Rorate Caeli

Rorate Caeli Purgatorial Society: Seventy-eighth posting of Souls

Below, please find the seventy-eighth posting of enrolled Souls of the Rorate Caeli Purgatorial Society.

Priests: The Souls still need more of you saying Mass for them! Please email me to offer your services. There's nothing special involved -- all you need to do is offer a weekly or monthly TLM with the intention: "For the Souls enrolled in the Rorate Caeli Purgatorial Society."

How to enroll souls: please email me at and submit as follows: "Name, State, Country." If you want to enroll entire families, simply write in the email: "The Jones family, Ohio, USA". Individual names are preferred. Be greedy -- send in as many as you wish and forward this posting to friends as well. And please follow this formatting strictly. 

Please consider forwarding this Society to your family and friends, announcing from the pulpit during Holy Mass or listing in your church bulletin. We need to spread the word and relieve more suffering souls.

Please pray for the enrolled Souls and the 36 holy priests saying Traditional Masses for the Society:

"For all the souls enrolled in the Rorate Caeli Purgatorial Society: Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them. May their souls and the souls of all the Faithful departed rest in peace. Amen."

Then ...

Almighty and ever living God,
we ask Thy blessing upon the priests
who offer Masses for the Purgatorial Society.
Give them a greater awareness of the grace
that Thou dost pour out through the Sacraments,
and by their devout celebration of the Sacred Mysteries,
increase in them a love for Thee.
Give strength to Thy priests, O Shepherd of the flock;
when they are in doubt, give them the assurance of faith,
and in Thy goodness confirm them as heralds of Thy Truth
to all who seek to follow in Thy path.
We ask this through Our Lord Jesus Christ, Eternal Priest,
Who lives and reigns with Thee in the unity with the Holy Ghost,
God, for ever and ever. Amen.

Enrolled Souls of the Rorate Caeli Purgatorial Society:

NB: These are only the names from this week. The entire list is tens of thousands of souls long and cannot be reproduced week after week publicly. 

Cardinal Ricardo Maria Carles Gordo, Barcelona, Spain
Concetta Rollo, West Virginia, USA
Carlita Crisologo - Toledo City, Philippine
Amelia Tolentino -  Sydney, Australia
John A. Wood, Washington, USA
Mildred A. Wood, Washington, USA
Lorna K. Black, Washington, USA
Emily A. Schneppenheim, Washington, USA
Werner J. Schneppenheim, Washington, USA
Joann K. Vylasek, Washington, USA
John J. Vylasek, Illinois, USA
Wilbur Wood, Washington, USA
Nellie A. Wood, Washington, USA
Harry M. Skipworth, Washington, USA
Elma E. Johnson, Washington, USA
William F. Bieber, Illinois, USA
Emilie J. Bieber, Illinois, USA
Stephan Vylasek, Illinois, USA
Kathrina Vylasek, Illinois, USA
Frank X. Schneppenheim, Minnesota, USA
Elizabeth Schneppenheim, Minnesota, USA
Chuck W. Keefer, Illinois, USA
Wilma M. Keefer, Illinois, USA
The Wood Family, Washington, USA
The Vylasek Family, Illinois, USA
The Skipworth Family, Washington, USA
The Bieber Family, Illinois, USA
The Schreier Family, Illinois, USA
The Schneppenheim Family, Minnesota, USA
The VanDusen Family, Washington, USA
Paul Moore, Ontario, Canada
Rocco & Catharine Cavalcante, Toronto, Canada
Ryan Kirk, Connecticut USA
Fr. Felix Ajiboye, Ilorin, Nigeria
Fr. Emilius Abifarin, Ilorin, Nigeria
Fr. Francis Adeponle, Ilorin, Nigeria
Sir. Akang, Ilorin, Nigeria.
