Rorate Caeli

Purgatorial Society Priests: Send in Info ...

Below, please find the sixty-fourth posting of enrolled Souls of the Rorate Caeli Purgatorial Society.

ALSO: For the 17 priests saying Masses for the Souls, please send me a quick email at (just need name and email address). Having email issues and need ALL of you to send me an email for our records. Any priests who want to start saying TLMs for the Souls may also email me. Last, any priests saying either monthly or daily Masses for the Souls I don't know of, email me your information as well. As always, this will remain completely private. 

How to enroll souls: please email me at and submit as follows: "Name, State, Country." If you want to enroll entire families, simply write in the email: "The Jones family, Ohio, USA". Individual names are preferred. Be greedy -- send in as many as you wish and forward this posting to friends as well.

Please consider forwarding this Society to your family and friends, announcing from the pulpit during Holy Mass or listing in your church bulletin. We need to spread the word and relieve more suffering souls.

Please pray for the enrolled Souls and the 17 holy priests saying Traditional Masses for the Society:

"For all the souls enrolled in the Rorate Caeli Purgatorial Society: Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them. May their souls and the souls of all the Faithful departed rest in peace. Amen."

Then ...

Almighty and ever living God,
we ask Thy blessing upon the priests
who offer Masses for the Purgatorial Society.
Give them a greater awareness of the grace
that Thou dost pour out through the Sacraments,
and by their devout celebration of the Sacred Mysteries,
increase in them a love for Thee.
Give strength to Thy priests, O Shepherd of the flock;
when they are in doubt, give them the assurance of faith,
and in Thy goodness confirm them as heralds of Thy Truth
to all who seek to follow in Thy path.
We ask this through Our Lord Jesus Christ, Eternal Priest,
Who lives and reigns with Thee in the unity with the Holy Ghost,
God, for ever and ever. Amen.

Enrolled Souls of the Rorate Caeli Purgatorial Society:

Chan Mei Shan Teresia (陳美珊), Hong Kong
Peter Chan (陳多祿), Hong Kong
Marko i Manda Ivančičević, Vinkovci, Croatia
Fr Cosmas Aina, Ilorin, Nigeria
Gregoria F. De Leon, Metro Manila, Philippines
Libertad Tizon, Metro Manila, Philippines
Milagros Millar Dayrit, Metro Manila, Philippines
Libertad B. Macaraig, Metro Manila, Philippines
Bernard Lang, MN, USA
Michael Gooley, MN, USA
Mary Gibbs, MN, USA
Ann Shimota, MN, USA
James Shimota, MN, USA
The Lang Family, MN, USA
The Gooley Family, MN, USA
The Gibbs Family, MN, USA
The Firkus Family, WI, USA
The Yaklin Family, TX, USA
The Justmann Family, IA, USA
The Mahoney Family, MN, USA
The Finn Family, MN, USA
The Hudson Family, MN, USA
The Waldron Family, MN, USA
The Williams Family, MN, USA
The Hildebrand Family, MN, USA
The Kruse Family, IA, USA
The Cloos Family, IA, USA
Monsignor Gerald Breen, Ontario, Canada
Gregory Martin, Malta, Europe
Avelino Tajonera, Philippines
Senen Mendiola, Metro Manila, Philippines
Dar Amdrei R. Coronel, Metro Manila, Philippines
Alfredo Salvano, Laguna, Philippines
Lucile Shean, Texas, USA
Joachin Damian, Texas, USA
Rowland Schwake, Ohio, USA
Jerome Schafer, Ohio, USA
Doris Schafer, Ohio, USA
Andrew Baumer, Ohio, USA
Harvey Miner, Ohio, USA
Florence Miner, Ohio, USA
Jay Luthman, Ohio, USA
Frank Lauer, Ohio, USA
Glenna Ann Burns, California, USA
John Cullen Burns, California, USA
