Rorate Caeli

Slow and steady - also in the greatest Gothic Cathedrals

From Le Salon Beige, this nice symbolic piece of news:

"Beginning Sunday, September 22, and from then on on all Sundays, under the responsibility of the Cathedral Archpriest, Fr. Philippe Montier, the Mass in the Extraordinary Form of the rite will be celebrated in the Cathedral of Our Lady of Noyon [Notre-Dame de Noyon], Oise [Picardy, France], at 1800, in agreement with the Bishop of Beauvais, Noyon and Senlis, Bp. Jacques Benoît-Gonnin."

Congratulations to all involved.

The Traditional Mass will survive. It survived 1969! It will survive anything, it will still be here long after our own bodies have been laid to rest. Like the builders of the Cathedral of Noyon, 900 years old, the first or second Gothic cathedral ever built, those who struggle for the Mass know they struggle for posterity as well, for the sake of Christ and His Church.