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CDF communiqué on meeting with LCWR

Communiqué of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith
concerning a meeting with the Presidency of the
Leadership Conference of Women Religious

Today the Superiors of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith met with the Presidency of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR) in the United States of America. Most Rev. J. Peter Sartain, Archbishop of Seattle and the Holy See’s Delegate for the Doctrinal Assessment of the LCWR, also participated in the meeting.

As this was his first opportunity to meet with the Presidency of the LCWR, the Prefect of the Congregation, Most Rev. Gerhard Ludwig Müller, expressed his gratitude for the great contribution of women Religious to the Church in the United States as seen particularly in the many schools, hospitals, and institutions of support for the poor which have been founded and staffed by Religious over the years.

The Prefect then highlighted the teaching of the Second Vatican Council regarding the important mission of Religious to promote a vision of ecclesial communion founded on faith in Jesus Christ and the teachings of the Church as faithfully taught through the ages under the guidance of the Magisterium (Cf. Lumen gentium, nn. 43-47). He also emphasized that a Conference of Major Superiors, such as the LCWR, exists in order to promote common efforts among its member Institutes as well as cooperation with the local Conference of Bishops and with individual Bishops. For this reason, such Conferences are constituted by and remain under the direction of the Holy See (Cf. Code of Canon Law, cann. 708-709).

Finally, Archbishop Müller informed the Presidency that he had recently discussed the Doctrinal Assessment with Pope Francis, who reaffirmed the findings of the Assessment and the program of reform for this Conference of Major Superiors.

It is the sincere desire of the Holy See that this meeting may help to promote the integral witness of women Religious, based on a firm foundation of faith and Christian love, so as to preserve and strengthen it for the enrichment of the Church and society for generations to come.

[In continuity with Benedict XVI... It is good to see the emphatic reaffirmation of the supreme and immediate power of the Holy See in such matters.]


  1. Don't be nice to them. They are renegades and pagans. Either get them back into their habits with the old disciplines or excommunicate the lot of them.

  2. A

    My daughter smoked
    Her cigarettes
    My daughter drank
    Her wine

    But suddenly
    She stopped it all
    For something
    More Divine

    Some say she fell
    Into a hole
    Where went the
    Alice rabbit

    By putting on
    That churchy veil
    And brown
    Franciscan habit

    "Oh, my, poor thing
    A modern girl
    How could she make
    That choice?

    Of course you know
    It is the Church
    They give their girls
    No voice."

    When I repeat
    Their words to her
    She smiles and says,
    "All's well."

    But little me
    Oppressed, no voice
    "They can go to H*ll!" (Amen)

  3. This early action, along with the first (and only to my knowledge) appointment of a new secretary to the Congregation for Religious, makes me suspect that the reform of the religious orders is the reason a Jesuit, and this Jesuit, was elected Pope.
    First Benedict emphasized the monastic/contemplative life as the center to a renewal of Christendom. Second, a Jesuit was elected who had experience reforming his order. I see contuity between the last two pontificates, and am consoled that they see the contemplative life and its reform as the most urgent need in Christian culture.

  4. -The LCWR nuns of today
    -want to do things in their own way.

    -If Church teachings don't comport with their views
    -Those doctrines and teachings they simply eschew

    -Contraception, abortion, homosexual marriage and more
    -Are teachings these nuns simply ignore

    -When the Church called upon them to reform their ways
    -LCWR leadership responded with evasion and delays

    -They said the Church was intrusive, it's approach unfair
    -That the Church's complains were just so much hot air

    -The LCWR denied they embraced feminist themes
    -But many of their actions and speakers were feminist extreme

    -Time has run out for this disobedient group
    -The Church will jump through no more of their hoops.

    -The LCWR must either choose to reform
    -or as a Catholic conference they will be deformed

    -Let's all pray they make the right choice
    -If they do we all will certainly rejoice.

  5. Our beloved Holy Father needs to appoint an “International General Mother” of the Church from among the Superiors General of the world’s Women Religious. She would be empowered to supervise and preside over all the affairs and operations of all religious orders of women, as well as all programs, departments, agencies, auxiliaries and organizations for, of and related to women throughout the universal Church; with broad and sweeping authority to enforce the Church’s teaching regarding women, power to resolve all women’s issues, and with a mandate to lead all of the women of the Church worldwide into spiritual revitalization and renewal. In other words, a “Vice Pope” – as it were – for women, or a female counterpart of the papal office in charge of all women of the Church.

    The International General Mother of the Church would have a lifetime appointment from the Pope himself, and such an office would report directly to His Holiness. She would have her own global network and administrative bureaucracy, with her own protocols and rubrics, and her own representatives in all the dioceses throughout the world. As the most powerful and visible woman in the entire Church with direct access to the Holy Father, she would be able to help silence the ultra feminist nay-sayers who continue to clamor for the ordination of women.