Charles Peter Burns, California, USA
Nelia Dulay, California, USA
Msgr. Gerard Schons, California, USA
Nicholas Franusich, California, USA
Vernon Tisdale, California, USA
Anne Tisdale, California, USA
Gerald Graichen, California, USA
Nicholas Webb, Wiltshire, England
Lucille D.Williams, Oregon, United States
Charlene Sullivan, Ky., USA
Veronica Morzen, New York, USA
Josephine Mrozowski, Delaware, USA
Edward Mrozowski, Delaware, USA
Charles Culver, New York, USA
Harold Baker, New York, USA
Helen de Fresart, Liege, Belgium
Dennis Pipp, Alabama, USA
Cyndi Babecka, Georgia, USA
Mike Pence, Indiana, USA
Florence Wallis, Indiana, USA
Henry Birch Wallis, Indiana, USA
Donna Hupp, Indiana, USA
Raymond Hupp, Indiana, USA
Kevin O'Leary, Indiana, USA
Rob Henke, Indiana, USA
Barbara Krukeberg, Indiana, USA
Nancy Gerth, Indiana, USA
Father Don Quinn, Indiana, USA
Father J. Joseph McNally, Indiana, USA
Frank Carr, Indiana, USA
George Carr, Indiana, USA
David Pride, Indiana, USA
Jennifer Longworth, Indiana, USA
John Longworth, Indiana, USA
Anna Stephan, Pennsylvania , USA
Edwin Thomas Sr. , Pennsylvania , USA
Edwin Thomas Jr., Pennsylvania , USA
Helen Thomas, Pennsylvania , USA
Jack Nichols, Washington, USA
Jose Garcia, Jalisco, Mexico
Robert Francis, New Jersey, USA
Fr. Daniel Joly
Fr. Luigi Villa:  Italy
Matthew Skinner, Texas, USA
Alvina Gregory, PA, USA
Urban Gregory, PA, USA
Lidwina Hoffman, PA, USA
Richard Gregory, PA, USA
William Mamonluk, British Columbia, Canada
Ted from Gladchuk's, Maryland, USA
F. Hubbard Gwynne, New York, USA
Pete Petrosky, New York, USA
E. J. Ford, Tennessee, USA
Valerio Lauzze, NY, USA
W. Andrew Brennan, Massechusetts, USA
Veronica Zaluski and family, Pennsylvania, USA
Helen Liberatore and family, Pennsylvania, USA
R. Donald Crenna, California, USA
Mary Kubik, Pennsylvania, USA
Anne Dugan, Pennsylvania, USA
Sheilagh Lockert, Alberta, Canada
Dorothy Watkins and families, GA. USA
Margaret Maria Asel, Simi Valley, California
Franz Borner, Sr. and Gertrude Borner, Bochum, Germany
Ludwig Asel, Kaiserslautern, Germany
Clare Asel, Waiblingen, Germany
Gerde Ott, Heidelberg, Germany
Franz Borner, Jr, Bochum, Germany
Gerhardt Borner, Chatsworth, California
Grandmother and Grandfather Radon, Braunschweig, Germany
Margaret Maria Asel
Franz Borner, Sr. and Gertrude Borner
Ludwig Asel
Clare Asel
Gerde Ott
Franz Borner, Jr. and Gerhardt Borner
Grandfather Ahrens
Grandmother Radon
Blanche Sokoloski, NJ
Joseph Sokoloski, NJ
Mary Rutkowski, NJ
Kenneth Causey, MS
Xavia Causey, MS
Raymond Alphonse Jurewicz, Pennsylvania, USA
Jack Rees,Pennsylvania, USA
Andrew Stasny, Pennsylvania, USA
Agnes Stasny, Pennsylvania, USA
Roman Jurewicz, Pennsylvania, USA
Josephine Jurewicz, Pennsylvania, USA
Margaret Rees, Pennsylvania, USA
Albert Rees, Pennsylvania, USA
Joseph Stasny, Pennsylvania, USA
Charles Kaniecki, Pennsylvania, USA
Kevin Rees, Pennsylvania, USA
Ondrej Stastny, Pruzina, Slovakia
Bertina Nemec, Pruzina, Slovakia
Jozef Nemec, Pruzina, Slovakia
Stuart Watkinson, Brisbane, Australia
Ailsa Hardess, Brisbane, Australia
Raymond Hardess, Brisbane, Australia
Theresa Ruebenson, Illinois, USA
Maria Victoria Reyes, Laguna, Philippines
Savita Halappanavar, Ireland
Domenico Bombara, British Columbia, Canada
Sr. Margaret Connolly, RSCJ, Nova Scotia, Canada
Bruno Noel Facchin, British Columbia, Canada
Richard Ian Hamilton, British Columbia, Canada
Katherine Salik, Alberta, Canada
Odis W. Loynes, Tennessee, USA
Elsie T. Stevens, Wisconsin, USA
Peter Quick, Tennessee, USA
Bishop Michael Hrynchyshyn, C.SS.R.
