK
James P. O'Leary, Lt. Col. (USAF), Arizona, USA
Betty O'Leary, Arizona, USA
Florence Hinchon, Massachusetts, USA
Anne Hinchon, Massachusetts, USA
Thomas "Pop" Wallace, Massachusetts, USA
Mary Ellen Lutz, Connecticut, USA
Francis X. Walsh III, Connecticut, USA
Maureen O'Leary, Arizona, USA
John Puvogel, New York, USA
Ed Voska, New York, USA
Noell Voska, New York, USA
Joan Barbara Foley, New Hampshire, USA