Jesus Paz, Nuevo Laredo, Mexico
Irma Resendez Paz
The Paz family
The Maldonado family
The Helbling family, Penna., USA 
The Galatro family, New Jersey, USA
Lloyd Elliot Drewes, Jr.  Louisiana, USA
Rt. Rev. Msgr. Cesar Salomon, Military Ordinate, Philippines
Dr. Ernesto S. Racela, Manila, Philippines
Patricia Ann S.Pascua, Manila, Philippines
Benjamin Cervantes, Manila, Philippines
Fr. Pablo Straub, CSSR, USA&Mexico        
Atty. Roberto Alcuaz Lim, Cavite, Philippines
Ricardo Cards Guevarra, Makati City, Philippines
Hon. Ismael A. Mathay Jr., Quezon City, Philippines
James Alfred Ulilang, Manila, Philippines
Rosario de Guzman, Manila, Philippines
Jun Jimenez, Manila, Philippines
Joe Jimenez, Manila, Philippines        
Nora Ureta, Lipa City, Batangas
Anton Paul Boer, Texas, United States
Thelma Irene Boer, Texas, United States
Joseph M. Boer, Texas, United States
Selma Boer, Texas, United States
Hans Helgevold, Iowa, United States
Beatte Helgevold, Iowa, United States
Michael Joseph Boer, Texas, United States
Carol Schell, NY, USA
Fr. Lucio Gutierrez, O.P., Metro Manila, Philippines
Luke Lejeune, Louisiana, USA
Addie Wingate, Louisiana, USA
Elliot Steven Coleman, Louisiana, USA
Bertina Nelson, Louisiana, USA
Kelsey Lummus, Louisiana, USA
Thomas Liu, Hawaii
Alice Moy Toy Liu, Honolulu,Hawaii, USA
Lilyan Moy Toy, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
Florence Yee, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
Reverend Gerard Leicht, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
Reverend Charles Schmidt, Honolulu,Hawaii, USA
Alfred Toy, Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Harriet & Jim Wyllie, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
Nina Cabigas, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
Ruth Castellano, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
Maria Kleine, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
Beata and Meriusz Kosdras, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
Durmond Look, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
Valentina Lui-Kwan, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
James Ornellas, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
Dolores Pelletier, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
Katie Ritto, California, USA
Mary Salongran, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
Tomiko Takara, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
Fr. Robert Ignatius Bradley, SJ, California, USA
Marie Elaine G. Calejesan, Philippines
Manuel Luis Victorino Bautista Goco, Philippines
Bernard Oakley, Alberta, Canada
Father Robert Meng, New York, USA
Maria Helena Lima, Piaui, Brazil.
Charlotte McCollister, New York, USA
Elizabeth Ann Wood, New York, USA
Bro. Louis Tremblay, SJ, Cebu, Philippines
Louis Joseph Paduano, Fort Meyers, FL
Theresa Bronow, Illinois, USA
Ralph & Mary Ann Hopkins, California, USA
Antonia Calamia, Arizona, USA
Peter O'Toole, CA, USA
John Pereira Mumbai India
Bruce Conway, Oregon, USA
Lizama family, Guam, USA
San Nicolas Family, Guam, USA
Fr. Jack Nailand, Guam, USA
Fr. Daniel Cristobal, Guam, USA
The Richardsons, Oklahoma, USA
Nelson Mandela, Cape Town, South Africa
Vincey Mutyaba-Kampala Uganda
Joseph Mutyaba-Uganda
Fr. Ceasar Mutyaba -Uganda
Fr. Joseph Kyeyune -Uganda
Fr-Deo Nsubuga -Uganda
Sr. Maria Antony Mboya -Moshi Tanzania
George Gathara- Nairobi Kenya
Jane Kwebiiha-Uganda
Francis Muwonge-Uganda
Noel- Fort Portal Uganda
Tom Nkuubi-Uganda
Fred Uganda
Luka Baanabakintu-Masaka Uganda
Kitatamuyima Uganda
Uncle Innocent Jjemba Uganda