The Borges family, Minas Gerais, Brazil
The Menezes family, Minas Gerais, Brazil
The Pereira family, Minas Gerais, Brazil
The Gonzaga family, Minas Gerais, Brazil
The Gomes family, Minas Gerais, Brazil
Anna Marie Felix, Metro Manila, Philippines
Tom Noveske, Oregon, USA
Doris Noveske, Oregon, USA
Karien van Teeffelen, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
John & Margaret Thompson, NH, USA
Mr Justin Majanil, Sabah, Malaysia
Mdm Ladiam Tidada, Sabah, Malaysia
Mr Harry Justin, Sabah, Malaysia
Mr Charlie Tinggi, Sabah, Malaysia
Mr Josim Alexander Tinggi, Sabah, Malaysia
Kristy Renee Chamberlain, Ohio
Father Barry Benz, Ohio
Mary Pauline Davis, Ohio
Charles Albert Davis, Ohio
William Clayton Smith, Ohio
Hildreth Smith Jr., Ohio
Hildreth Smith Sr., Ohio
Jack Harper, Ohio
Joan Harper, Ohio
Fred Ankrum, Ohio
Julie Ann Rodelas, Metro Manila, Philippines
Juan Barrio, British Columbia, Canada
Giovanni Ciolfitto, British Columbia, Canada
Lewis Victor Glavina, British Columbia, Canada
Pearl Hrabar, British Columbia, Canada
Erminia Massullo, British Columbia, Canada
Maria Angela Sacilotto, British Columbia, Canada
Robert Glynn Spelliscy, British Columbia, Canada
Ian Holmes, Saskatchewan, Canada
Beverly LaGesse, Illinois, USA
Debbie Metheral, British Columbia, Canada
Fr Christopher Smith, IC, Cardiff, Wales
Fr Giovanni Bellabono, IC, Domodossola, Italy
Jaime B. Albert, Metro Manila, Philippines
Julie Sultan, Philippines
Ronald Dinio, Philippines
Jose Quichocho Terlaje, Guam
Mrs. Ada Mordue and her husband, North England, United Kingdom
Ms. Ivy Savage, South West England, United Kingdom
Mr. James Dathan, North England, United Kingdom
Mrs. Jean Dathan, North England, United Kingdom
Lorenzo Montanari, British Columbia, Canada
Mrs Kear, NSW Australia.
Paul Williams, NSW Australia.
Sister Marsha Nededog, SSND, Guam
Janet Layson, Guam
Inocencia Oflada, Metro Manila, Philippines
Wanda Rieder, VA, USA
Carmen Lizares Lim, British Columbia, Canada
Roy Wotske, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Dave Poyle, British Columbia, Canada
Sr. Bernadette (Celina) Maxfield, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Marija Woytkiew, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Ellen MacGuire, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Irene Hawes, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
William Hawes, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Mark and Gertrude Flowers and relatives  Ohio USA
Paul Flowers Ohio USA
Mr. and Mrs. Butler Georgia USA
Robert and Barbara Kromer, FL, USA
William Kromer, MI, USA
Jean Kromer, CO, USA
Ruth Gripshover, VA, USA
Carol Schooley, VA, USA
Jim Gripshover, OH, USA
Al and Gertrude Gripshover, KY, USA
Emma Gripshover
Canon James Fanahan O’Brien, Somerset, UK
Anthony Xuereb, Fgura, Malta
Marinus Lagarde, Deurne, The Netherlands
Maria van der Zwaan, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Petronella Cremers, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Petrus Steunenberg, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Fr. Gorman, Cape Town, South Africa
Peter Kraus, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Jessica Leijer, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Michelle Fernandez, Parow, South Africa
