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De mortuis nihil nisi bonum

A good rule, certainly, a hallmark of civilization, and one we have always observed.

When the dead person himself chooses to cause uproar in a "posthumous" interview timed to be released immediately following his death and published in order to criticize the Church that gave him everything he had and that made him everything he was, then, our prayers having been said, we can only affirm, without referring to any specific person: the Militant Church is better off without those who think and act against the whole purpose of the hierarchy - handing down unaltered that which they received. Without those who did all they could and still do all they can to infuse the hierarchy with pure evil and relativistic rot. "They are a wicked and perverse generation," nothing good has come or will come from them. We can "shake off the dust" from our feet, and move on: let us move on from the obsessions of the 1960s, even if some just cannot let go, even from "beyond" the grave...


  1. NIANTIC11:45 PM

    We already knew his Eminence was a modernist and dissenter, so this final goodbye is no surprise. I hope he has now been enlightend and is at peace.

  2. Mr. Burns and Smithers12:01 AM

    Wow! Right to the end and from the grave beyond.

    Imagine if he had become pope... Things would have been quite different in the Church.

  3. Scott Quinn12:52 AM

    Good riddance to this man. Talk about brick by brick! More like coffin by coffin!

  4. Clearly we should demonstrate to the public what we think of the good cardinal's opinions by having the purgatorial society offer traditional requiem Masses for the repose of his soul- lots and LOTS of traditional requiem Masses...

  5. Agreed, Cardinal Martini was a disaster for his archdiocese and one of many very ill-advised appointments by John Paul II. Today's London 'Independent' (an ultra-secularist paper) has an editorial using this interview to attack the Pope. I just read this interesting response by Fr B, which takes it to task.

  6. Prof. Basto2:11 AM

    Compare the deceased's interview with the Pope's polite telegram.

    I hope that the parts of the Pope's telegram in which he speaks of the deceased as a "zealous religious, spiritual son of St. Ignatius"; of the Archbishop having "generously served the Gospel and the Church"; of him as a "faithful servant"; and of recalling "with gratitude his intense apostolic work" are just the product of diplomatic insincerity.

    This bad example cannot be appreciated.

    Christ have mercy.

  7. JTLiuzza4:57 AM

    The quote from Moby Dick instantly sprang to my mind:

    “To the last, I grapple with thee; From hell's heart, I stab at thee; For hate's sake, I spit my last breath at thee”

    The modernists (or the silly conceit "progressive" as I have seen this Cardinal described) have done and will continue to do their damage and pass to judgment as will we all.

    They will be just a footnote of Church history and another set of heretics will come along. The Church will bury them as well.

    I don't lament the passage of this Cardinal but I do lament the countless souls who have been lost because of the heresy of our time and of this time in Church history: modernism. That damage continues.

  8. Barbara5:46 AM

    I am surrounded my his Emminence's disciples, so imagine what kind of watered-down Catholicism prevails here. And it's impossible to speak to theses disciples who seem to be "endowed" by a certain blindness and hard-headness - un- able to see or consider the MASSIVE contradictions against the Faith that this ecclesiatic OPENLY espoused. Madness!

    R.I.P. to this man whom I found utterly disturbing and often disgusting. (SORRY) He was a favourite with all the enemies of Holy Church in Italy - what more can be said - but I really hope and have prayed that he is OK...

  9. Gratias6:25 AM

    Gott seid Dank für Benedictus XVI.

  10. I feel so terribly sorry for him. How, where he now sits in atonement, must he be regretting these words.

    Nothing could (forgetting the personages involved) be more eloquent evidence of a lack of preparedness for one's eternal end than the attempt to influence the world from beyond death.

    And coupled with this he now can see that he was wrong.

    Requiescat in pace.

  11. J.G.Ratkaj11:13 AM

    I am convinced that there is already a pressure group in preparation for this Jesuit's beatifiction (like for JPI and JPII). The see of St. Ambrose has been occupied by dubious and sinister characters since Pius XII' fatal decision to promote montini to the said see.

  12. GQ Rep11:14 AM

    None of us should be surprised by this disgusting and conceited interview given by the late Cardnal Carlo Maria Martini shortly before his death. He had spoken in similar ways at other times, and had on more than one occasion, created an opportunity for himself to repudiate the teachings of Pope Benedict XVI, and indeed the ancient teachings and traditions of the Catholic Church.
    He was part of an aged group in the Church (fortunatly) which has for fifty years repudiated the sacred traditions , disiplines and beliefs of the Catholic Church, instead trying to creat a new "church" built solely on the interpretations -or misinterpretations-of Vatican II itself. To them, the Catholic Church began not at the Last Supper with Jesus Christ and for 1,900 years after, but only at Vatican II and what came after it in all it's abuses.
    The LCWR nuns in the USA-another very aged group-are just like Martini, and I am sure that they and other elderly liberals are crying their eyes out at the death of their great Jesuit champion. They should be crying their eyes out for his vision of the Church (and theirs), which is rapidly dying as well. We should be grateful for that.

    May Cardinal Martini rest in peace.
    It is supremely unfortunate that someone with such a great mind and such skills would have used these skills to foster dissent, disobedience, and rejection of the teachings of the Church rather than promoting obedience and holiness.
    Although only the Good Lord can now judge him, this parting interview made shortly before his death which he knew was coming is a tremendous disgrace and reveals a man who to the end, tried to bring others to defy and disobey the Vicar of Christ on Earth and the teachings of the Church.

  13. Rorate said:

    "When the dead person himself chooses to cause uproar in a "posthumous" interview timed to be released immediately following his death"


    They have no sons
    Of spirit or body
    Oh, perhaps illegitimate
    For those proud and shoddy

    They have no sons
    Of spiritual repute
    And their Flesh-less words
    Dwell to dispute

    But we have sons
    Of souls and mortal
    Manning, guarding
    The Barque's every portal

    While Son-less men
    Lie like whores
    Forever in fornication
    With the lion who roars!!

  14. AldocCP11:15 AM

    That's an ancient Roman proverb. Would anyone apply that to any historical tyrant? I doubt that. Martini, the quintessential Jesuit "scholar" and dissenter was PROMOTED BY THE POPE.
    What about the rest of us who have been persecuted for more than 40 years?
    Martini was a tyrant and a protestant, at very best.
    Vatican2 did this to us.
    Had enough yet?

  15. The most interesting and disturbing thing about that interview is that he acknowledges the wreckage all around him but thinks that the problem is that the reformers did not do enough.

  16. Cola di Cola4:02 PM

    A couple of questions come to mind.

    Why would a man who believes this way remain in the Church?

    How could a man who believes this way be made a Cardinal?

  17. Surely we need to pray for the repose of his eternal soul. And we need also to pray for the eternal salvation of those souls he has led astray due to his dissent, disobedience, pride and mamby-pamby progressive thinking.

    Mercy Lord Jesus, mercy!!!

  18. I'll pray that the Pope doesn't share his modernist views.

    It's pointless to speak ill of the dead, despite his post-mortem exhortation, for only God know his final faith.

  19. Um, it's not the Church which gives us everything we have and makes us everything we are.

    Try again please.


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