Rorate Caeli

Mondays: Pray for the Souls in Purgatory

Below, please find the sixty-second posting of enrolled souls of the Rorate Caeli Purgatorial Society.

Mondays in the Church have traditionally been set aside for the souls in Purgatory. Here's an extra prayer you can add to your routine for them:

Monday Prayer for the Faithful Departed

O Lord God omnipotent, I beseech Thee by the Precious Blood which Thy divine Son Jesus shed in His cruel scourging, deliver the souls in purgatory, and among them all, especially that soul which is nearest to its entrance into Thy glory, that it may soon begin to praise and bless Thee for ever. Amen.

How to enroll souls: please email me at and submit as follows: "Name, State, Country." If you want to enroll entire families, simply write in the email: "The Jones family, Ohio, USA". Individual names are preferred. Be greedy -- send in as many as you wish and forward this posting to friends as well.

Please consider forwarding this Society to your family and friends, announcing from the pulpit during Holy Mass or listing in your church bulletin. We need to spread the word and relieve more suffering souls.

Please pray for the enrolled souls and the 17 holy priests saying Traditional Masses for the Society:

"For all the souls enrolled in the Rorate Caeli Purgatorial Society: Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them. May their souls and the souls of all the Faithful departed rest in peace. Amen."

Then ...

Almighty and ever living God,
we ask Thy blessing upon the priests
who offer Masses for the Purgatorial Society.
Give them a greater awareness of the grace
that Thou dost pour out through the Sacraments,
and by their devout celebration of the Sacred Mysteries,
increase in them a love for Thee.
Give strength to Thy priests, O Shepherd of the flock;
when they are in doubt, give them the assurance of faith,
and in Thy goodness confirm them as heralds of Thy Truth
to all who seek to follow in Thy path.
We ask this through Our Lord Jesus Christ, Eternal Priest,
Who lives and reigns with Thee in the unity with the Holy Ghost,
God, for ever and ever. Amen.

Enrolled Souls of the Rorate Caeli Purgatorial Society:

Darcy Joseph Jones, NSW, Australia
Mary Philomena Delyall, NSW, Australia
Peter Speight, NSW, Australia
Harry Dunn, NSW, Australia
Billy Johnson, South Carolina, USA
Florence Johnson, South Carolina, USA
Bill Johnson, South Carolina, USA
Randolph Langley, South Carolina, USA
Milda Langley, South Carolina, USA
Leroy Fales, South Carolina, USA
Mgr. Angelo Amodeo, Milan, Italy
Giovanna Reinaudo, Cuorgnè, Italy
The Hernandez family, TX, USA
Annie Hernandez, TX, USA
The Sebastian Family, NM
Jesus Raphael Dator Santos, Philippines
Arturo Natividad Aguila, Philippines
Edmundo Jose L. Monfort, Philippines
Sister Angelina Vallas CND, Nova Scotia Canada
Edward Paruch, Nova Scotia, Canada
Lois Dunn, Nova Scotia, Canada
Bradley Fox, Pennsylvania, USA
Peter Lougheed, Alberta, Canada
Aurelio Martin, Batangas, Philippines
Allyre Sirois, Saskatchewan, Canada
Iris Switzke, Sasktachewan, Canada
Peter Lougheed, Alberta, Canada
John Christopher Stevens, USA
Sean Smith, USA
Fr. Anthony Tran Van Kiem, USA
Giuseppina Maria Fontana, British Columbia, Canada