Mrs Backman, Bellville, South Africa
Mr Backman, Bellville, SouthAfrica
Adelia Gordon, Brackenfell, South Africa
Sr. Assumpta, South Africa
Pat Nofke, South Africa
Fr. Jan Kavelaers, South Africa
Leo Bok, South Africa
Br. Jan o.s.a. Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Fam. Ingham, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Patricia Herrera, Waalre, The Netherlands
Theo van Aken, The Netherlands
Peter Cox, Yorkshire, England
Mary Chittock, Yorkshire, England
Elizabeth Chittock, Yorkshire, England
Georgina Chittock, Yorkshire, England
David Harman, Yorkshire, England
Rose Chittock, Yorkshire, England
Albert Chittock, Yorkshire, England
Geoff Maidment, Yorkshire, England
Walter Holmes, Yorkshire, England
Andrew Lilley, Yorkshire, England
Chloe Shaw, Birmingham, England
Ivor Thomas, Yorkshire, England
Elizabeth Taylor, Yorkshire, England
Mary Mclaughlin  Leicester UK
Bernard Mclaughlin UK
Martin O Donlon Leicester UK
Margaret O Donlon Leicester UK
Jacqueline Johnson Leicester |UK
Ricky Johnson Leicester UK
Dorothy Smith Peterborough UK
Susan Smith Peterborough UK
Olwyn Halsy Oxford UK
Bruce Halsy Oxford UK  
Drummon Macdonold Leicester UK
Giuse Phuong Nguyen, Missouri, USA
Barbara Curtis, Virgina, USA
Ruth Gripshover, Virginia, USA
Carol Schooley, Virginia, USA
Stan Schooley, Virginia, USA
James Gripshover, Kentucky, USA
Barbara Kromer, Michigan, USA
Robert Kromer, Michigan, USA
Aloysius Gripshover, Kentucky, USA
Mary Gripshover, Kentucky, USA
Yvonne Belleville, Massacusetts, USA
Gary Gripshover, Kentucky, USA
David Hannick, Virginia, USA
Bernard John Fudge, Glamorgan, Wales
Patricia Davies, Bristol, England
Justina Aranda  Arizona  USA
Thomas Aranda Arizona  USA
Maria Guadalupe Aranda Arizona USA
Ricardo Sainz Arizona USA
Manuel Arino Arizona USA
Francisco Sainz Arizona USA
Lawrence Earl Melby Jr. Arizona USA
Milton Frantz Arizona USA
Mary Agnes Tholt Virginia USA
Macedonio Aranda El Chante Mexico
Cecilia Covarrubias Limon Mexico
Agapito Covarrubias Limon Mexico
Dolores Jimenez Virginia USA
Margaret (Witham) Gallante, Massachusetts, USA
Katherine (Hegarty) Witham, Massachusetts, USA
Katherine Witham, Massachusetts, USA
George Witham, Massachusetts, USA
Jacinto Gallante, Massachusetts, USA
Maria (Pacheco) Gallante, Massachusetts
Malcolm Wiatroski, New Jersey, USA
Catherine(Gleason) Wiatroski, New Jersey, USA
Margaret Grace Gallante, Massachusetts, USA
Thomas E. Connolly, Massachusetts, USA
Cosmo Delano, Massachusetts, USA
Eduardo Dias, Massachusetts, USA
Geraldine (Gallante) Dias, USA
Jerry Panico, Massachusetts, USA
Jack Harbison, Massachusetts, USA
Cynthia (Gallante) Panico, Massachusetts, USA
Lee Ivy, Massachusetts, USA
Robert Habbel, Massachusetts, USA
Elenore Habbel, Massachusetts, USA
John Gouviea, Massachusetts, USA
John Gouviea, Jr., Massachusetts, USA
Ruthy Gouviea, Massachusetts, USA
Cyrish Magalang, Cavite, Philippines
Melitona Satuito Raguin, Naga, Philippines
Pascual Perez, Dominican Republic
Frances Michelle Bautista Ablaza, California, USA
The Szczerba Family
The Wilbert Family
The Zenewich Family
The Michalski Family
Nick R. Szczerba, Michigan USA
Mary Zenewich, Michigan USA
Leon Zenewich Michigan USA
Jerome Michalski, Michigan USA
Margaret Michalski, Michigan USA
Emily Topor, Michigan USA
