Rorate Caeli

Irish Referendum on Marriage: Ireland, #VoteNo

"Yes" means a yes to Satan, and all of his works, and all of his pomps. It means welcoming all "snakes" back into the island.

No means a renewal of the baptism of the Irish nation: renouncing Satan, and all of his works, and all of his pomps. 

Ireland fought and the Irish gave their blood for independence in the name of the Most Holy Trinity and in honor of Our Lord Jesus Christ. If it becomes a Nation of Satan, then why be independent at all?


In the Name of the Most Holy Trinity, from Whom is all authority and to Whom, as our final end, all actions both of men and States must be referred,

We, the people of Éire,

Humbly acknowledging all our obligations to our Divine Lord, Jesus Christ, Who sustained our fathers through centuries of trial,

Gratefully remembering their heroic and unremitting struggle to regain the rightful independence of our Nation,

And seeking to promote the common good, with due observance of Prudence, Justice and Charity, so that the dignity and freedom of the individual may be assured, true social order attained, the unity of our country restored, and concord established with other nations,

Do hereby adopt, enact, and give to ourselves this Constitution.



The Irish nation hereby affirms its inalienable, indefeasible, and sovereign right to choose its own form of Government, to determine its relations with other nations, and to develop its life, political, economic and cultural, in accordance with its own genius and traditions.