Donald John MacDougall, British Columbia, Canada
Alma McDougall, British Columbia, Canada
Mary Patricia Josephine O'Neill, British Columbia, Canada
Tomas Durian Pagalilauan, British Columbia, Canada
Mons Leo Hatswell, NSW, Australia
Frances Dowling, NSW, Australia
The Dowling Family, Australia
Frank Massey, NSW, Australia
Catherine Massey, NSW, Australia
Leo Massey, QLD, Australia
The Massey Family, Australia
Ned Hardiman, VIC, Australia
Cecilia Hardiman, VIC, Australia
Cameron Thompson, NSW, Australia
The Ratcliffe and Calnan Families, NSW, Australia
Inca Calnan, QLD, Australia
Sean Firmager, VIC, Australia
Frank Firmager, Surrey, UK
The Firmager Family, UK
Cuthbert, UK
James Smark, VIC, Australia
Carolyn Smark, VIC, Australia
The Smark Family, VIC, Australia
Harry Palmer, NSW, Australia
Jenny Nussio, NSW, Australia
Les Coelli, NSW, Australia
Judith Coelli, NSW, Australia
Augustine McAuliffe, VIC, Australia
Margaret Youngman, VIC, Australia
Patricia Gordon, NSW, Australia
John McDonald, NSW, Australia
Fr Stephen Abdoo, NSW, Australia
Bill Breen, NSW, Australia
Maurice Breen, NSW, Australia
Sr. Pilar Versoza, RGS, Metro Manila, Philippines
Kay Morley USA
Doris Oehler Coyle USA
Tracy Ranson USA
Bill McGruder USA
Hank Morley USA
Jim Vesper USA
Marylin Vesper USA
Morley Family USA
Wegman Family USA
Vesper Family USA
Chuck Theil USA
Bob Reuss USA
Emmett Ireland USA
David Warsen, Michigan, USA
Christopher Miller, Louisiana, USA
David Lewis, Louisiana, USA
Consuela Lewis, Louisiana, USA
Kevin Lewis, Louisiana, USA
Lachandra Lewis, Louisiana, USA
Donald Liu, Illinois, USA
Brandon Nielsen, Louisiana, USA
Jeremy Triche, Louisiana, USA
Deanna Cook Patrick, Texas, USA
Caleb Beaver, Mississippi, USA
Sheila Evangelista Concepcion, Metro Manila, Philippines
William Mootz, Nevada, USA
William Roark, Georgia, USA
Tiffany York, Georgia, USA
Isaac Grubb, Tennessee, USA
Jonathon Kelly, Texas, USA
Christina LoBrutto, New Jersey, USA
Bryan Breen, New Jersey, USA
Terence Tyler, New Jersey, USA
Shane W. Cantu. Michigan, USA
Robert M. Kelly, Florida, USA
Jeremie S. Border, Texas, USA
Jonathan P. Schmidt, Virginia, USA
Alec R. Terwiske, Indiana, USA
Kyle R. Rookey, New York, USA
Sr. Mary Francis Sharbel, P.C.P.A., Alabama, USA
Robert Rodriguez, USA
Nicolas Perania Sonalan, Metro Manila, Philippines
Teodoro R. Dizon, Metro Manila, Philippines
Canuto Oreta, Malabon, Philippines
Cipriano Maribojoc, Metro Manila, Philippines
Mikael Alexander Mulia, Kota Wisata, Indonesia
Gabriel Alexander Mulia, Kota Wisata, Indonesia
Sutan Siregar, Jakarta, Indonesia
Herman Slamet, Jakarta, Indonesia
Henry Suwito, Rotterdam, Netherlands
Yohannes Soekarno, Jakarta, Indonesia
Fransiskus Sangkala Widjaja, Palopo, Indonesia
Ratna, Garut, Indonesia
Pekarnasih, Garut, Indonesia
Agustinus Gunawan Gomulia, Garut, Indonesia
Setyadarma, Garut, Indonesia
Lina Gomulia, Garut, Indonesia
Carlo Maria Cardinal Martini SJ, Milan, Italy
Pater Almering SJ, Solo, Indonesia
Pater J. Cassutt SJ, Solo, Indonesia
Svendpri, Jakarta, Indonesia
Ade Maria Lena, Larantuka, Indonesia
Freddy Harsono Kosasih, Bandung, Indonesia
Johnny Iskandar Isa, Surabaya, Indonesia
Petrus Isyandra - Tjoa Boen Sian, Kroya, Indonesia
Mellie Liauw, Kota Wisata, Indonesia
Irianto, Kota Wisata, Indonesia