Frank Topor, Michigan USA
Baby Wilbert
Mark Bianchi, Washington State, USA
Joseph Elliott, California, USA
Frank Elliott, Washington, USA
Mary Elliott, Washington, USA
Mary Deegan, Bristol, Connecticut
Joseph Deegan, Bristol, Connecticut
Patrick Deegan, Bristol, Connecticut
Frank White, Bristol, Connecticut
Daniel McQuarrie, Plainville, Connecticut
Clara McQuarrie, Plainville, Connecticut
Arthur McQuarrie, Ashland, Maine
Kathleen McQuarrie Caves, Bristol, Connecticut
Thomas Caves, Bristol, Connecticut
Robert Matava, Connecticut
Betty Deegan Matava, Connecticut
George Attar, Montreal, Quebec
Lutfi Attar, Cairo, Egypt
Lucia Attar, Montreal Quebec
Arlette Attar, Montreal, Quebec
George Grabinski, Michigan
William Grabinski, Michigan
Julia Grabinski, Michigan
Paulette Theriault, Connecticut
Sigurd and Adéle Strömberg, Sweden
Family of Johan and Anna Strömberg, Sweden
Einar and Dagmar Larsson, Sweden
Family of Karl Erik and Anna Ottilia Gustafsson, Sweden
Harald and Armida Forsgren, Sweden
August and Beda Forsgren, Sweden
Johannis Forsgren, Sweden
Margareta Samuelsson, Sweden
Lars Andersson, Sweden
Helli Idergard, Sweden
Christopher Fusick, CA, USA
Edmund J. Gaughan, CA, USA
Thomas Cole, CO, USA
Helen Cole, CO, USA
Walter Gaughan, NY, USA
Elsie Gaughan, NY, USA
Mary Nee Dailey, MA, USA
Kirk Urso, Illinois, USA
Barbara Castro de Vasquez, Antioquia, Colombia
Enrique Escobar, Antioquia, Colombia
Eva Ochoa de Escobar, Antioquia, Colombia
Elvia Escobar, Antioquia, Colombia
Ernesto Saldarriaga, Antioquia, Colombia
Carlos Enrique Escobar, Antioquia, Colombia
Marta de Gomez, Antioquia, Colombia
Humberto Escobar, Antioquia, Colombia
Gabriel Sosa, Antioquia, Colombia
Gabriela Jaramillo, Antioquia, Colombia
Blanca Vasquez, Antioquia, Colombia
Raul Escobar, Antioquia, Colombia
Ivan Londoño, Cundinamarca, Colombia
Ana Julia Guzman de Martin, Cundinamarca, Colombia
Rafael Martin, Cundinamarca, Colombia
Carmenza Rico de Guzman, Cundinamarca, Colombia
Andres Guzman, Cundinamarca, Colombia
Buenaventura Guzman, Cundinamarca, Colombia
Alejandro Montes, Cundinamarca, Colombia
Gustavo Rojas, Antioquia, Colombia
Daniel Fajardo, Cundinamarca, Colombia
Maria Teresa Ortiz, Cundinamarca, Colombia
Luis Montoya, Antioquia, Colombia
Krish Vigants, Latvia
Minna Vigants, Latvia
Minna Goldmane, Latvia
Arturs Mucenieks, Latvia
Ilona Mucenieks, Latvia
Elmija Mucenieks, Latvia
Dorthy Dinda, New York, USA
Magro Family, New Jersey, USA
Stinson Family, New Jersey, USA
Granata  Family, New Jersey, USA
Evans Family, New York, USA
Duggan Family, New York, USA
Sterling Family, New Jersey, USA
Cavallo Family, New Jersey, USA
Husta Family, New Jersey, USA
Freytag Family, New Jersey, USA
James Harvey, New Jersey, USA
Danson Family, New Jersey/Pennsylvania, USA
Marrandino Family, New Jersey, USA
Peter (Pedro) Cordero, New Jersey, USA
Richardson Family, New York, USA
McTear Family, New Jersey, USA
Formica Family, New York, USA
Finn Family, New York, USA
Regan Family, New York, USA
Skrocki Family, Michigan, USA
Lee Family, Louisiana, USA
Morell Family, New Jersey, USA
Uttaro Family, New York, USA
Carfagno Family, New Jesrey, USA
Polistina Family, New Jesrey, USA
Saccoccia Family, Ohio, USA
DeLucry Family, New Jersey, USA
Walter Moraes, Sao Paulo, Brazil.
