Rorate Caeli

Christ Crucified: Scandal to the Muslims, Foolishness to the Secularists
- by Roberto de Mattei

Roberto de Mattei
Corrispondenza Romana
January 14, 2015

Marcher contre la Terreur, “March against Terror”, was the title which “Le Monde” the “Corriere della Sera” and the major Western newspapers used to present the grand, secularist demonstration of January 11th. Never has there been a slogan more hypocritical than this one, imposed by the mass-media as a reaction to the massacre in Paris on January 7th. What sense is there in speaking about Terror without adding the adjective “Islamic”? The attack on the editorial staff at “Charlie Hebdo” was carried out to the yell of “Allah akbar!”vindicating Mohamed, insulted by the caricatures and behind the terrorists’ kalashnikof there is a precise vision of the world: the Muslim one.

It is only now that Western secret services are beginning to take seriously the threats by Abdu Muhamad al Adnani published in a multi-lingual communiqué spread widely on September 21st 2014 by the on-line daily “The Long War Journal”. “We will conquer Rome, we will break its crucifixes, we will make slaves of the women, with the permission of Allah, the Exalted One”, the spokesman of “the Islamic State” declared to his followers and he didn’t simply replicate the extermination of the “infidels” wherever they may be, but also indicated the procedures: “Place explosives in their streets. Attack their bases, irrupt into their homes. Cut off their heads. So that they don’t feel safe anywhere! If you can’t find the explosive or the ammunitions single out the American infidels, the French infidels or any of their allies: smash their craniums with a rock, kill them with a knife, run them over with your cars, hurl them into mid-air, suffocate them or poison them.”

        We have been deluded into thinking that the war in course is not that declared by Islam on the West, but a war that is being fought inside the Muslim world itself and  the only way of saving ourselves is to help moderate Islam to defeat fundamentalist Islam, as was written in the “Corriere della Sera” on January 11th by Sergio Romano, an observer, who is even considered intelligent as well. The most repeated slogan in France is to avoid the “amalgam” , that is, the identification of moderate Islam with  radical Islam. However the common aim of all of Islam is the conquest of the West and of the world. Those who don’t share this objective are not moderates, but  simply not good Muslims.

         The differences, if any, do not concern the ends, but the means: the Muslims of Al Qaeda and of Isis have embraced the Leninist way of violent action, while the Muslim Brothers use the Gramscian weapon of intellectual hegemony. The mosques are the propelling center of that cultural war which Bat Ye’or defines as ‘soft-jihad’, while with the term ‘hard-jihad’ he defines the military war to terrorize and annihilate the enemy.  The choice of the means can be discussed and certainly it is  inside Islam, but there is concordance on the final objective: the extension into the world of the sharia’a – the law of the Koran.

         Islam, in any case, is a noun which can be translated as “submission”. Submission in order to avoid The Terror and the future European scenario imagined by the novelist Michel Houellebecq in his latest book, precipitously withdrawn from French book-shops. No to Terror means for our statesmen, no to the violent submission of the jihadists, yes to a peaceful submission, which is carrying the West sweetly into a condition of dhimmitude.

         The West says it is disposed to accept Islam “with a human face”, but in reality, what it refuses in Islam is not just the violence, but also its religious absolutism.  For the West there is the license to kill in the name of moral relativism, but not in the name of absolute values.  Yet abortion is systematically practiced in every Western country and not one of the Heads of State who marched in Paris against The Terror, has ever condemned it.  But what is abortion if it is not the legalization of The Terror, The Terror of the State, promoted, encouraged and justified? What right do Western leaders have to demonstrate against Terror?

         In “La Repubblica” of January 13th 2015, while the former leader of Lotta Continua*, Adriano Sofri, is celebrating Europe’s rebirth under the Bastille, the post-modern philosopher, Julia Kristeva, so dear to Cardinal Ravasi, affirms that “the people of the Enlightment have saved Europe”, and that “faced with the peril they were running, liberty, equality and brotherhood have ceased being abstract concepts, by becoming incarnate in millions of people.” However, who invented The Terror if not Republican France and used it to annihilate all opponents of the French Revolution?  The ideology and the praxis of terrorism appeared for the first time in history with the French Revolution, for the most part starting on September 5th 1793, when “The Terror” was made an everyday affair by the Convention and became an essential part of the revolutionary system.

         The first genocide in history, at the Vendee, was perpetrated in the name of the Republican ideals of liberty, equality and brotherhood.  Communism which claimed to complete the process of secularization inaugurated by the French Revolution, activated the standardization of Terror at a planetary level, causing, in less than seventy years, more than 200 million deaths.  So, what is Islamic terrorism if it isn’t the contamination of the “philosophy of the Koran” with the Marxist- Enlightment practices imported by the West?

          From its very foundation, “Charlie Hebdo” has been a newspaper wherein satire was placed at the service of a philosophy of  libertarian life, the roots of it being imbedded in the anti-Christian ideas of the Enlightment.  The French, satirical newspaper became famous because of its caricature of Mohammed, but its  disgusting, blasphemous vignettes to vindicate homosexual unions should not be forgotten.  The editors of “Charlie Hebdo” can be considered an extreme but coherent expression of the relativist culture now widespread in the entire West, in the same way as the terrorists who slaughtered them can be considered an extreme but coherent expression of the hate against the West by the entire, vast Islamic world.   

          Those who claim the existence of Absolute and Objective Truth are put on the same level as the fundamentalist Muslims by the neo-enlightened.  We never compare relativism with Islamism, since both are associated with fanaticism. Fanaticism is not the affirmation of truth, but the intellectual and emotional  imbalance that is begotten of departing from the truth. Further, there is only one truth wherein the world may find peace, which is tranquility of order: Jesus Christ, the Son of God, in Whom all things must be ordered in Heaven and on earth, so that the peace of Christ is achieved through the Reign of Christ indicated as the ideal of every Christian by Pope Pius XI in his encyclical Quas Primas of December 11th 1925.

Islam cannot be fought in the name of the Enlightment and even less so by relativism. The only thing that can oppose it, is the natural and Divine law, denied radically by both relativism and Islam.  For this reason we are raising the Crucifix which secularism and Islamism reject and we are making of it a banner of life and action. St. Paul said “We preach Christ Crucified, unto the Jews indeed a stumbling-block and unto the Gentiles foolishness” (I Cor. 1, v.23). 

         We would like to repeat: “We preach Christ Crucified, a stumbling-block to the Muslims and foolishness to the Secularists.”

*Lotta Continua ("continuous struggle") was a far left extra-parliamentary organization in Italy (1969)

[A Rorate translation by Contributor Francesca Romana.]