Daniel Uteh, Kota Wisata, Indonesia
Yakobus Hendra Bunawan, Jakarta, Indonesia
Henk Widjaja Husada, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Fr. Joseph Hardjono, Bogor, Indonesia
Fr. J.E. Janssen SJ, Jakarta, Indonesia
Pater Jeuken SJ, Jakarta, Indonesia
Pater Sewaka SJ, Jakarta, Indonesia
Pater Drost SJ, Girisonta, Indonesia
Kamilus Kamil Taufik Mulia, Jakarta, Indonesia
Joseph Borromeus Soemarmo SK, Jakarta, Indonesia
Maria Magdalena Soenarti, Jakarta, Indonesia
Maria Magdalena Nani Kadarsih, Jakarta, Indonesia
Kam Bok San, Jakarta, Indonesia
Tan Soe Lie Nio, Jakarta, Indonesia
Agostino Audino, British Columbia, Canada
Alfredo A. Briglio, British Columbia, Canada
Joseph Anthony Curtis, British Columbia, Canada
Maria Adelaide Almeida Duarte, British Columbia, Canada
Maria de Jesus Ferreira, British Columbia, Canada
Giuseppina Maria Fontana, British Columbia, Canada
Henry Barney Gamba, British Columbia, Canada
Lawrence Edwin Lloyd, British Columbia, Canada
Robert Neil Kevin MacLean, British Columbia, Canada
Walburga Sehn, British Columbia, Canada
Karel Joseph Ten Hoope, British Columbia, Canada
Jack Boucher, USA
Jon Morgan, Alabama, USA
Eva M. Suarez, Maine, USA
Bishop Maffeo Giovanni Ducoli, Belluno-Feltre, Italy
Bishop Aurelio Granada Escudeiro, Angra, Portugal
Bishop William Pascal Kikoti, Mpanda, Tanzania
Bishop Eduardo Koaik, Piracicaba, Brazil
Bishop Herve-Marie Le Cleac'h SS.CC., Taiohae or Tefenuaenata, Marquises Islands, French Polynesia
Bishop Louis Ncamiso Ndlovu O.S.M., Manzini, Swaziland
Bishop Riccardo Ruotolo, Manfredonia-Vieste-San Giovanni Rotondo, Italy
Bishop Stefan Siczek, Radom, Poland
Bishop Manuel Eguiguren Galarraga O.F.M., El Beni, Bolivia
Bishop Vinzenz Guggenberger, Regensburg, Germany
Gerard Rixhon, Metro Manila, Philippines
Kay Morley, Ky., USA
Julita G. Lacson, Metro Manila, Philippines
Mrs. June Anna Neeck, WI, USA
Reverend Mother Gertrude,OSB, Saint Loup-Lamaire, France
Fr. John of the Cross, OSB, NM, USA
Bishop Joseph R. Rodericks, Jamshedpur, India
Frances B. Stephenson, Ohio, USA
Earl E. Stephenson, Ohio USA
Harriet Bridgeman, New York, USA
John F. Bridgeman, New York, USA
Frances Mohan, New York, USA
The Mann Family, New York, USA
The Mohan Family, New York, USA
The Bridgeman Family, New York, USA
Elza Stephenson, Ohio, USA
Grace Stephenson, Ohio USA
Mary Ella Stephenson, Kentucky, USA
Edward Maddox, Kentucky, USA
Margaret Maddox, Kentucky, USA
Lawrence Maddox, Kentucky, USA
The Maddox Family, Kentucky, USA
Harold Stephenson, West Virginia, USA
The Stephenson Family, Kentucky, USA
Bradley Fallon, Ohio, USA
Mary Jane Maio, New York, USA
The Maio Family, New York, USA
Robert Bender, Pennsylvania, USA
The Bender Family, Pennsylvania, USA
The Kohl Family, Pennsylvania, USA
Hal David, California, USA
Maria D. LaFleur, N.H., USA
Joseph G. Piroch, Pennsylvania, USA
Frances Wiktorowski, Pennsylvania, USA
Andrew Piacente, New York, USA
Tim's family and extended family, Thessaloniki, Greece
Mary Tomlinson Krebs, California, USA
Francis of Red Breeze, New York, USA
Fr. Daniel Joly, France
Jose & Esther Antiporda of Manila, Phil
Reverend Hernando Antiporda D. D.of Manila, Phil
Clemente & Agatona Antiporda of Binangonan, Phil
Eduardo & Ursula Guazonof Manila , Phil.