Joel Geragthy Oregon, USA
Bill Van Smoorenberg Oregon, USA
Jeffrey Heathers Michigan, USA
Eleanor Keith Oregon, USA
Lois Gustafson, Colorado, USA
The Nefflens, Christians, Farmers, and Hudsons of WVa, USA
The Davises, Lanes, Tomlinsons, Statons, and McCormicks of Virginia, USA
Garrett A. Martin, Maryland, USA
Virginia B. Martin, Maryland, USA
Dr. James R. Martin, New York, USA
Elinor R. Martin, New York, USA
Dr. Leonard Baglio, New York, USA
Mrs. Gertrude Baglio, New York, USA
Dr. and Mrs. J. Garrett Reilly, Maryland, USA
Edward and Beatrice Werling, OH
Richard Werling, OH
Victor Werling, OH
Edward Farrell, OH
George Martin, OH
Willem Kramps, Acht, The Netherlands
Marcello Casarotto, Portogruaro, ltaly
Enna Travani, Portogruaro, Italy
Renato Iotti, Hilversum, Netherlands
Anton Vierbergen, Eindhoven, Netherlands
Wilhelmina Hillegehekken, Netherlands
Nette van Gurp, Eindhoven, Netherlands
Cornelis Kramps, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Louis Kramps, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Louis jr, Kramps, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Peter Kramps, Amsterdam, Netherlands
The Gonsaga family, Minas Gerais, Brasil
The Silva family, Minas Gerais, Brasil
Marcella Lyon, MO  USA
Franks Lyon , MO USA
George Latore, MO USA
Frank Latore , MO USA
Ruth Latore , MO  USA
Fr. Mario Ross, MO USA
Dennis Cronin, MO USA
Elizabeth DeCarlo, MO USA
Elmer Yore Family, Mo USA
Roy Harrington Famil, MO  USA
Margaret Latore, MO  USA
Salvatore Latore, MO  USA
Elizabeth Holler, MO  USA
Harris Holler Family  Minneapolis, Minnesota  USA
William Holler Family  Minneapolis, Minnesota  USA
The Parchman family, Texas, USA
The Berns family, Ohio, USA
The John Hoog family, Texas, USA
The Randy Beck family, Texas, USA
The Mary Jones family, Texas, USA
The Warzecha family, Texas, USA
Fr. Louis LeDoux family, Washington, USA
Karen McDonough, Massachusetts, USA
Greg Rowlance, Ohio, USA
Otto Bernet, Virginia, USA
Sandra Ricks, Virginia, USA
Bobby Ricks, North Carolina, USA
Christopher DiGiorgio, Virginia, USA
X B Cox IV, Virginia, USA
John D. Thornbrugh, Nebraska, USA
Katrina Roberts, Virginia, USA
Laura Helbling, Switzerland
Bob Morgan, North Carolina, USA
Joyce Morgan, North Carolina, USA
Renato Portillo Dragon, Cavite, Philippines
Elisa Buyson Sison, Manila, Philippines
Antonio Rafael Floro Bisenio, Jr., Rizal, Philippines
James Ulilang, Manila, Philippines
Corazon Sanchez Atayde, Manila, Philippines
Barbara Gress Wright, Denmark
Bruce Lundmark, AZ, USA
Rotha Lundmark, AZ, USA
John Dougherty, AZ, USA
Marge Dougherty, AZ, USA
J. J. Cross, AZ, USA
Chris Heinrich, AZ, USA
Nick, AZ, USA
Mark, AZ, USA
Walter M. Miller, Jr., FL, USA
Shannon Smith, AZ, USA
Oleksij Dzhur
Anna Dzhur
Taras Lazuka
Stephan Lazuka
Maria Bilym
Mykhailo and Maria Kornetski
Petro and Anna Kornetski
Natalia Kornetska
Ilia Onoprienko
Sr Fevronia, SSV
Fr Eugene Pelech CSsR
Fr Ihor Mykhailak, CSsR
Bishop Filemon Kurchaba
Bishop Michael Kuchmiak
Metropolitan Michael Bzdel
Myron Leshchynski
Ivan and Kateryna Lazuka
Bohdan Viter
Ihor Fedak
Ivan and Stefania Fedak
