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Two forms of "Youth Mass"

Two Masses, two sides of the battle over the minds and hearts of young Catholics.

1) This is a promotional poster for the "Messe qui prend son temps", the "Mass that takes its time", that is regularly celebrated by the French Jesuits in the Eglise Saint-Ignace in Paris, expressly for students and young professionals. The poster is currently on the main page of the website of the Jesuit Province of France. Versions of this Mass are also celebrated in a few other cities in France. 

And here are some glimpses of what the French Jesuit "Mass that takes its time" is like:

Meanwhile, the Jesuit Province of France had only 3 new novices for the year 2011-2012; in the same period, 30 members of the same province died. The province currently has 400 members, half of whom are over 75 years old. (Source.)

2) From the blog of Philip Gerard Johnson comes the following pictures of cadets at a Veterans' Day Mass at St. Benedict Parish (FSSP), Virginia:


  1. Picard1:15 PM

    WoW, great pictures (the second Mass, of course!!) - imperessing!

  2. Antoñana1:24 PM

    Si cum (his) jesuitis itis, nunquam cum Jesu itis.

  3. Richard Mount1:25 PM

    I find the second Mass as disturbing as the first, both are playing with Mass both introduce elements that are not rubrical.
    In fact I find the second more disturbing, in so far as it is "The Mass" that is "mucked around" with.

  4. Peterman1:26 PM

    The views from France are obviously distressing considering that it's the duty of France to protect and defend the Roman Catholic Church. Do many these days realize that is the traditional role of the French monarchy?

    I know this fact seems quite irrelevant today but it will seem a lot less irrelevant soon.

  5. Paddy1:40 PM

    The Mass that Takes its Time is certainly not the Mass of Ages!

    Still, doesn't look too outrageous as the Novus Ordo goes.

    Maybe it will lead some young people to eventually discover and embrace the traditional liturgy, when they get fed up with those posturing Jesuits!

    The ways of God, and of His Church, are marvelous indeed.

  6. corruptio optimi pessima

    There appears to be no bottom beneath the free fall of The Jebbies; they are on their way to perdition and they are bringing fools along with them.

  7. "I find the second Mass as disturbing as the first, both are playing with Mass both introduce elements that are not rubrical.
    In fact I find the second more disturbing, in so far as it is "The Mass" that is "mucked around" with."

    There is a long tradition of presenting arms during the consecration at Mass.

    A little knowledge is a dangerous thing, Richard.

  8. The Knights of Columbus do the same thing, Richard. It's not "mucked around with" at all, sir.

  9. Francis3:15 PM

    Great pictures from the FSSP parish celebrating the Mass of the ages in Virginia. As for what I call the "romper room mass" sponsored by the spirit of Vatican II and its main adherents the Jesuits, nature will take its course. We still must pray for their conversion (and for the misguided souls that the Jesuits and other modernists inside the post-conciliar church are influencing) back to the true faith.

  10. I almost threw-up at the first video, with its pseudo-cool music; the more relevant the post-Vatican II Church tries to make it seem, the more apparent how irrelevant it is becoming. I'm sticking to the FSSPX!

  11. Anonymous3:35 PM

    1 I am the true vine: and my Father is the husbandman. 2 Every branch in me that beareth not fruit, he will take away: and every one that beareth fruit, he will purge it, that it may bring forth more fruit. 3 Now you are clean, by reason of the word which I have spoken to you. 4 Abide in me: and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself, unless it abide in the vine, so neither can you, unless you abide in me. 5 I am the vine: you the branches. He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same beareth much fruit: for without me you can do nothing. 6 If any one abide not in me, he shall be cast forth as a branch and shall wither: and they shall gather him up and cast him into the fire: and he burneth. 7 If you abide in me and my words abide in you, you shall ask whatever you will: and it shall be done unto you. 8 In this is my Father glorified: that you bring forth very much fruit and become my disciples.


  12. Gratias4:11 PM

    On November 17, 2012, our Pope Benedict XVI said to the FRENCH bishops:

    "The beauty of the celebrations, much more than innovations and subjective adaptations, is what makes the work of evangelization durable and efficacious".

    What happened to the Jesuits? It is chronicled in "The Jesuits: The Society of Jesus and the Betrayal of the Roman Catholic Church" by Malachi Martin, Simon & Schuster, NY. Worth reading.

  13. Don't be so quick to condemn all of the Jesuits.

  14. Kathleen5:14 PM

    Wow! Talk about truth in advertising!

    The two young men depicted in the poster are the personification of bored, sullen, and worldly!

    And I didn't see any condemnation of all Jesuits here. But it is time for the suppression of the order to be considered. As a mercy to all -- most especially holy Jesuits past and present.