Manuel & Rosa San joseof Pandacan, Manila, Phil
Carmen, Remedios, Chata, Sor Lina Izquirdo of Philippines
Federico & Rosa Martin of Hagonoy Bulacan Phil. and children
Rev. Jose Martin of Grace Park Phil
Charlene Webber, Michigan, USA
Janice Chaput, Michigan, USA
Joe Chaput, Michigan, USA
Mary Lou Rohrer, California, USA
Jim Strickler, Michigan, USA
Ella Mae Strickler, Michigan, USA
Addie Miller, Michigan, USA
Otto Bitnar, Michigan, USA
Forest Irish, Michigan, USA
Anna Zwicker, Michigan, USA
Anne Eisenhardt, Michigan, USA
Tom Fangman, Michigan, USA
Winnie Fangman, Michigan, USA
Robert Monk, Orlando, Florida
Julian Lambrecht, Michigan, USA
Magdalena Lambrecht, Michigan USA
Merv Huston, Michigan USA
Ron Newman, Savannah, GA
Eleanor Louise Renehan, Michigan, USA
Eva Krenke, Michigan, USA
Harry Krenke, Michigan, USA
Ona Kuschel, Michigan, USA
Robert DiCecco, CT, USA
Carlo Maria Cardinal Martini, SJ, Milan, Italy
Fr. J. Murray Abraham SJ, Kurseong, India
Florentino E. Santos, Metro Manila, Philippines Robert Potter, Delaware, USA
William Zumsteg, Delaware, USA
William Waulkawitz, Delaware, USA
James Leacu, California, USA
The Ketterer family, Delaware, USA
The Dougherty family, Pennsylvania, USA
The Walker family, Pennsylvania, USA
The Datillo family, Pennsylvania, USA
The Mower family, Maryland, USA and Ireland
The Stacey family, Maryland, USA
The Dougherty family, Massachusetts, USA
The Leacu family, Massachusetts, USA
Luiz de Alcantara Lopes, SP, Brazil
Anna Maria de Almeida Lorena Machado, SP, Brazil
Carlos Smith, SP, Brazil
Tristão de Oliveira Salazar, RS, Brazil
G de Barros Fabrício, RS, Brazil
John and Margaret Shaffer, PA, USA
John and Nancy Shaffer, PA, USA
James Shaffer, NY, USA
Blaise Shaffer, NY, USA
Fr. John Obrien, NY, USA
Msgr Eugene Clark, NY, USA
Don Shaffer, NY, USA
George and Rita Shaffer, OH. USA
Hugh Stormer, TX, USA
Francis X. Maher, New York, USA
Robert Edwards, Florida, USA
William Lichen, Florida, USA
William Davern, New York, USA
June Woods, New York, USA
Rev. Monsignor Eugene Clark, New York, USA
Rev. J. Steele, S.J., Colorado, USA
Peter John Murray, Florida, USA
Jerry Mink, California, USA
Thomas Haugh, California, USA
Drue Carney, California, USA
Vernon Mink, Ohio, USA
Kathleen Bass, Ohio, USA
David King, California, USA
Romy Suarez, Metro Manila, Philippines
Rommel Suarez, Metro Manila, Philippines
Rodel Suarez, Metro Manila, Philippines
Martin Almeda, Metro Manila, Philippines
Thomas Daniel Andersson, Lund, Sweden
William Bebbington, British Columbia, Canada
Elisabeth Buis, British Columbia, Canada
Antonio Della Figliola, British Columbia, Canada
Corinne Loretta Estey, British Columbia, Canada
Giuseppe Lorenzo Filipelli, British Columbia, Canada
Alfred Nickolas Gerein, British Columbia, Canada
Arthur John Jordan, British Columbia, Canada
John Steve Kryski, British Columbia, Canada
Louis Henri Mahussier, British Columbia, Canada
Vera Meneghetti, British Columbia, Canada
John Ellison Mills, British Columbia, Canada
Kevin Owen Mulhern, British Columbia, Canada
Josephine Leontina Skuce, British Columbia, Canada
Rudolf Stipancik, British Columbia, Canada
Teresa Po Shim Dhawan Wong, British Columbia, Canada
Bronislaw Zablocki, Ohio, USA
Katherine Gorman, NJ
William Gorman, NJ
Margaret Kennedy, PA
Patrick Kennedy, PA
Ferd Stackel, DE
Veronica Golaszewski, NJ
Lance Golaszewski, NJ
Anna Kottler NJ
John Kottler, NJ
John Brady, CA
Thomas Christian, NJ
Kathleen Christian, PA
Anne Donnelly, NJ
Joseph donnelly, NJ
Alice Dowe, NJ
Al Dowe, NJ
Marie Christian, PA
