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"Bergoglio’s latest insult to Ratzinger: the sacking of his personal physician"

After this went public and caused grave scandal, Vatican spokesman Fr. Lombardi made great effort to present matters as business as usual and not a big deal at all, and scrambled to reassure that now the doctor would go on as the Pope Emeritus' personal doctor in a strictly personal position (which only hapened after the matter went public and caused huge scandal!)... Poor Pope Emeritus!...

We stress that the headline is not ours at all, but was published in the mainstream Italian paper Il Giornale as such ("L'ultimo dispetto di Bergoglio a Ratzinger"). Poor Pope Emeritus!...


"Bergoglio’s latest insult to Ratzinger: the sacking of his personal physician"

The chief physician who supported the canonization of Wojtyla is dismissed without prior notice. Before that the head of the Swiss Guards had been sacked too.
Sergio Rame
Il Giornale
July 28, 2015
Pope Francis dismissed without any notice Patrizio Polisca, Pope Emeritus, Benedict XVI’s trusted cardiologist

This incident, which is not yet official, has already been made public in “ItaliaOggi” and might seem insignificant, but it has very important political implications inside Vatican walls. Since his very first remarks, Bergoglio has changed the direction of the papacy and “made numerous heads roll” [ with the aim of] radically modifying the apostolic line. Some of these, however, appear unjustified even in the eyes of Ratzinger himself. And the sacking of the chief physician, who has been the Director of Health and Hygiene Services in the Vatican City State since July 2010, is simply the latest in chronological terms.

In 1986, it was the chief physician Renato Buzzonetti , who looked after Pope John Paul II until the very end, that wanted Polisca in the Vatican He was his right hand man for a long time. In any case Polisca assumed a pivoting role in Wojtyla’s canonization process by presiding over the scientific commission which recognized the miracle of healing obtained through prayers to the Polish Pope.

In “ItaliaOggi”, Jasmine Fischi reveals bluntly that [it is] “this sudden sacking by Bergoglio” [which] surprises most people, and grieves Pope Emeritus Ratzinger very much, “all the more as there doesn’t seem to be a reason for this dismissal.”

The Polisca case is certainly not the first intervention by Bergoglio with the Holy See’s “personnel”. He had barely been elected Pope when he “made numerous heads roll”. In at least a couple of cases, however, the dismissals appeared unmotivated. One of these was the Head of the Swiss Guards, Colonel Daniel Rudof Anrig, whom Bergoglio sacked (with no explanation) at the end of 2014. “ It was what I decided – Pope Francis apparently had said in a private audience – I have no intention of justifying it or discussing the topic again.” Up until today, he [Anrig]still hasn’t found new employment. “The mystery surrounding that dismissal – explains Foschi – weighs and casts shadows which seem to have become insurmountable obstacles even on his impressive curriculum.”

[Translation: Contributor Francesca Romana]