Olha Baran
Br Vasy Stec, CSsR
Fr jaroslav Dybka, CSsR
Sr Onysyma, SSV
Fr Bohdan
holy souls in Pugatory
Sr Damiana
Olha Khort
Mary Ann Johnson, Nevada, USA
Elizabeth “Betty” Green, California, USA
Mary L. Johnson, California, USA
Rosalia Kristoff, NJ, USA
John Anthony Tobak, NJ, USA
Stephen Tobak, NJ, USA
William Tobak, NJ, USA
Julius Tobak, NJ, USA
Joan Lilly, NJ, USA
Gary Mal, NJ, USA
Margaret Rita Nilan, NY, USA
Joseph Nilan, NY, USA
Donny Miceli, NY, USA
William Ahern, CA, USA
William Gerard Ahern, CA, USA
Daniel Meeks, NJ, USA
Tom Burns, Canada
Peter R. Sarasohn, NJ, USA
Patricia Selvage, NJ, USA
Cheryl Stanley, NJ, USA
Edward Hope, SC, USA
Jennifer Upmal, NJ, USA
Nicholas Upmal, NJ, USA
Eileen Early, NJ, USA
Andrew Kristoff, NJ, USA
Elizabeth Molnar, NJ, USA
Elizabeth Kristoff, NJ, USA
Joseph Kristoff, NJ, USA
Francis Marian, KY, USA
Theresa Patrick, KY, USA
Peter Tobak, NJ, USA
Elizabeth Tobak, NJ, USA
Andrew Kristoff, NJ, USA
Stephen Kristoff, NJ, USA
Tom Roth, NJ, USA
Zigmund Tobak, NJ, USA
Margaret Mal, NJ, USA
Charles Molnar, NJ, USA
John Doyle, NY, USA
Theresa Anderson, FL, USA
Joseph Anderson, FL, USA
Kathleen Green, KY, USA
Stan Green, KY, USA
Timothy Kilcullen, NY, USA
Julia Kilcullen, NY, USA
Catherine Nilan, NY, USA
Martin Nilan, NY, USA
Mary Doyle, NY, USA
Patrick Doyle, NY, USA
Ross Houston, Winnipeg, MB, Canada
Donna Marie Webb, Winnipeg, MB, Canada
Julia Romanow, Winnipeg, MB Canada
Stella Pilawa, Winnipeg, MB, Canada
Dolores Florio Huminski,  Connecticut, USA
Steven Kraft, North Carolina, USA
Margaret Mudry, Connecticut, USA
Michelle yannes, New York, USA
Mark Teofilo, New York, USA
James Mancusi, Connecticut, USA
Castona, Aaron, WI, USA
Christenson, Thomas, WI, USA
Goff, Joe, WI, USA
Hannes, Louise, WI, USA
Hoesing, Donald, WI, USA
Johnson, Darthula, WI, USA
Jornt, Raymond, WI, USA
Kapaun, Mildred, WI, USA
Karacki, Loren, WI, USA
Lootans, Rose, WI, USA
Meyer, Dale, WI, USA
Novy, Enid, WI, USA
Palmen, Roger, WI, USA
Richter, Harold, WI, USA
Rushing, Bessie, WI, USA
Swanson, Shawn, WI, USA
Thompson, Donald, WI, USA
Arneson, Loretta, WI, USA
Cabana, Elitda, WI, USA
Ehnow, Richard, WI, USA
Foster, Jessie, WI, USA
Greiner, Elmira, WI, USA
Hanson, Dorothy, WI, USA
Jensen, Gertrude, WI, USA
Kelly, Neil, WI, USA
McCallister, Katherine, WI, USA
Riley, Terence, Wi, USA
Sellers, Roger, WI, USA
Shinski, Alice, WI, USA
Socava, Tomo
Streich, James, WI, USA
Swanson, Shawn, WI, USA
Vaicelunas, Joseph, WI, USA
Virginia Mary Shaw, Wyoming, USA
Anne Hodgson, Maryland, United States
John Hodgson, Maryland, United States
James Vogel, Pennsylvania, United States
John Riddle, Massachusetts, United States
Susan McKeeta, Virginia, United States
William Davulis, Massachusetts, United States
Dominic Davulis, Massachusetts, United States
Peter S. Collorafi, New York, United States of America
Peter R. Collorafi, New York, United States of America
Phillip Zorn, New York, United States of America
Mr. + Mrs. Charles Collorafi, New York, United States of America
Mr. +Mrs Henri Brosseau, Montreal, Canada
Mr. +Mrs. Howard Clampitt, Colorada, United States of America