John Christian, PA
Patricia Pace, Pa
Ernest Pace, PA
Patrick Kennedy, NJ
Janet Kennedy, PA
Patricia Kennedy, NJ
Anne Rooney, NJ
Margaret Gorman, PA
William Gorman, PA
Francis Dowe, NJ
Donna Leanord, VA
Ellie Roberts, NJ
Mrs. Linda Cherry, Alberta Canada
Mr. Cherry, Alberta Canada
Edwin "Mickey" Clark and family, Pennsylvania, USA
Debbie Vigna, Pennsylvania, USA
Ed Shaughnessy, Pennsylvania, USA
Umbaldo Ciotti, Italy, died Pennsylvania, USA
Kenneth Spearing, Pennsylvania, USA
Ron Lundgren, Pennsylvania, USA
Lil McCLain, Pennsylvania, USA
George and Sarah Lanigan and family, Pennsylvania, USA
Karnavas family, Pennsylvania, USA
Paul Shannon, Pennsylvania, USA
Tilly McFarland, Pennsylvania, USA
Louis 'Lefty' Ross, Pennsylvania, USA
Barbara Carter and family, Pennsylvania, USA
Richard and Nancy Simoni and family, Pennsylvania, USA
George Wasler and family, Pennsylvania, USA
William F. Schiefelbein Jr., Pennsylvania, USA
Birge and Tiger and family, Pennsylvania, USA
The Dr. Tom Todd family, Pennsylvania, USA
Mr. Tony Lolli, Pennsylvania, USA
Michael John O'Connell, USA
Fr Ralph W. Beiting, Kentucky, USA
Neil Armstrong, Ohio, USA
Wilfreda P. Gill, British Columbia, Canada
Linda Cherry: Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada
Norman Cherry: Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada
Leona Bourlotte: Quesnel, British Columbia, Canada
John Bourlotte: Quenel, British Columbia, Canada
Frank Jenks: Langley, British Columbia, Canada
Simone Jenks: Langley, British Columbia, Canada
Douglas Jenks: Kitimat, British Columbia, Canada
John Broulotte: Salmo, British Columbia, Canada
Mike Supine: Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada
Patrick Supine: Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada
Darlene Dirk: Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada
Caroline Drescher: Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada
Leonora Drescher: Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada
Ella Frank: Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada
Samuel Frank: Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada
Bruno Wolzl: Vienna, Austria
Hermine Wolzl: Vienna Austria
Johannes Rebernik: Vienna, Austria
Hermine Rebernik: Vienna, Austria
Adolf Wolzl Sr., Vienna, Austria
Anna Wolzl, Vienna, Austria
Adolf Wolzl Jr., Vienna, Austria
Edmund Szelag, Vilna, Canada
Kenneth Ames: Red Deer, Alberta, Canada
Edward Ames: Pincher Creek, Alberta, Canada
John Cudrak Sr: Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada
Kristina Cudrak: Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada
Annie Letal: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Frank Cudrak: Taber, Alberta, Canada
Monica Pigat: Lrthbridge, Alberta, Canada
John Cudrak Jr: Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada
Rose Cudrak: Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada
Frank Lambert: Bonnyville, Alberta, Canada
Dora Lambert: Bonnyville, Alberta, Canada
Joselito M. Ybañez, Metro Manila, Philippines
Ruben P. Bonoan, Metro Manila, Philippines
Anita Kozy Ont. Can.
Frank Kozy Ont. Can.
Frank Kozy jr. Ont. Can.
Martin Kozy Ont. Can.
Don. Kozy Ont. Can.
Helen Martin Ont. Can.
Charles Martin Ont. Can.
Frances Martin Ont. Can.
Renee Martin Ont. Can.
Wilford Martin Ont. Can.
Bernard Martin Ont. Can.
Arnel Martin Ont. Can.
Clarence Martin Ont. Can.
Blanch Martin Ont. Can.
Olive Martin Ont. Can.
Marian Turner Ont. Can.
Stanley Kozlovsky Ont. Can.
Bob Martin Ont. Can.
Marian Martin Ont. Can.
Trish Martin Ont. Can.