Uncle-Bemba Uganda
Uncle-Lutaya- Uganda
Uncle-Ssonko Uganda
Mutyaba Family in Purgatory
Friends & family in Purgatory
Antionette Wilk, Michigan, USA
Joan Lim, Metro Manila, Philippines
Gaspar Jeronimo Fernandes, Maharashtra, India
Rufus Antonio Fernandes, Maharashtra, India
Florie Bridget Fernandes, Goa, India
Vicente Rosario Lobo, Goa, India
Maria Isabella Lobo, Goa, India
Damiao Fernandes, Goa, India
Maria Fernandes, Goa, India
Albert Leonardo Fernandes, Goa, India
Victoria Coutinho, Goa, India
Galdino Coutinho, Goa, India
Fr. Louis D'mello S.J., Maharashtra, India
Joseph Fernandes, Maharashtra, India
Fr. Diago, Maharashtra, India
Fr. Conti, S.J. , Maharashtra, India
Fr. Herbert Alphonso S.J.,  Maharashtra, India
Fr. Bertram Philipps  S.J. , Maharashtra, India
Francisco Lobo, Nairobi, Kenya
Marcellina Fernandes, Goa, India
Deceased of the Darryl and Elaine family tree, Goa, India
Robert McCaslin, Virginia, USA
Pascual Antonio, California, USA
Vernon Baranco, CA, USA
Olive  Le Grand  London  England
Juana Rodriguez Dimalanta, Metro Manila, Philippines
Alison Davis, England
Amparo Cuna Sabinosa, Metro Manila, Philippines
Fr. Eulogio Estaris, Alberta, Canada
Tena Dueck, Saskatchewan, Canada
The Breslin family Donegal Ireland
Thomas Lee Wilson
Michael Ford, Michigan USA
Greg Smith, New York USA
Filipina, Tanzania
Henry Martin Family, Rhode Island, USA
Albert Hinsberger Family, Illinois, USA
George Flynn Family, Rhode Island, USA
George Haberle Family, Minnesota, USA
Edward Brummer Family, Minnesota, USA
Anton Schaefbauer Family, Minnesota, USA
Lawrence Klein Family, North Dakota, USA
Lee Thompson Young - NY, USA
Michael Cooney, Dublin, Ireland
Richard Siy, Metro Manila, Philippines
Andrew Ivan Oliver. Warwickshire. England
David John Christie. Aberdeen. Scotland
John T. Grondelski, New Jersey, USA
Caroline Grondelski, New Jersey, USA
Michal Pajak, New Jersey, USA
Mary Pajak, New Jersey, USA
Josephine Wolak, New Jersey, USA
John Wolak, New Jersey, USA
John s. Wolak, New Jersey, USA
Joseph Wolak, New Jersey, USA
Angela Wolak, New Jersey, USA
Florence Fenyar, New Jersey, USA
Wanda Mack, Connecticut, USA
Frank Grondelski, Connecticut, USA
Antoinette Grondelski, Connecticut, USA
Anna Holubowska, New Jersey, USA
Michal Holubowski, New Jersey, USA
Bertha Pajak, New Jersey, USA
Matthew Wolak, New Jersey, USA
Deceased Grondelski child, Poland
Bertha Wolak, New Jersey, USA
Chester Kuszaj, Connecticut, USA
Fr Alexis Lechanski, New Jersey, USA
Fr Alexander Zdaniewicz, New Jersey, USA
Msgr Zenon Lesniowski, New Jersey, USA
Fr Joseph Urban, New Jersey, USA
Fr Ignacy Kuziemski, New Jersey, USA
Msgr Ralph Tapia, New York, USA
Fr Robert Gleason, New York, USA
Fr Richard F Smith, New York, USA
Fr Joseph Mitros, SJ, New York, USA
Mary Hildreth, Connecticut, USA
Wayne Hildreth, Connecticut, USA
Uncle Guay, Louisiana, USA
Rose Grondelski, Rhode Island, USA
Joseph Grandelski, Connecticut, USA
Ted Grondelski, Connecticut, USA
Wayne Hildreth Jr,Connecticut, USA
Fr Valery Jasinski, Michigan, USA
Msgr Zdzislaw Peszkowski, Poland
Fr Eugene Edyk, Michigan, USA
Fr John Buszek, Michigan, USA
Fr Ed Skrocki, Michigan, USA
Msgr Alexander Cendrowski, Michigan, USA
Fr Andrew Wotta, Michigan, USA
Dr Lloyd Hess, Michigan, USA
Fr Walter Ziemba, Michigan, USA
Fr Clifford Ruskowski, Michigan, USA
Msgr Jose N Valdez, New Jersey, USA
Msgr Michael Churak, New Jersey, USA
Fr Joseph Kerr, New Jersey, USA
Fr Horvath, New Jersey, USA
Deceased Hungarian under the tree, New Jersey, USA
Unknown graves at St Stephens, New Jersey, USA
Mrs Tanko, New Jersey, USA
Ewa Filipek, Poland
