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Here come the Vestals!

Oops, sorry, our mistake. It is the entrance procession at the closing mass (Sunday, Apr. 14, 2013) of the retreat of the Bishops taking part in the 51st General Assembly of the Brazilian Conference of Catholic Bishops (CNBB), in the Basilica of the National Shrine of Our Lady, in Aparecida, Brazil.

(Courtesy of our friends at Fratres in Unum.)


  1. They are called poison chalices. These rhine maidens give them to the episcopal conference. Or its the spirit of the council..the bishops poor it on themselves and ignite...or its a medical procedure. It could rven be venom after avery large snake has been milked...?
    Very very Wagnerian showing the German influence in Argentina!

  2. Urrrgh !!!

    Straightforward paganism.

  3. Wouldn't be shocked to see these Vestals in Rome soon, given the secularization of the City.


    Protestant peppered
    No seasoned salt
    Sneezy, sleazy
    A theological gestalt.

    Girls in green dresses
    Boys are erased
    Holding strange vessels
    Look pagan-debased.

    Insist they are Catholic
    Both holy and hot
    In the world of the world
    Like the poor wife of Lot.

    There's the peoples' priest
    Not much does he do
    As the sheep in the nave
    Sits like them in their pew.

    Throw in some Latin
    A little peppered and Psaltered --
    But a huge disconnection
    For the Sacrifice is altered!

  5. I thought it was a photo of Time Square or outside a souvenir shop on Fifth Ave in the thirties. Maybe a Statue of Liberty lookalike convention. The jars are to collect the change fr the missing matching facepaint.

  6. They probably just got off work spinning signs outside of a Tax Preparation Office and did not have time to go home to change before Mass.

  7. My sense does not go to paganism but to the overwhelming desire to laugh when seeing these photos. What is astounding is that the participants in these liturgies do not feel the same way. Benedict XVI in i think the Spirit of the Liturgy said Liturgical dance had no place in Christian Worship. I read that a few years ago and have felt that way since College.I graduated in 1981 the glory days if you will of rainbow stoles Liturgical dance which again provoked snickers from the congregation. I disliked it then and dislike it now.

  8. Comment of the day there, Dan Simpson :-)

  9. What is the significance of these vessels and dresses? What is in the vessels? Water?

    I've never seen anything like this before.

  10. It's for the Asperges - sorry, is the NO name for this different?...

  11. Just about anything goes in the NO mass. What will they think of next?

  12. Prophet Daniel always springs to mind when I see this. In those days, women were in the holy places committing pagan acts alongside many acts of sacrilege and blasphemy. I now have a massive file of liturgical abuses since 1970: many are totally outrageous and ultimately very insulting to our Faith. Cardinal Pacelli was correct to describe the folly of changing the Faith liturgically which is an act of suicide; not a word to be used lightly by such a man.

  13. Are they wearing green because it is springtime in the Catholic Church?

  14. But haven't we seen something like this before (only in white instead of green)?:

  15. The cultural references of the 'liturgists' who make up this kind of thing would probably have to improve an awful lot for it to be any sort of far away "Wagnerian German influence". I'd bet they never even heard of Wagner. Even to be a serious neopaganist it takes a lot more interest and study of cultural traditions and references than that which most of my average fellow countrymen would be prepared to invest when making up something to 'modernize' the Church. It's probably just some kitsch new age reference at best...

  16. However, there are no "fools" in that picture who want to turn the clock back, thank goodness!

  17. Anonymous12:19 AM

    Positively degenerate!

  18. They're in full communion folks, nothing to see here.

  19. hyssop branches and Gregorian water for the bishop

  20. Mahoney must be very jealous!

  21. They look like giant wine or cocktail glasses to me. Bottoms up!

  22. Anonymous2:45 PM

    Antiquity? Spirit of VII strikes again!

    Server 1 "What on earth is going on there?!"

    Server 2 "So, what is going on there is four women, dressed in green, with leaves in their hair, holding vases of water and twigs of hyssop, are processing in advance of the Gospel, during the entrance procession of the Mass."

    Server 1 "..." "and then what?"

    Server 2 "Well, I suppose, they will be accompanying the Bishops as they asperge the congregation."

    Server 1 "..." "But they look like Pagan Vestals!"

    Server 2 "Well, yes, sort of"

    Server 1 "Sort of?!?"

    Server 2 "Yes, well, at least one of them has a ring on her wedding finger..."

  23. Give me a hammer, men of zealous faith and prayers and I shall happily go and 'deal' with those who allowed this and also deal with this particular church as well. It needs cleansing !

  24. Always look on the bright side. At least they're decently clothed.


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