Rorate Caeli

"GENOCIDE in Iraq ! Where is the Administration? Where is this Congress?!"

Thank you, Congressman Frank Wolf, for this stirring brave speech in defense of the most defenseless. You may be alone in a Washington that is obviously adrift, you are not alone in the world.

So, then, no other men in Washington? Is that it?
Video below:

Many of us were fiercely opposed to the 2003 Iraq intervention, following the lead of the Holy Father, precisely because we realized disturbing the fragile ethno-religious balance of the region was highly risky. But that doesn't matter anymore now, who was right or wrong then is a matter for historians -- the country that invaded Iraq was not the "Nation of the Previous Administration", it was the United States, and it cannot simply pretend now that the critical situation of the present is completely unrelated to past events. The current Administration was and remains also intimately involved with the strengthening of several groups of "rebels" in Syria. America therefore before any other country must own up to its own extremely grave responsibilities towards Iraqi Christians in this most urgent of hours (note: not necessarily with American troops on the ground, but with decisive action that may take other forms).