Feliks Kwiatkowski, Poland
Tekla Kwiatkowska, Poland
Przemyslaw Kot, Poland
Janina Kostrubiec, Poland
Boleslaw Kostrubiec, Poland
Nellavene Roe, Ohio, USA
Ernest Romans, Ohio, USA
William J. Davis, Ohio, USA
Mike Davis, Ohio, USA
Audrey General, Metro Manila, Philippines
Peter Bertoli, Compiano, Italy
Lee Archer, New York, USA
Celeste Riccoboni, New York, USA
Andrea Riccoboni, New York, USA
Thomas O'Shaughnessy I, New York, USA
Thomas O'Shaughnessy II, New Jersey, USA
Thomas O'Shaughnessy III, New Jersey, USA
Gilda O'Shaughnessy, Connecticut, USA
Joseph DeThomasis, New York, USA
Gary Civetta, New York, USA
Louis Cassella, New York, USA
Alice Davies, England (Staffordshire), United Kingdom
Joan Littler, England (Staffordshire), United Kingdom
William Littler, England (Staffordshire), United Kingdom
Roger Renaud, France
Véronique Renaud, France
Roger Mienville, France
François Maire, France
Gilbert Renaud, France
Ruthann Vaness, James Vaness CT. USA
Robert Thwaits Texas USA
Donald Stojanowski, Michigan, USA
Michel Stojanowski, Michigan, USA
Mary Stojanowski, Michigan, USA
Sophie Kirk, Michigan, USA
Richard Stojanowski, Michigan, USA
Robert Stojanowski, Michigan, USA
Michael Stojanowski, Michigan, USA
Jerry Ross, MIchigan, USA
Gerald Ross, Michigan, USA
Tara Hattemer, Michigan, USA
Brian Hattemer, Michigan, USA
Cathy Cook, Michigan, USA
Nicholas Chrumka, Michigan, USA
Albert Chrumka, Michigan, USA
Doris Chrumka, Michigan, USA
Russell Millard, Michigan, USA
Barry Taylor, Georgia, USA
Hazel Radcliffe, Florida, USA
Delbert Radcliffe, Florida, USA
Melvin Radcliffe, Michigan, USA
Shawn Napthen, Michigan, USA
Veronica Napthen, Michigan, USA
William Napthen, Michigan, USA
Becky Fletcher, Michigan, USA
Dorothy May , Michigan, USA
Helen, Carey, Michigan, USA
Chum Carey, Michigan, USA
George Bleyaert, Michigan, USA
Jeneanne Brandle, Michigan, USA
Bill Brandle, Michigan, USA
Pat Carlton, Michigan, USA
Duke Carlton, Michigan, USA
Elaine Czerwenka, Michigan, USA
Anngiss Le Grand  London  England
Maria Bernardette Neves Pedrosa Pernambuco Brazil
Rafael Mayer Pernambuco Brazil
John Borges, Napa, CA USA
Bernice Borges, Napa, CA USA
The Biondi family, Bahia, Brazil
The Oliveira family, Bahia, Brazil
The Carvalho family, Pará, Brazil
The Silva family, Federal District and Goiás, Brazil
Walter M. Banasiak, Illinois, USA
Deborah Lynn Banasiak, Indiana, USA
Pascal Lungaro, Michigan, USA
Josephine LaBanca, Illinois, USA
Rose Marie Lungaro, Illinois, USA
Anthony Lungaro, Illinois, USA
Mary LaBanca, Illinois, USA
John A. LaBanca, Illinois, USA
Rebecca Brazzale, Illinois, USA
Bridget Prate, Illinois, USA
Christopher LaBanca, Illinois, USA
Peter Wroblicky, Illinois, USA
Mary Wroblicky, Illinois, USA
Michael Banasiak, Illinois, USA
Mary Banasiak, Illinois USA
Raymond Wroblicky, Illinois, USA
Nestor Wroblicky, Illinois, USA
Lorraine Wroblicky, Illinois, USA
Michael Wroblicky, Illinois, USA
Helen Wroblicky, Illinois, USA
Richard Mrozek, Illinois, USA
Thomas Wroblicky, Illinois, USA
Walter S. Landowski, Illinois, USA
Daniel Graczyk, Illinois, USA
Marilyn Frazek, Illinois, USA
Mary Ann Baker, Illinois, USA
Beth Ann Donovitch, Illinois
Joe (last name unknown), Illinois, USA
Alice Bowe, Illinois, USA
John O'Malley, Illinois, USA
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bowe, Illinois, USA
Katherine Gordon, Illinois, USA
Frank Kwok, San Francisco, CA
George Kwok, San Francisco, CA
Hong Ling Akong, Toronto, Canada
Francis Akong, Toronto, Canada
Antoinette Akong, Trinidad, W.I.
Winston Akong, Trinidad, W.I,
Ena Jardine, Trinidad, W.I.
