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Celebrating the end of the Liturgical Year with Gabrieli - I

2012 marks the 400th anniversary of the death of Giovanni Gabrieli, main organist of San Marco, in Venice - the titular organist of the primo organo at Saint Mark's, accompanied by composing duties, occupied one of the most prestigious musical positions in the Most Serene Republic and in all of Italy.


  1. Of course, it wasn't a cathedral in Gabrieli's day, but a palatine chapel (the cathedral then rather pointedly being sited in the more industrial east end of the city near the Arsenale), and of a republic that received the Tridentine reforms with a certain amount of, um, discretion.

  2. "...and of a republic that received the Tridentine reforms with a certain amount of, um, discretion."


  3. Joseph3:57 AM

    The Church of "San Marco" was built as a "palatine" church in 832.Palatine church means that it was built adjacent to the Palazzo Ducale and the Duke wanted quick access to Mass from his residence. It was almost burnt by a fire in 976 it was renovated in 1063 and then riconsecrated in 1094 after the miraculous finding of the body of St Mark hidden in a large column during a war. The "pianta" of the church or plan was preserved as in 976! There could not have been a little chapel next to the magnificent palazzo as implied by Liam .St Mark's church was embellished during the centuries because of devotion. When it comes to churches the venetians ALWAYS thought BIG! The churches of the Serenissima Republic of Venice are big even if they are not all cathedrals. Venice is unmached in all of Europe precisely because of the architecture of the churches they built. As far as the other unspecified attack to the Tridentine reforms,um...?

  4. His music is sublime!

  5. My point is that some of the musical innovation occurred in Venice because of the freedom there. I did not attack on the Tridentine reforms, but just was providing a context many people forget.

  6. Thanks for this. I can recommend the Solemn Vespers there on Sundays. The Sunday Solemn MOF is also done well.


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