Rorate Caeli

Traditional Western Christian Art Still Being Made

Traditional Western Christian art is still being made and appreciated throughout the world. On September 20, 2014, the oratory Santa María Reina of the Hermandad de las Penas in Málaga, Andalusia, (one of the numerous Brotherhoods responsible for Holy Week and other processions in Spain), opened its new painted ceiling to public view and the Blessing of the priest who is the diocesan delegate for Brotherhoods and Confraternities. It does not matter if it is or is not an epoch-making masterpiece, or that it may or not include elements of pastiche, what matters is that Western art forms be not lost and that this suicidal self-hatred of Western European Civilization, including in the visual arts, be abandoned for good -- the epoch-making masterpieces will eventually show up, as they always did.

The work is by local artist Raúl Berzosa. Congratulations to him on this beautiful new work clearly made with great love and respect for the venerable artistic traditions of Catholic Spain, and to the Cofradía for its commission.

Since the Oratory is dedicated to the Queenship of the Virgin, Pope Pius XII is depicted
proclaiming Ad Caeli Reginam

(Several sources, by way of the Brotherhood's Twitter account.)

[Update: Below, two additional images, from Acción Litúrgica:]