Mr.+Mrs. John Doran, Colorado, United States of America
James L Mahoney, Tennessee, USA; Marion D. Mahoney, Tennessee, USA; Oscar Mahoney, Tennessee, USA;  Cordelia Mahoney, Tennessee, USA
J.C. Mahoney, Tennessee, USA
Euel Mahoney, Tennessee, USA
Robert and Elizabeth Mahoney, Georgia, USA
All Mahoney Ancestors
Bishop Anthony O'Connell, Tennessee, USA
Father James A Rudisill, Tennessee, USA
Msgr Joseph Mitchell, Tennessee, USA
Father Vincent Hines, Tennessee, USA
Father Louis Junod, Tennessee, USA
Brother Cajetan, Tennessee, USA
Msgr Francis Pack, Tennessee, USA
Frank May, Tennessee, USA
Pat K  May, Tennessee, USA
Christie Brown, Tennessee, USA
Ernest Brown, Tennessee, USA
Walter Holcomb, Georgia, USA
Elizabeth Haas, Indiana, USA
Anna Sue Ables, Tennessee, USA
Charles E Rudd, Tennessee, USA
Charlotte H Rudd, Tennessee, USA
Charles Rudd, Tennessee, USA
Beulah Maggie Rudd, Tennessee, USA
All Rudd Ancestors, Tennessee, USA
Almeda Brannan, Tennessee, USA
Elizabeth Taylor, Movie Star, International
Marilyn Monroe, Movie Star, International
Mr and Mrs John F Kennedy, President and First Lady,  USA
Sen Edward Kennedy, USA
Sen Robert Kennedy, USA
Martin Luther King, USA
Malcolm Muggerridge, England
Father Malachi Martin, New York, USA
Father Paul Wickens, New Jersey, USA
Joe Sobran, USA
Michael Davies, Wales 
Leita Doolittle, Tennessee, USA
Earl Doolittle, Tennessee, USA
Max Knight, Tennessee, USA
James T. H. Farrell, Pennsylvania, USA
Jovina D. Farrell, PA, USA
Patrick Farrell, PA, USA
Catherine Farrell, PA, USA
Edward Farrell, Sr., PA, USA
Helen Farrell, PA, USA
Edward Farrell, Jr., MA & FL, USA
The Farrell Family, PA, USA
Mamie Hall, PA, USA
Jim Hall, PA, USA
Thomas Hall, VA, USA
The Hall Family, PA & VA, USA
Catherine Meehan, USA
The Meehan Family, PA, USA
Lucy Stango, PA, USA
Joseph Stango, PA, USA
The Stango Family, PA, USA
Generoso Ciccone, PA, USA
Laura Ciccone, PA, USA
Romulus Ciccone, PA, USA
Mary Ciccone, PA, USA
Anna Sabatino, NJ, USA
Medie Sabatino, NJ, USA
Remo Ciccone, PA, USA
Buddy Ciccone, CA, USA
Joyce Ciccone, PA, USA
Gina Varani, PA, USA
Ubaldo Varani, PA, USA
Joseph Engle, PA, USA
The Ciccone family
The Caringi family
Thomas Seykora, MI, USA
The Seykora family, MN, USA
Phyllis Ligouri, CA, USA
Joseph Ligouri, CA, USA
Shannon Ligouri, CA, USA
The Ligouri family
Michael Giovenella
Norberto Duero, Cantilan, Philippines
Kia (Sia Engka), Cantilan, Philippines
Alex Tiu, Cantilan,Philippines
Lalo Tiu, Cantilan,Philippines
Lina, Cantilan,Philippines
Celedonia Arjona, Cantilan,Philippines
Josefa Duero, Cantilan,Philippines
Cecilio Duero, Cantilan,Philippines
Rafael Arjona, Cantilan,Philippines
Rosalinda Azarcon, Cantilan,Philippines
Marlo Jose Salarda, Cantilan,Philippines
Mariano Salarda, Cantilan,Philippines
Restituta, Cantilan,Philippines
Brendan and Nellie Herlihy, Dublin, Ireland
Rose and Harry Cahill, Cork, Ireland
Joseph Byrne, Glasgow Scotland
Mary Ellen Byrne, Glasgow Scotland
Ronald Barnes, Wigton England
Dane Matthew Vogel, Missouri, USA
Patricia Edwards Zimmer, Kansas, USA
Catherine Anne Knollmeyer, Missouri, USA