Sutan Siregar, Pamulang, Indonesia
Laura Guilhermina da Costa Santos, Lisboa, Portugal
Luis Augusto da Costa Santos, Lisboa, Portugal
Maria Filomena da Costa Santos, Lisboa, Portugal
Luis Jorge Costa Travassos dos Santos, Lisboa, Portugal
Galiano Travassos Xavier dos Santos, Lisboa, Portugal
Maria Julia da Costa Santos, Lisboa, Portugal
Howard & Irene Green, Durban, South Africa
Brian Green, Durban, South Africa
Maurice Green, Durban, South Africa
Basil Green, Durban, South Africa
Patrick le Marque, Durban, South Africa
Raquel le Marque, Durban, South Africa
Brandon Green, Durban, South Africa
Elizabeth Green , Durban, South Africa
Husband of Elizabeth Green, Durban, South Africa
Hope Milton, Durban, South Africa
Vincent Isaacs, Durban, South Africa
Joseph Isaacs, Durban, South Africa
Carl Smerdon, Durban, South Africa
Aubrey Smerdon (father), Durban, South Africa
Aubrey Smerdon (son), Durban, South Africa
Craig Murray, Durban, South Africa
Mrs Leach, Durban, South Africa
Papa and Mrs Schultz, Durban, South Africa
Patrick Underwood, Durban, South Africa
Lyndon Underwood, Durban, South Africa
Adelle Underwood, Durban, South Africa
Sean Lazarus & children, Durban, South Africa
Luke George, Durban, South Africa
Poonky' George , Durban, South Africa
Thina Mzameko , Port Shepstone, South Africa
Frans Mbili Port Shepstone, South Africa
Chantell Stals Port Shepstone, South Africa
Ozzy Port Shepstone, South Africa
Mr. Chellan Port Shepstone, South Africa
Joffe Swartz, Durban, South Africa
Tarryn Frank, Durban, South Africa
Dorothy Frank, Durban, South Africa
Kenny Frank, Durban, South Africa
Mr & Mrs Frank, Durban, South Africa
Mr Alec Warren, Durban, South Africa
Mr Goldie Edom, Durban, South Africa
Clifton Fuller, Durban, South Africa
Wayne Fuller, Durban, South Africa
Gary Meintjies, Durban, South Africa
Hiram Lotz, Durban, South Africa
Bradley & Mickey Barbeau, Durban, South Africa
Clive Davids, Durban, South Africa
Desmond & Graham Smerdon, Durban, South Africa
Mr & Mrs Selling, Durban, South Africa
Alan & Pay Selling, Durban, South Africa
Joan de Vries, Durban, South Africa
Mrs Chateau, Durban, South Africa
Mrs Raw, Durban, South Africa
Augie Isaacs, Durban, South Africa
Ada Isaacs, Durban, South Africa
Mr & Mrs Nun, Durban, South Africa
Mr & Mrs George, Durban, South Africa
Jerome Fynn, Durban, South Africa
Oscar, Durban, South Africa
Deon Gardiner, Durban, South Africa
Neil & Glen Harms, Durban, South Africa
Mustang James, Durban, South Africa
Mark Kinsey, Durban, South Africa
Prem , Durban, South Africa
Robert, Durban, South Africa
George (bus driver) , Durban, South Africa
Mr & Mrs Paulus, Durban, South Africa
Mr & Mrs Adams, Durban, South Africa
Mr & Mrs Goad, Durban, South Africa
Mr & Mrs Maroney, Durban, South Africa
Ashley Barnwell , Durban, South Africa
Bronwyn Bollay, Durban, South Africa
Nancy Green, Durban, South Africa
Mr & Mrs Memella, Durban, South Africa
‘Piesang' Memella, Durban, South Africa
Mr & Mrs Jones, Durban, South Africa
Kenneth Nun, Durban, South Africa
Trevor George, Durban, South Africa
Mr & Mrs Starkey, Durban, South Africa
Mr Cherry, Durban, South Africa
Tauns' Crookes, Durban, South Africa
Steve Pottier, Durban, South Africa
Jeff Booysen, Durban, South Africa
Mr & Mrs Ruminy, Durban, South Africa
Alex Noble, Durban, South Africa
Mr & Mrs Jean, Durban, South Africa
Mr Abrahams, Durban, South Africa
