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Why the Global Conspiracy of Silence on Persecution of Christians in Iraq?

It is to the greatest honor of Le Figaro, by far the largest and oldest national French daily, that it becomes this Wednesday the first major world newspaper to put on its front page and as its main headline the persecution of Christians in Iraq: "The Calvary of the Christians of Iraq"..

Also on its front page, the main editorial for today, "Silence, on persécute!" (Silence, We are Persecuting!), a dire direct accusation of the accomplices of this genocide, those in silence throughout the West, beginning with the media, a public opinion always prone to demonstrations (but not this time!), and in particular the governments of nations whose populations are mostly Christian at least in name.


LE FIGARO - Editorial
by Étienne de Montety

Silence, We are Persecuting !

The Islamic State has declared war on the Christians of Mosul. Summoned to leave the "Caliphate" or to subject themselves to the "Infidel" tax, destined to popular revenge by this "N" - as in "Nazarene" - inscribed on their homes, the disciples of Jesus Christ, transformed in second-class citizens, will have no other choice soon than to "convert" or to perish by the sword...

The intolerance is not hidden anymore. It is claimed by the chief Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, who makes himself called Ibrahim. A sinister irony: Ibrahim is the Arabic name of Abraham, the father of believers, who came from Iraq, under whose name the Muslims and Christians of the region should meet together and live in peace.

The Christians of Iraq were 1 million before the American intervention. They are no more than 400,000 now. With each wave of vexations, violence, persecutions, they take the path of exodus. One of these exiles, Joseph Fadelle, told in a book, "The Price to Pay" (Le Prix à payer), the dreadful fate reserved to his co-religionists for many years. With the installation of the "Caliphate", the threat is now clear: behold the enemy, Christianity!

Certainly, major voices rise up in indignation: for months Pope Francis has sounded the alarm and assured his brethren of his compassion. The UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-Moon, has just condemned a "crime against humanity." Foreign offices are worried, and raise their tone. Then what? European public opinion, so eager for mobilizations, petitions, demonstrations of every kind... And in this case, nothing! Silence, we are persecuting...

Will we remain deaf for much longer?

In order to move us, a massacre must take place outside of the summer break? After the Tour de France? Before the great vacation crowds? Faced with the terrifying procession of horrors, expulsions, murders in Mosul, will we only display our indifference? Christians or non-Christians, will we remain deaf for how long still before these terrible words of the Gospel resound throughout the world: "If they remain silent, the stones will cry out!"