  15. Re: the 2nd Mass: I thought laymen were forbidden to cover their heads in Church?

  16. I'm not trying to argue or defend, but analyze carefully.

    About the first video--since it's a series of slides--and the music seems overlaid to accompany the slide-show, not necessarily music used at Mass--I'm trying to figure out precisely what we're seeing about the offering of the Mass, per se, that the slide-show references...

    > I see a church that has been wreckovated; sad, but that part may not be the fault of the Jesuits carrying out their ministry there now;

    > The priests seem to be wearing proper vestments, and as far as I can tell, they are following the rubrics for the post-Council Mass (although some seem not to be wearing cinctures?);

    > I can't figure out what is going on with the priests, just in stoles, sitting with small groups. Did this happen before or after Mass? During? Are they discussing? Are people going to confession? Does anyone know?

    > In fairness, sometimes you just work with what you have. I offer Mass routinely in churches that I'd never have designed or "renovated"; I wear the vestments provided. If pictures of me in them, at those altars, show up as examples of an abuse of the Mass, I think I'd have reason to complain.

    > I didn't watch the slides that closely; so maybe I missed something?

  17. And people wonder why no one likes going to church anymore, or why it seems no longer relevant.

  18. Anonymous8:46 PM

    I had a calendar printed by SSPX USA / Angelus Press showing historic photos of US Army and Navy chaplains offering Mass. I think it was the 2009 edition. One photo in particular comes to mind now because it showed a squad of riflemen firing a salute for the Elevation, during Mass on a island in the Pacific during WWII.


  19. I kept waiting for one of those large puppet characters to come walking out!

  20. Gratias said:

    "On November 17, 2012, our Pope Benedict XVI said to the FRENCH bishops:

    "The beauty of the celebrations, much more than innovations and subjective adaptations, is what makes the work of evangelization durable and efficacious".

    The Novus Ordo features innovations. Correct?


  21. Wow, these videos had a really strange effect on me. I haven't vomited like that in ages.

  22. Alan,

    Men under arms remain covered.

    That is, they wear their hats.

  23. Marty-Jude12:03 AM

    TBH, I felt that the pictures weren't too bad. Not my choice of Liturgy, but compared to the utter rubbish and abuses I recall when growing up in the late 70s and early 80s in the UK, it all seemed pretty tame to me. Perhaps many of us have been out of the 'mainstream' VII Church for so long that anything unrelated to Tridentine is automatically at best distasteful if not abusive.

    Must say that the 'halleluah' song is dodgy - isn't that the 'pop' song that's a bit evil, talking about murder etc.? Or am I confusing with something else?!

  24. OK, I goofed...I didn't look at the first video...

    *Shaking head*...

  25. I don't think waiving swords around at the Sacrament is in the ritual. Yes Americans make silly things up as well!
    I know the Spanish during military Masses would fire canons at the elevations of the Sacrament. I know that they march in front of the Sacrament in Seville during Holy Week.
    But salutiing with swords in the sacred space of a Church. Not sure. I know there was a prohibition on bearing arms in Churches.

  26. Does anyone know how long the presentation of arms during the consecration goes back in history, I must admit I was confused at first but now rather infatuated by its occurance

  27. Joseph3:21 AM

    I've seen much worse. These people seem devout at least. They're the contemplative-charismatic types. Probably very pro-life. I don't fault them, I fault the priest. This type of Mass also reminds me of the Neo-Catechumenical stuff a bit, with the sharing sessions before the Creed & Offertory. Poor people -- they just need direction but seem sincere. It's again, the priest who is the problem here, or at least those who formed him in seminary.

  28. The Swiss Guard remain under arms and covered during Papal Masses. They also render appropriate honors during the Mass befitting a man armed with pole arm or halberd.

    The cadets were not "waving swords around." They were rending a salute to their King.

  29. Gratias4:30 AM

    If the Jesuits have the time they should return to the Traditional Latin Mass that got them where they were.

  30. Jason C.4:09 PM

    Poster for the first Mass: elbows on the table, fail.

  31. About the second Mass.

    This is not waving with swords. This is a royal salutation, which His Royal Majesty, our King Christ Jesus is absolutely worthy of.

    This has been done at solemn Papal Masses on a regular basis, so don't complain.

  32. And about the cinctures(someone mentioned them). Priests don't have to wear them if they have albs that stick to the body enough. Same goes with the amice - if the alb covers the neck as the amice does, priest is not obliged to wear an amice.

    It's all according to the rubrics.

  33. Too painful to watch!

  34. Until the last 50 years, for 1,950 years the Mass was about Sacrifice.

  35. Will E.5:01 AM

    The Knights of Columbus have updated their protocols so that sword salutes for the elevations is no longer allowed. I'm not sure how long ago that change took place. Any KC honor guards that still do that are not following the Knights' current rules.


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