Kathleen Quinlan, San Francisco, CA
Fr. Albert Chan, San Francisco, CA
Lou Keshan, San Francisco, CA
Raymond John Schmaltz, Alberta, Canada
Mabel Ella Bulman, Alberta, Canada
Joseph Oliver Bulman, Alberta, Canada
Isadore Ternes, Alberta, Canada
Frances Ternes, Alberta, Canada
Andrew Schmaltz, Alberta, Canada
Mary-Anne Schmaltz, Alberta, Canada
Marilyn Frances Bulman, Alberta, Canada
Joseph Bulman, Alberta, Canada
Christina Mary Ella Isinger, Alberta, Canada
Paul Matthew Isinger, Alberta, Canada
Joseph Raymond Bulman, Alberta, Canada
Alexa Marie Bulman, Alberta Canada
Thomas Oliver Bulman, Alberta Canada
AnneMarie Teresa Bulman, Alberta Canada
Gemma Frances Isinger, Alberta Canada
Dominic Leonard Isinger, Alberta Canada
Luke Joseph Isinger, Alberta, Canada
Maximillian Paul Isinger, Alberta Canada
Nora Marie Isinger, Alberta Canada
Anton Beck, Zussdorf, Germany
Please enroll the following souls:
Irene Van Gelderen, Michigan, USA
Theodore Van Gelderen, Michigan, USA
Frances Hemeryck, Michigan, USA
George Hemeryck, Michigan, USA
Robert Hemeryck, Michigan, USA
Barbara Hemeryck, Florida, USA
Robert Koehler, Michigan, USA
Peter Geshel, Michigan, USA
Joseph Palumbo, Minnesota, USA
Adelina Palumbo, Minnesota, USA
Robert Palumbo, Minnesota, USA
Rosemary Sullivan, Minnesota, USA
Nona Gillespie, California, USA
Ramesh Churuvu, Texas, USA
Ambika Churuvu, Texas, USA
The Churuvu Family, Texas, USA
Ronald Hanks, Texas, USA
The Hanks Family, Texas, USA
Flint Schneider, Texas, USA
The Schneider Family, Texas, USA
Julian Fitzpatrick, California, USA
The Fitzpatrick Family, Texas, USA
Chris Myers, Texas, USA
The Myers Family, Texas, USA
Tuan Vu, Texas, USA
The Vu Family, Texas, USA
Michael Rigdon, Texas, USA
The Rigdon Family, Texas, USA
Jaustin Ohueri, Texas, USA
The Ohueri Family, Texas, USA
Corey Palasota, Texas, USA
The Palasota Family, Texas, USA
Artur Schander, Texas, USA
The Schander Family, Texas, USA
Eddie Flores, Texas, USA
The Flores Family, Texas, USA
Brian Vogt, Texas, USA
The Vogt Family, Texas, USA
Ved Chitale, Texas, USA
Om Chitale, Texas, USA
The Chitale Family, Texas, USA
John Griffin, Texas, USA
The Griffin Family, Texas, USA
Blayne Riley, Texas, USA
The Riley Family, Texas, USA
Josh Sandoval, Texas, USA
The Sandoval Family, Texas USA
Ralph Crivello, Texas, USA
The Crivello Family, Texas, USA
Nitin Gupta, Texas, USA
The Gupta Family, Texas, USA
Chris Morrell, Texas, USA
Miriam Morrell, Texas, USA
The Morrell Family, Texas, USA
Encarnacion Cruz, Philippines
Messias Leandro, Paraná, Brasil.
Celia Charpentier, British Columbia, Canada
Benedetto Fiorante, British Columbia, Canada
Josip Matei, British Columbia, Canada
Sr. Alice Anne Vickers, British Columbia, Canada
Lewis Ping Sum Wong, British Columbia, Canada
Maurice Tirkey, Jharkhand, India
The Bracken family, Co Tipperary, Ireland
The Shelly Family, Co Tipperary, Ireland
Rita Railes Co Tipperary, Ireland
The Cashin family Co Tipperary, Ireland
Tommy Buggle, Co Dublin Ireland
Tommy Kennedy, Co Tipperary Ireland
Andrew Hagedorn, Kentucky, USA
Kathryn Hagedorn, Kentucky, USA
Charlie Droege, Kentucky, USA
Joseph Haughaboo, Nevada, USA
Leah Hagedorn, Kentucky, USA
John Yunker, died in Florida lived in Kentucky, USA
Thelma Yunker Indiana, USA
Bob Aikman, Indiana, USA
The Hagedorn Family, Kentucky, USA
The Hollman Family, Kentucky, USA
The Nordman Family, Kentucky, USA
The Yunker Family, Indiana, USA
The Droege Family, Kentucky, USA
The Fitzgerald  Family, Kentucky, USA
The Edmondson Family, Kentucky, USA
The Haughaboo Family, Kentucky, USA
The Schmerge Family, Kentucky, USA
The Frambes Family, Kentucky, USA
The Pilger Family, Kentucky, USA
William Breen, West Midlands, UK & Waterford, Ireland
Alice Breen, West Midlands, UK
William Patrick Breen, West Midlands, UK
Beatrice Breen, West Midlands, UK
Patrick William Breen, West Midlands, UK
Sidney Robert Clarke, West Midlands, UK
Patricia Jean Clarke, West Midlands, UK
Robert Sidney Clarke, West Midlands, UK
Stuart Clark, West Midlands, UK
Sue Rickard, West Midlands, UK
