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Pope to give First Holy Communion at Roman church

According to a report, Pope Francis will give First Holy Communion to 44 children at the parish of St. Elizabeth and Zechariah in Rome on May 26. The Holy Father apparently called the pastor of the church personally to offer his services.


  1. So will the pope be distributing Holy Communion into the hand?

  2. Anonymous12:10 AM

    To whom does Francis refer when he is talking about ideologues falsifying the Gospel?

    Vatican City, Apr 19, 2013 / 07:15 am (CNA/EWTN News).- Pope Francis spent his homily today reflecting on responding to God’s invitations with the heart and not just the intellect, since this leads to ideologies that falsify the Gospel and weigh down the Church.

    “The ideologues falsify the gospel. Every ideological interpretation, wherever it comes from – from (whatever side) – is a falsification of the Gospel,” Pope Francis said April 19 at a Mass he celebrated for employees of the Vatican’s printing press and newspaper.

    “And these ideologues, as we have seen in the history of the Church, end up being intellectuals without talent, ethicists without goodness – and let us not so much as mention beauty, of which they understand nothing,” he added.

    Does he mean Catholic ideologies?

  3. Will people stop seeing the shadows of daggers in the Pope's words? He means what it obviously means having been in the center of liberation theology, he is denouncing ideologically slanted interpretations of the Gospels as heresy.

  4. Douglass -
    I've always thought that the Pope's main job when saying mass and giving a homily was as a teacher. We'd get a better understanding of Jesus/His life, how to get to Heaven, what Jesus actually said, etc.

    Expect more of ideologues and ideology talk as Pope Francis tries to tell us that taking the gospels out of context for use as a personal rallying point is a no-no.

    See? I did that in 1 sentence. Pope Francis can't do the same? BTW - not exactly an inspiring or uplifting homily but that seemed more like a memo he wanted to get out there.

    Again, if its only to a few people who hear it, nobody will care, learn, change.


    Whats' the Pope so afraid of? I'd rather have a plethora of words than a paucity of them. He is our Pope! Speak up and speak to all so we may learn his thoughts and insights.

    Anyone else feel like they're in the desert?

  5. So will the pope be distributing Holy Communion into the hand?

    Nate, previous Masses given by the Pope suggest that it will be given on the tongue.


    And Douglas, that's actually a surprisingly profound theological comment from Pope Francis.

    Ideological interpretations must be subservient to Revelation, not the other way round.

    The Pope has reprised a theological idea found in Cardinal Ratzinger's text condemning Liberation Theology -- a text where you will find a much more detailed, but also quite intellectually arduous examination of this question of the proper relationship between ideology, truth, religion, and Revelation.

  6. More photo opportunities here then

  7. Who the hell knows what he means. Perhaps he's having a pop at liberation theology?

    As to First Holy Communions, I hope the youngsters make their first Cconfessions beforehand.

    Benedict Carter


    And when he consecrates Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary will you change your tune then; a little?

  9. It also confirms that Pope Francis intends to celebrate Mass every Sunday in public.

  10. Anonymous2:07 PM

    Beyond my comment above on Francis’s statement about ideologues falsifying the Gospel, here I remind readers of other troubling events or reports:

    —Permitted Adoption by Homosexual Couples

    A few months ago he explicitly permitted a homosexual couple to adopt a child.

    —Criticised Traditionalists as Stubborn Fools

    And a a couple of days ago, he heaped praise on Vatican 2 and castigated “stubborn fools” who cannot change.

    [It seems] we are all content [in the presence of the Holy Spirit]. It is not true. This temptation is still [present] today. Just one example: we think the Council. The Council was a beautiful work of the Holy Spirit. Think of Pope John: he seemed a good pastor, and he was obedient to the Holy Spirit, and he did that. But after 50 years, have we done everything that the Holy Spirit said to us in the Council? In the continuity of the growth of the Church which was the Council?

    No, we celebrate this anniversary, we make a monument, but that does not bother us. We do not want to change. What is more: there are voices that want to go back. This is called being stubborn, this is called wanting to tame the Holy Spirit, this is called becoming fools and slow of heart.

    —And we still have fresh memories of these reports:

    —Supported Gay Civil Unions

    —Allowed Biden-Pelosi Communion

    —Said Rule of Priestly Celebacy can Change

    He said that "for the moment" he was in favor of maintaining the celibacy rule "because we have ten centuries of good experiences rather than failures." But, he added, "It is a matter of discipline, not of faith. It can change."

    —Foot Washing and Foot Kissing Prisoners including Females

    The evidence of Francis’s innate Modernism-Liberalism-Relativism mounts.—Judge Bartley

  11. Anonymous2:43 PM

    To the above depressing list, I forgot
    "Francis, the Protean Pope, bows to Mugabe"

  12. "And when he consecrates Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary will you change your tune then; a little?"

    No doubt he'll do it in such an oblique, ambiguous way we'll be left debating whether he was referring to Russia or Antarctica. Why all the sneaky sideways demarches? Why can't he just say who and what he's talking about? If he was referring to Liberation Theology, why not say so? If he meant to attack the SSPX in his homily earlier in the week, why didn't he do that? This is a hallmark of his addresses. The first one he gave contained a mention of Herod, and people leaped to proclaim that this was a coded reference to abortion. Why the code? Why not come out and speak of abortion, if that's what he really wanted to say? He's the Pope! Nobody would be shocked to find out he's against abortion, so why all the coy veils?

  13. First Holy Communion in the Ordinary Form tends to be given under both kinds, so it will necessarily be on the tongue.

    I know that in the U.S. Communion under both kinds is widespread, but in other places, for instance, here in Brazil and in Italy, too, it is more rare. We always see, in papal Masses, Communion being given only under the appearence of bread. However, for Confirmations, First Communions, etc, then Communion under both species tends to be the form used.

    The big question is wether the communicants will kneel or stand.

  14. All the subtlety is giving me a headache. Why doesn't he say what he means and say it clearly and forecefully? Let people know--without a doubt--that he won't compromise with anything that goes against what the Catholic Church teaches and has always taught. Let him speak, for Heaven's sake--and for ours--of those teachings until the air around the world rings with them.

    And, yes, Morgan, we are in the desert.

  15. Anonymous8:14 PM

    Amen! Holy Father, say what you mean in plain language. Enough with the faithful having to read the tea leaves every week. Enough with this needless obscurity. Be like Blessed John Paul II was, just say it!

  16. It's. Funny that you should say that. I never understood anything JPII said.

  17. As a Monk and Seminarian studying in Rome, the parish is literally boarding our parish of santi Urbano e Lorenzo. There has been talk that he may stop here also and our prior has been contacted but is quiet on the issue...

    If Francis does come to our parish, I am gonna go back into my cell!

  18. Sarah : "All the subtlety is giving me a headache."

    I am not surprised. The Pope is a VCII pope.

  19. Our Lady of Fatima stressed over and over again: Pray a great deal for the Holy Father, he will have much to suffer.

    oremus pro invicem


  20. Hello, Nate!

    I think Jabbapappa is right. Pope Francis has given zero people hand Communion, and almost always to kneeling communicants--the only exception to kneeling was at the Easter vigil when it seemed like some of the initiates got forgotten and came up to him later. These received standing--


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