    As the head of all Women Religious, she would oversee the reinstitution of the centrality of the Church’s teachings in all of the various order’s operations, and would enforce and implement the papal mandate for reform among the Sisters, both in the US and around the world. She would be charged with restoring and safeguarding the traditions consecrated women have been entrusted with and adhered to since time immemorial, harking back to the founding of women orders and the acceptance of female religious vocations. This would eliminate the complaint regarding alleged and misperceived chauvinism by the so-called “all male hierarchy” set in place to review and reform Women Religious orders in America. Let a woman oversee the reform of women.

    She would travel around the globe with His Holiness and would be seen closely at his side at all times; speaking to the issues that affect the women of the Church – and women in general – and encouraging the female faithful throughout the world. An advocate for family life and motherhood, as well as for equality, education, physical/emotional wellbeing, economic wellbeing and professional opportunities for women everywhere, she would be the Church’s strongest and most effective voice advancing the cause of women in every land and nation, and improving their plight.

    As the International General Mother of the Church, with the power, prestige and universal influence of the Papal Throne of Saint Peter behind her, she would be a strong and compelling symbol of virtue, obedience, integrity, sacrifice and submission for women in every society and culture, the true embodiment of what Catholic womanhood is all about. A woman with the faith, vision, stamina, determination and organizational skills of St. Teresa of Avila…and with the spiritual and devotional life of St. Catherine of Siena, both Doctors of the Church, and with a heart of mercy, love and compassion like our Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta, she would change the world! What a wonderful example of leadership she would be able to demonstrate for all the young girls of the Faith to look up to… she would be the virtual “Vicar of Holy Mother Mary on Earth” ….a beloved and cherished Matriarch of the One, True, Apostolic and Catholic Church…that’s what we need!!!

  6. Well, Iowa Mike, I suppose even the great Muse Long-Skirts had to begin somewhere. Keep practicing! :-)

  7. Anonymous10:16 PM

    Five years ! to reform these renegade nuns . . . How about a simple “shape up or ship out?—instead of throwing marshmellows at them—By Judge Bartley


    “On April 18, 2012, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith revealed the findings a four-year doctrinal assessment of the conference, which found “serious doctrinal problems” and the need for reform.

    It cited letters from LCWR officers as well as presentations sponsored by the conference which exhibited ‘radical feminist themes incompatible with the Catholic faith’ and dissent from Church teaching on topics including the sacramental male priesthood and homosexuality.

    The assessment also noted that while the group adamantly promotes social justice issues, it largely ignores matters of life, marriage and sexuality, which have played a large role in recent public debates.

    * * *
    The leadership conference responded June 1 to the assessment, describing it as being ‘based on unsubstantiated accusations’ and using “a flawed process that lacked transparency.”

    At the same time that it announced its findings, the Vatican placed Archbishop Sartain in charge of carrying out a reform of the group.

    He has a five-year mandate to help the conference revise its statues and review its connections to affiliated organizations. In addition, he will help create a new formation program to offer a deeper understanding of Church teaching and will be responsible for approving future speakers and presentations at the organization’s assemblies.”

  8. LCWR
    Pope says "Get up to par."

  9. I agree with the first comment's very strong words. I remember reading about this when I was like nineteen.

    Enough investigation and talk and concern and document drafting. These women are poisoning and paralyzing our virgins of Christ. The strong women in veils, like princesses of a Kingdom that is not of this world, who used to care for orphans and the sick and dying, feed the poor, clothe the naked, educate children and pray, which is greater than all of the above, if they were not. They were a mercy to humanity, a light to eyes, an implacable contradiction to a selfish world that could not help but feel shame in their presence.

    Now they are a memory only. Replaced, imperfectly numerically owing to the decline in entrance to the orders, by unveiled, undisciplined, often even arrogant, self-willed women. Rome ought finally to do something definite. Send a very muscular message that the day of unhabited Sister Serpent's Teeth is ended. This would dissuade entrance into the orders by such women and would be a sign to better women that it is safe, to one's modesty and orthodoxy, to enter a convent again.

    - adulescens

  10. Amen! to Unam's & Alexander's comments. Those women have absolutely no regard for the hands that feed them; theirs is one of the worst examples of arrogance: they seem to believe that somehow the average Catholic owes them a living. If they they want to continue as they are, perhaps they should find real jobs to support their self-made lifestyles.

  11. The problem with nuns from USA is that they are so seriously wealthy.
    So just let them slip into oblivion but cutting them loose from the barque.
    Then, like the rest of us, they can get a life belt after confession.
    God bless the Pope.

  12. Anonymous5:26 AM

    larry duncan,

    I hope that people in high places are thinking along the same lines as you. What a marvelous development in the Church that would be.... Perhaps this is an idea whose time has come.

    May the Holy Spirit guide us, and give us the discernment to see what He would have us do -- and then the faithfulness and vigor to do it!

  13. There goes the honeymoon with the left (...snicker).

  14. @Larry - Vice Pope ? You’ve thought this one out ?

    “She would travel around the globe with His Holiness and would be seen closely at his side at all times” - His and her Holinesses ? That sounds so cool !

    “a beloved and cherished Matriarch of the One, True, Apostolic and Catholic Church…that’s what we need!!!” We already have one of those.

    I’m sure a “certain section” of the Church would laud your idea.


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