Lindsey Vance, Dumfries & Galloway, UK
Deacon John Lamon, Arizona, USA
Ines Grebenc, Bathurst, New Brunswick, Canada
Joan Dika, Rycroft, Alberta, Canada
Matilda Zerhusen  Kentucky USA
Mary O'Connor Georgia USA
Kurt Cobain Washington USA
John O'Brien Kentucky USA
Oscar Fingal O'Flahertie Wills Wilde , France
Amy Reichert Kentucky USA
Peter Manchikes Kentucky USA
Linda Callahan Tennessee USA
Kim Callahan Kentucky USA
Deacon David Flynn Kentucky USA
Nancy Carol Spencer Kentucky USA
Mackenzie Spencer Kentucky USA
Madison Spencer Kentucky USA
Zola Gibson Ohio USA
Jack Daly Kentucky USA
Luke De Avila Florida USA
Troy Keegan, Anthony Cyrill Stephen; Kuala Lumpur; Malaysia
Castilo F. Montoya, New Mexico, USA
Vences Montoya, New Mexico, USA
Clovis Martinez, New Mexico, USA
Perfecto Martinez, New Mexico, USA
Climaco Lucero, New Mexico, USA
Eufelia Salaz, New Mexico, USA
Pumocena Aragon, New Mexico, USA
Nelson Montoya, New Mexico, USA
Basilio Aragon, New Mexico, USA
Josie Herrera, New Mexico, USA
Leon Montoya, New Mexico, USA
Virginia Montoya, New Mexico, USA
Sofia Martinez, New Mexico, USA
Anastacio Martinez, New Mexico, USA
Lucy Martinez, New Mexico, USA
Frank Duran, New Mexico, USA
Llonor Duran, New Mexico, USA
Abel Salaz, New Mexico, USA
Toribio Martinez, New Mexico, USA
Rick Zamora, New Mexico, USA
Joe Martinez, New Mexico, USA
Cosmito Herrera, New Mexico, USA
Carlos Herrera, New Mexico, USA
Gloria Cabahug, Cebu City - Philippines
Manuel Cabahug, Cebu City - Philippines
Pedro Lao, Cebu City - Philippines
Noemi Bailon - Manila, Philippines
Jennifer Moreno - Mandaue City - Philippines
The man dead on the street Homestead, Florida, USA.
The man on a bike killed by a car, Miami Beach, Florida, USA.
The Krautle Family, New Jersey, USA
The Kovacs Family, New Jersey, USA
The Armstrong Family, New Jersey, USA
Jana Lee Snedeker, Pennsylvania, USA
Jerome John Garcia, California, USA
The Lopez family, Michoacán, Mexico
The Martinez family, Michoacán, Mexico
The Melgosa family, CA, USA
Cora Vanderwerf, CA, USA
Pinto family Maharashtra India
Ramesh Churuvu, Texas, USA
Ambika Churuvu, Texas, USA
The Churuvu Family, Texas, USA
Ronald Hanks, Texas, USA
The Hanks Family, Texas, USA
Flint Schneider, Texas, USA
The Schneider Family, Texas, USA
Julian Fitzpatrick, California, USA
The Fitzpatrick Family, Texas, USA
Chris Myers, Texas, USA
The Myers Family, Texas, USA
Tuan Vu, Texas, USA
The Vu Family, Texas, USA
Michael Rigdon, Texas, USA
The Rigdon Family, Texas, USA
Jaustin Ohueri, Texas, USA
The Ohueri Family, Texas, USA
Corey Palasota, Texas, USA
The Palasota Family, Texas, USA
Artur Schander, Texas, USA
The Schander Family, Texas, USA
Eddie Flores, Texas, USA
The Flores Family, Texas, USA
Brian Vogt, Texas, USA
The Vogt Family, Texas, USA
Ved Chitale, Texas, USA
Om Chitale, Texas, USA
The Chitale Family, Texas, USA
John Griffin, Texas, USA
The Griffin Family, Texas, USA
Blayne Riley, Texas, USA
The Riley Family, Texas, USA
Josh Sandoval, Texas, USA
The Sandoval Family, Texas USA
Ralph Crivello, Texas, USA
The Crivello Family, Texas, USA
Nitin Gupta, Texas, USA
The Gupta Family, Texas, USA
Chris Morrell, Texas, USA
Miriam Morrell, Texas, USA
The Morrell Family, Texas, USA
John Raymond Canter, Tennessee, USA
Maggie Eulala Housden Canter, Tennessee, USA
Ruth Housden Burkeen, Kentucky, USA
Queenie Pearl Dunn Housden, Kentucky, USA
Ella Pittman Canter Bowen, California, USA
Ruth Canter Story, Missouri, USA
Ray Graham, California, USA
John Story, Missouri, USA
Valda Dean Canter Davidson, Tennessee, USA
Murray Fulton, Indiana, USA
Jim Lafferre, Missouri, USA
Hasel Davidson, Tennessee, USA
Sholto Spears, Kansas, USA
Marian Cady Spears, Kansas, USA
Joe Ralston, Kansas, USA
Soberano Family, New Jersey, USA
Cirineo Family, Davao, Philippines
Fred Cirineo, Washington, USA
Mary Brown, Washington, USA
David Bresee, Washington, USA
Bede Bresee, Washington, USA
Glenda Bresee, Washington, USA
Lois Laabs, Washington, USA
Jerry Witek, Minnesota, USA
Juana Melgosa-Martinez, CA, USA
Florentino Lopez, Michoacán, Mex.
