Rorate Caeli

Christus natus est nobis

A very joyful Christmas and a blessed Christmastide to all!

Breviarium Romanum - In Nativitate Domini, ad matutinum
Antiphona ad invitatorium
Gaspar Fernandes (Évora, Portugal, 1566 - Puebla, New Spain, 1629)


Grazie, Santità! Auguri anche a Lei!


Anonymous said...

a friend said,

Merry Christmas....

Guess what B16 asked for, for Christmass when he was 7 years old?

Ora et Labora said...

Merry Christmas to everyone!!!

Barbara said...

The warmest Christmas greetings to NC, all the contributor and all the people who partcipate on this very special Catholic forum.

Merry Christmas everyone! God bless us all!


Long-Skirts said...


Red cassocks
For the Altar boys
At Mass on
Christmas Eve

Red cassocks
For the Altar boys
For those who
Don’t believe

Yet creep into
The church’s womb
At Midnight Mass
Each year

They crave the sight
A drop of bright
Bold red
To stop their fear

And down the nave
The torches click
And clack opaque
Red glass

And that is so
Their senses know
To hear smell see
The Mass.

And then the

Scabbed souls with hurts
Bleed white
By Crimson red.


Mar said...

Christmas wishes to all!

I sing of a maiden
That is matchless,
King of all kings
For her son she chose.

He came so still
Where his mother was
As dew in April
That falls on the grass.

He came so still
To his mother's bower
As dew in April
That falls on the flower.

He came so still
Where his mother lay
As dew in April
That falls on the spray.

Mother and maiden
Was never none but she
Well may such a lady
God's mother be.

Anon. (early 15th century)

NBW said...

Merry Christmas to all! May God Bless everyone!

Picard said...

"Zu Bethlehem geboren ist uns ein Kindelein
Das hab ich auserkoren, sei eigen will ich sein"
- Merry and blessed Christmass to all!