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Rorate book review: "Letters to an Altar Boy"

Once in a while Rorate reviews books, calendars and other items for our readers we believe will be beneficial to them or their families, helping them grow in the Faith. We receive no compensation for this -- ever. We do it only as an act of charity, the same reason for which we take the time to run this blog. We have never received payment for these reviews nor have we ever ran advertisements or accepted the numerous and generous offers of donations or stipends.

Today's quick review is on the book "Letters to an Altar Boy" -- and it's a quick review because the book, while very compelling, is a quick read to boys (yes, boys, there are no stories on girl altar boys in this book!)

As Saint John Berchmans -- the patron saint of altar boys -- will attest, besides the priest, there is no one more important in the church during Mass than the altar boys. And that's exactly what your boys will come to understand after reading this book or, better yet, after you read the book to them

Written by Father David E. Rosage in 1952, the book does a wonderful job explaining to boys why what they're doing in the service of God is so critical. The language is masculine, which boys respond to. It's also touching at times, when a father and a mother both write notes to their sons, explaining why they are so proud of them every time they see them assisting at the altar. And it's informative and gets very granular with what the boys should and shouldn't do when serving pertaining to demeanor and decorum. 

Letters to an Altar Boy is a rare book we would say is a must-read for all altar boys and those thinking of becoming one.