Amalia Montez Lopez, Michoacán, Mex.
Francisco Lopez, Michoacán, Mex.
Nancy Lopez, Michoacán, Mex.
Telesforo Melgosa, Michoacán, Mex.
Carmen Melgosa Michoacán, Mex.
Maria Martinez, Michoacan, Mex.
Antonio Martinez, Michoacán, Mex.
Luz Melgosa, CA, USA
Neil Phillips, CA, USA
Joaquin Gutierrez, CA, USA
Jack VanLewyn, CA, USA
Bob Taylor, CA, USA
Timothy Mikle, CA, USA
Heidi Ayala, CA, USA
Benjamin Ray Suniga, CA, USA
Melisa Hunington, CA, USA
Justin Chavez, CA, USA
Joey Pinasco, CA, USA
Courtney Borba, CA, USA
The Lopez family, CA, USA
The Martinez family, CA, USA
Sam Webster, NA, USA
Corina Capote, Ohio, USA
Dione Celeste Gusmão Mannarino, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
Alzira Ferraz, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
Santo Mannarino, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
Ermelinda Mannarino, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
Anna Ferraz, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
Rosa Ferraz, Bahia, Brasil
Paulo Tapajós, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
Cândida Mendes, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
Catarina Mannarino, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
Erico Madureira Slama, Rio de Janero, Brasil
Fernando Villela, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
Sergio de Biasi, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
Carolina Passos, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
Ana Carolina do Cabo, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
Rosalvo Ferraz, Minas Gerais, Brasil
The Mannarino family, Paola, Italia
The Mannarino family, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
The Gusmão family, Bahia, Brasil
The Ferraz family, Bahia, Brasil
José Eduardo Kilkerry, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
Francina Ferraz, Bahia, Brasil
Miguel Ferraz, Bahia, Brasil
Marie Overpeck Kentucky USA
Carl Overpeck Kentucky USA
Kevin Overpeck Kentucky USA
Rev Gerald Fitzgerald Kentucky USA
Rev Edwin Heile Kentucky USA
Rev Raymond McClanahan Kentucky USA
Rev Shocky Kentucky USA
Rev Donavan Kentucky USA
Rev Thomas McCaffrey Kentucky USA
Margret R. Tingler Clark Kentucky USA
Oliver Clark Kentucky USA
Adrian Morley Kentucky USA
Mary Katherine R. Morley Kentucky USA
William C. McGruder Kentucky USA
Evelyn MCGruder Kentucky USA
McGruder Family Kentucky USA
Dee Crowell Kentucky USA
Jack Crowell Kentucky USA
The Crowell Family Kentucky USA
Manola W. Morley Kentucky USA
Herbert L. Morley Kentucky USA
Rose Robinson Kentucky USA
Pete Robinson Kentucky USA
Evelyn Robinson Kentucky USA
The Robinson Family Kentucky USA
The Vesper Family Kentucky USA
Leonard E. Bloomquist, Kansas, USA
Almerita Caldeira, São Paulo, Brazil
Denner Caldeira, São Paulo, Brazil
John Stefanczyk, Windsor, Canada
Joseph Scholl, Napa, CA, USA
Paula Hudek, Arizona, USA
Katherine Sotzen, Arizona, USA
Linda Erdmann Abens, WI, USA
Frank Alia, WI, USA
Dominick Batassa, WI, USA
James Christopherson, WI, USA
Regina Delany, WI, USA
Carol Frechette, WI, USA
Cynthia Haug, WI, USA
Mikayla Johnson, WI, USA
Roland Johnson, WI, USA
Robert Koba, WI, USA
George Kolnik, WI, USA
John Kreye, WI, USA
Barbara Lesnik, WI, USA
Jeanette Macarra, WI, USA
Arbell Miles, WI, USA