Mr Daniels, Durban, South Africa
Mr & Mrs Wright, Durban, South Africa
Mr Dargaville, Auckland, New Zealand
Colin, Durban, South Africa
Venice, Auckland, New Zealand
Bradley (Bubble), Durban, South Africa
Gregory Rose, Durban, South Africa
Charles & Mrs Mannikum, Durban, South Africa
Neil & Sivi (paramedics), Durban, South Africa
Martin & Michael Gaillard, Durban, South Africa
John Mbambo, Port Sheptone. South Africa
Renee Harrington, Durban, South Africa
Mr & Mrs Harrington, Durban, South Africa
Clifton Fuller, Durban, South Africa
Mr & Mrs Fuller , Durban, South Africa
Yum Yum' & Rose, Durban, South Africa
Fr. Reg Shummagum, Durban, South Africa
Fr. Blackie, Durban, South Africa
Fr. Langlois, Durban, South Africa
Fr. Carey, Durban, South Africa
Fr. Sham, Durban, South Africa
Fr. Eldred Leslie, Durban, South Africa
Mrs Mannikum , Durban, South Africa
Farley Money, Durban, South Africa
Mr & Mrs Samuels, Durban, South Africa
Mr Lazarus, Durban, South Africa
Mr & Mrs Constance, Durban, South Africa
Mrs Rajah, Durban, South Africa
Joseph Kerepa, Kaupena Village, Papua New Guinea
All patients of Mark Mitchelson
All people (souls) Mark Mitchelson offered to pray for
James S. Cole, Sr., Wyoming, USA
Joyce J. Cole, Missouri, USA
Howard R. Cole, Arizona, USA
Cardinal Paul Shan Kuo-hsi, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Vicenta Del Moral, Philippines
Luis Del Moral, Philippines
Felicita Roque, Philippines
Randy Sedano, California, USA
Roger Sedano, California, USA
Jay Soliman, Philippines
June Soliman, Philippines
Choleng Rafada, California, USA
Dolores Uring Diaz, Philippines
Epifanio Diaz, Philippines
Helen Payabyab Galos, California, USA
Andres Jose Galos, California, USA
Clem Escopete, California, USA
Menlo Avestro, California, USA
Elpidio Garcia, California, USA
Edilberto Diaz, California, USA
Ludi Diaz, California, USA
Delores Sausa, California, USA
Meliton Sausa, California, USA
Agapito Sausa, California, USA
Lilian Cwalina, California, USA
Jorge Dayao, California, USA
Anita Lerma, California, USA
Fr. Hugh Thwaites, SJ, England
Mercedita R. Sarmiento, Metro Manila, Philippines
Fr Hugh Thwaites SJ
Jessup Bahinting, Cebu, Philippines
Kshitiz Chand, Cebu, Philippines
Fr. Elmer W. Heindl, New York, USA
Martha Wolf, British Columbia, Canada
Cecilia Magdalene Adams, Alberta, Canada
Ralph James Adams, Alberta, Canada
Raymond Thomas Adams, Alberta, Canada
Thomas James Adams, Alberta, Canada
Celina Adams, Alberta, Canada
Magdalene Tucking, Alberta, Canada
Arnold Tucking, Alberta, Canada
Helen Tucking, Alberta, Canada
Anna dooling, Alberta, Canada
George Dooling, Alberta, Canada
Theresa Dooling, Alberta, Canada
John Herman Tucking, Saskatchewan, Canada
Sr. Celina Maxfield, Alberta, Canada
Sr. Margaret Rose Tucking, Saskatchewan, Canada
Lillian Rice, Ontario, Canada
Mary Harper, Missouri, USA
Glen Harper, Missouri, USA
Richard Rathwell, Alberta, Canada
Rod Courtney, Alberta, Canada
Maria Wojtkiw, Alberta, Canada
Ellen McGuire, Alberta, Canada
Irene Hawes, Alberta, Canada
Rev. Jerome Dowling OMI, Alberta, Canada
Richard Bridges, California, USA
Felicidad Torio, Pangasinan, Philippines
Ramon Torio, Pangasinan, Philippines
Torio Family, Pangasinan, Philippines
Gonzalo dela Cruz, Pangasinan, Philippines
Raymunda Valencia, Pangasinan, Philippines
Navarro Family, Pangasinan, Philippines
Dela Cruz Family, Pangasinan, Philippines
