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Op-Ed: "Italy Already Deeply Infiltrated by Islamic Terrorism" - Let us pray!

During this Passiontide, let us pray for the slow-motion Passion of Europe.

Italy is deeply infiltrated by Islamic terrorism. The government must immediately declare a state of maximum alert.

Il Giornale, 13 March 2016

Almost every day we learn of the arrest of Islamic terrorists all set to strike or blow themselves up in Italy. Well, what are we waiting for to raise alert to the maximum level? Must we necessarily wait for an attack and a painful death count to declare a state of emergency, as Hollande did on November 13th of last year when he admitted “we are at war”?

Yesterday, the communications between the Tunisian Islamic terrorist Firas Barhoumi and the Macedonian Carlito Brigande were revealed. Barhoumi moved from Italy to Iraq, from where, in Italian, he informed Brigande, also all set to fight with Isis, of his desire to blow himself up in a suicide attack: “I’ll get a car with explosives in it to strike at the unbelievers.”

On March 11th the news surfaced that on the list of the 122 ISIS suicide aspirants there are two Islamic terrorists who once lived in Italy, their noms de guerre being: Rawaha al Itali, i.e. “the Italian”, with two identity cards, Italian and Moroccan, and Abu Ishaq al Tunisi i.e. “the Tunisian”.

Also on March 11th we found out that at the command of the Islamic terrorist attack on March 7th, assailing the small Tunisian town of Ben Guerdane, was the Tunisian Moez Fezzani (nom de guerre Abu Nassim) who also once resided in Italy along with his co-national Noureddine Chouchane, killed during the American bombardment of Sabrata on February 19th.

On March 10th we learned of Abdel Qader al Najdi’s nomination as the new “emir” of ISIS in Libya and of his hopes that “the the soldiers at the forefront of the Caliphate in Libya are among the conquerors of Rome.”

On March 9th a 22 year-old would-be imam from Somalia, “requesting refuge” in Campobasso, was arrested while planning a move to carry out a suicide terrorist attack in Rome, probably at the Termini Train Station.

What the press is leaking out is sufficient to make us aware that Italy has been deeply infiltrated by Islamic ISIS terrorists and others. Further, it is quite obvious that what security services must know, can only be much more serious. So what is Angelino Alfano, the Minster for Internal Affairs waiting for to change his tune and stop playing the same broken record: “Nobody can say they are safe from terrorism” and “there are no concrete signs of any imminent attack” ?

When will Alfano learn that with micro-cell, indigenous, internal, Islamic terrorism, there will never, ever, be “concrete signs of an imminent attack? When will Alfano learn that among the 240 thousand clandestines running freely around Italy and who continue daily to pour in, that there are certainly a thousand odd Islamic terrorists?

Even before an Islamic terrorist attack, the real attack in Italy is that perpetrated by those who neglect out of inadequacy, or at any rate, through irresponsibility, adequate tutelage of our national security.

[Translation: contributor Francesca Romana]