Patricia Minors, WI, USA
Jeffrey Nehr, WI, USA
Yolanda Paul, WI, USA
Robert Petit, WI, USA
Carla Petterson, WI, USA
Louise Peura, WI, USA
Celestine Pompy, WI, USA
Mary Radtke, WI, USA
Bernard Rosen, WI, USA
Bernice Sadus, WI, USA
Edith Sayles, WI, USA
Patricia Schmale, WI, USA
Donald Sereno, WI, USA
Jeffrey Snell, WI, USA
Theodore Sternbach, WI, USA
Joan Sunderland, WI, USA
Frank Tarsitano, WI, USA
Julian Verzal, WI, USA
Dorothy Washburn, WI, USA
Kathleen Watkins, WI, USA
Deborah Weiss, WI, USA
Anthony Wells, WI, USA
Grimes family Munster Ireland
Bobby Spring Munster Ireland
Patrick Niblock Ulster Ireland
Thomas McInerney Munster Ireland
Whelton family Munster Ireland
Chuck McKinney Michigan USA
Angela Swiatek, Michigan USA
Antoni Sr. & Teofila Molenda, Dąbrowa Górnicza, Poland
Helena Czajor, Dąbrowa Górnicza, Poland
Father Wilfredo Comellas, Florida, USA
Joseph Christ, Illinois, USA
Harold & Mildred Diaz, Illinois, USA
Alfred Benhoff, Illinois, USA
Melvin Seipp,  Illinois, USA
Edward Fohne,  Illinois, USA
Wally & Virginia Hettenhousen,  Illinois, USA
Theresa Bronow,  Illinois, USA
Edward Bronow,  Illinois, USA
Clarence Fohne,  Illinois, USA
Merle & Margaret Fohne,  Illinois, USA
Donald Christ,  Illinois, USA
Jose Robalo, Lisboa, Portugal
Maria do Ceu Robalo, Lisboa, Portugal
Alvaro Robalo, Figueira da Foz, Portugal
Leonor Cruz, Leiria, Portugal
Arthur Lawrence Washburn, Vermont, United States
Connie Campbell, Wood River, Illinois, United States
Glen Campbell, Wood River, Illinois, United States
Roger Batson, Wood River, Illinois, United States
Sam Zangori, Wood River, Illinois, United States
Anthony Ventimiglia, Wood River, Illinois, United States
Frank Ventimiglia,  Sr, Wood River, Illinois, United States
Josphine Ventimiglia,  Wood River, Illinois, United States
Tony Tardino, Wood River, Illinois, United States
Frank Ventimiglia, Jr., Joliet, Illinois, United States
Tom Lewkowski, Belleville, Illinois, United States
Robert Langlois, Connecticut, USA
Paul MacNeill, Jr., Connecticut, USA
Richard MacNeill, Connecticut, USA
Louis Presutti, Connecticut, USA
Francis & Nancy Mathews, Wisconsin, USA
Norbert & Virginia Korger, Wisconsin, USA
Jane Sill, Wisconsin, USA
Brother Leonard Mary M.I.C.M, California,USA
Anne & Paul Goh Swee Beng, Perak Malaysia
David Teh, Perak, Malaysia
Noel F. d'Oliveiro, Perak, Malaysia
Bro. Ultan Paul Rosario fsc. Perak, Malaysia
Bro. Albinus O'Flaherty fsc. Sarawak, Malaysia
Bro. Charles Levin fsc. Penang, Malaysia
Estela Del Sel, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Marianne C. Durkin, Floral Park, NY
Maynard Patoka- Wisconsin, USA
William and Margorie Sommers- Wisconsin, USA
Ernest and Glendora Dulske- Wisconsin, USA
Ronald and Patricia Dulske- Wisconsin, USA
Nathan Dulske Wisconsin, USA
Miriam Murray, Ohio, USA
M. Dwayne Greenwell, Texas, U.S.A.
Dagmar Yolanda Greenwell, Texas, U.S.A.
Renata Dodge, New Hampshire, U.S.A.
Leon Parke Greenwell, Iowa, U.S.A.
Ruth Miriam Greenwell, Iowa, U.S.A.
Leopold Kanicky, New Hampshire, U.S.A.
Olga Kanicky, New Hampshire, U.S.A.
Lewis Merrill Fisher, Texas, U.S.A.
Pearl Smithe Fisher, Texas, U.S.A.
Edith Harris, Texas, U.S.A.
Paul Harris, Texas, U.S.A.
Viola Lea Reavis,  Oklahoma, USA
Darryl Downes Woolloomooloo, Australia