Rorate Caeli

Divinum Officium now with full Italian translations

Great news for this first day of the Liturgical Year.

One of the most significant liturgical projects on the web, the full Roman Breviary in various formats (including the editions according to the 1960 rubrics, as used by traditional Catholic communities worldwide), which had been available in Latin/English and Latin/Hungarian (incomplete) formats since the beginning of the project by the late Lazslo Kiss, is now at last available in a new language: Italian, in complete format, the first new language in the website since its foundation. 

Our many Italian-speaking readers can now have full access to the text translations and side-by-side versions for the traditional Office of the Roman Rite for any given day in the past or present. The addition of the translations of the texts of the traditional Roman Missal in Italian should be achieved shortly.

In the upcoming days, we will also post a list of what is missing in the inclusion of an actual workable version of the Monastic Breviary in the website, and how you can help, for those bound or who choose to pray the Divine Office according to the Benedictine tradition (the site version is currently limited to an ancient specific historical version that is not the exact one used by traditional Monasteries).

If you wish to help The Divinum Officium Project and introduce new languages to this web wonder (Rorate is extremely happy to be a part of its history, by the way), contact Fr. "Divinum Officium": canon DOT missae AT gmail DOT com