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Papal spokesman praises radical pro-abortion, pro-divorce politician

Yesterday, on word that "bisexual," atheist, radical politician Marco Pannella had died, Fr. Federico Lombardi praised -- in a written statement, not off the cuff -- the man who helped lead Italy in the 1970s to legalize divorce and abortion. 

A fan of Pope Francis, Pannella was sent a copy of the pope's book by Francis himself, and the pope had even called Pannella asking him to end a hunger strike.

ANSA editorial
May 19, 2016

“I remember him with esteem and in friendship.  I think he has left a human and spiritual legacy of some significance;  candid relations, free expression and generous civic and political commitment towards others, especially for the weak in need of solidarity” said the Pope’s spokesman, Father Federico Lombardi. Pannella was a person with whom, in the past, we were often in disagreement. However, his complete, disinterested commitment to noble causes cannot but be appreciated.” 

Father Lombardi: “He had great admiration for the Pope." [Mutual] interest in the conditions of prisoners created a bond between Marco Pannella and Pope Francis. Father Lombardi on Vatican Radio recalls: “With regard to this – the director of the Vatican press office says – Honorable Pannella on several occasions wanted to tell me enthusiastically in person of his great admiration for Pope Francis, his interest in the imprisoned, his respect for their dignity – in the same way as for all people whose rights are being violated.” 

Translation: Contributor Francesca Romana