Cruz Family, Pangasinan, Philippines
Dizon Family, Pangasinan, Philippines
Vidal Family, Pangasinan, Philippines
Deceased Clergy and Religious of the Archdiocese of
Lingayen-Dagupan,Pangasinan, Philippines
Deceased Lay Faithful of the Archdiocese of
Lingayen-Dagupan,Pangasinan, Philippines
Iris Daisy Kock, Gauteng, South Africa
Mathew Champion, Gauteng, South Africa
Dalton Borragerio, Gauteng, South Africa
Gina Alves, Gauteng, South Africa
Monica Catherine Leong Colom, Gauteng, South Africa
Ellen Veronica Granger, RI, USA
Robert Johnson, California, USA
The deceased of the Breunig Family, California, USA
The deceased of the Gimenez Family, California, USA
Sr. Mary Francisca, Washington, USA
Sr. Maria Mechtilde, Washington, USA
Katherine Hand, Illinois, USA
Jesse Robredo, Naga City, Philippines
Norbert Dunn, Wisconsin, USA
Kathryn Haliday, KS, USA
Erling Johnson Jr., WI, USA
Phyllis Diller, CA, USA
Lisa Marie Mezera, WI, USA
Steven Bryant, WI, USA
Clyde John Ellis, WI, USA
Ian Maxwell Glidden, WI, USA
Roberta Haug, WI, USA
Gene Arthur Poppe, WI, USA
Audrey Parr, WI, USA
Ferne Burmood, WI, USA
Lester Hoy, Sr., WI, USA
Anne Andrea, WI, USA
Cynthia DeLacy, WI, USA
Louise Maraccini, WI, USA
Alice Pagliaroni, WI, USA
Lloyd Peters, WI, USA
Helen Christensen, WI, USA
Joyce Hlavacek, WI, USA
Richard Leifer, WI, USA
George Mink, WI, USA
Michael Rouse, WI, USA
Alvie Huffstuttler, WI, USA
Mary Jorgenson, WI, USA
Linda Gibson, WI, USA
Florence Ruffalo, WI, USA
Evelyn Kalix, WI, USA
Michael Klemko, WI, USA
Ronald Nelson, WI, USA
Ruth Peratt, WI, USA
Arthur Rendall, WI, USA
Oscar Salas, WI, USA
Robert Schroeder, WI, USA
Theodore Schulte, WI, USA
Dana Wickersham Sr., WI, USA
Bob Borella, Florida, USA
Charline Pavliska, TX, USA
Joseph Monreal, California, USA
Charles Marshall, California, USA
The Langan family, Fife, Scotland, UK
Kris Sikorski, Utah, USA
Sabine MacCormack, Indiana, USA
Fr. Raymond Dunn SJ, California, USA
Jane Toon, Leicester, England
Michael John O'Connell, North Carolina, USA
Joseph Elliott, California, USA
Mary Johnson, Washington, USA
Frank Elliott, Washington, USA
Ella Burney, California, USA
Dean Burney, California, USA
Ade Maria Lena, Larantuka, Indonesia
Freddy Harsono Kosasih, Bandung, Indonesia
Johnny Iskandar Isa, Surabaya, Indonesia
Petrus Isyandra - Tjoa Boen Sian, Kroya, Indonesia
Mellie Liauw, Kota Wisata, Indonesia
Irianto, Kota Wisata, Indonesia
Daniel Uteh, Kota Wisata, Indonesia
Yakobus Hendra Bunawan, Jakarta, Indonesia
Henk Widjaja Husada, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Fr. Joseph Hardjono, Bogor, Indonesia
Fr. J.E. Janssen SJ, Jakarta, Indonesia
Pater Jeuken SJ, Jakarta, Indonesia
Pater Sewaka SJ, Jakarta, Indonesia
Pater Drost SJ, Girisonta, Indonesia
Kamilus Kamil Taufik Mulia, Jakarta, Indonesia
Joseph Borromeus Soemarmo SK, Jakarta, Indonesia
Maria Magdalena Soenarti, Jakarta, Indonesia
Maria Magdalena Nani Kadarsih, Jakarta, Indonesia
Kam Bok San, Jakarta, Indonesia
Tan Soe Lie Nio, Jakarta, Indonesia
Ratna, Garut, Indonesia
Pekarnasih, Garut, Indonesia
Agustinus Gunawan Gomulia, Garut, Indonesia
Setyadarma, Garut, Indonesia
Lina Gomulia, Garut, Indonesia
Gilbert Romero, Texas, USA
Paul Bestick, Iowa, USA
Betty Bestick, Iowa, USA
Sister Catherine O'Brien, BVM, Iowa, USA
Sister Mary Valeria (Lucille Walker), CSC, Indiana, USA
Sister Mary Laura (Kathleen Marie Till), CSC, Indiana, USA